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The Discworld series is a 37-book series full of awesome, hilarious, and heartwarming. Here are the funni(er) bits.

Now in convenient folders divided by book, so you don't have to read the entire series to read this page and not be spoiled! Please keep examples in the folder belonging to the relevant book.

Main Discworld novels

Illustrated novels

Young adult novels

Short stories


Characters who are mentioned but never appear

  • Anything involving Bloody Stupid Johnson, or the remarkable lateral thinking of Ankh-Morpork citizens.
    • The "Improved Manicure Device", now used for peeling potatoes at Unseen University.
    • "Retrophrenology": if the bumps in your head indicate your personality traits, then changing them will affect your character. In practice, this just means getting thumped with a variety of differently-sized hammers, but it provides work and it keeps the money circulating, and that's the important thing.
    • Archchancellor Ridcully, in Hogfather, taking a shower in a bathroom designed by Johnson. He made the mistake of pressing the tap marked "Old Faithful," and had a bit of trouble walking for a while afterwards.

"Ye gods, I've never felt so clean."

    • The landscaping Bloody Stupid did for the palace garden, which included a 150 yard by 1 inch trout lake (home to one thin trout, who presumably would be periodiately turned around by the gardeners). The perimeter is presumably denotated by a hoho, i.e. 50 feet deep haha. Claimed three palace gardener's lives, and once trapped the Head of the Assassin's Guild.
    • Oh God, the Palace Gardens. The passage about the exploding sundial and the ornamental fountain / surface-to-air missile launcher nearly killed this troper.