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A 13-episode anime series developed by RADIX and initially broadcast in 2003, Divergence Eve is rather controversial due to its excessively busty characters and use of fanservice (thanks to Toshinari Yamashita of Amazing Nurse Nanako fame - or infamy) in a story that would otherwise have been taken more seriously.

The plot is a bit difficult to wrap your brain around. In 2017, Earth satellites detect a gravitational anomaly coming from the direction of the constellation Lyra. When the signal is analyzed, it's revealed to be a transmission from the Voyager spacecraft, leading to the discovery of faster-than-light travel as well as a wormhole inside the core of Saturn's moon Titan. Others are soon discovered. Further exploration of these wormholes, or "inflation holes," results in the discovery, in the year 2197, of a planet ten parsecs from Titan which is dubbed the Quantum Core, which contains a wormhole identical to Titan's at its center and was apparently once occupied by a now-extinct alien species whose excessive use of wormhole travel resulted in the equatorial mass of the Core being burned away, leaving it in the shape of...well, an apple core.

Within 50 years, humanity has constructed a base on the Core, dubbed Watcher's Nest. Not long after, an expedition beneath the planet's surface is attacked by a Ghoul - your garden-variety Cosmic Horror, origins and intentions unknown. The purpose of Watcher's Nest is now twofold: Monitor the Core, and prevent any further incursion from the Ghoul. Autopsies and genetic research conducted by a group called Alchemy reveal startling results when Ghoul genes are combined with animal DNA — and later with human DNA, resulting in the project being officially closed down.

Now a new squad of cadets is brought on board Watcher's Nest to experience combat training, conspiracy and absurdly tight uniforms. Misaki, our heroine, is hardly cut out for the job — but trouble seems to find her, and she's being observed by parties unknown....

The original series was followed by a second 13-episode series, Divergence Eve: Misaki Chronicles, in 2004. With the same set of characters and set in an alternative universe that Misaki created at the end of the original show, Misaki Chronicles is about the elite team at Watcher's Nest defeat Ghouls at different times in Earth's history.

Tropes used in Divergence Eve include:

Misaki Chronicles contains the following tropes:

  • Badass Cape: Lyar's cape.
  • Beethoven Was an Alien Spy: Toyotomi Hideyoshi was a Ghoul.
  • Brutal Honesty: After Lyar says a heartfelt farewell to Kurenai-no-ha when she returns to the sort of future, Kotoko finds out what would happen to him he gets executed for trying to kill Toyotomi. She jokes about what would have happened had Lyar gone and helped him.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: The child version of the original Misaki... who was created by the original Misaki.
  • Ghost Memory: 1595-Misaki gets the memories of dead people. She experiences the death of the original Luxandra, because that was sort-of in the past.
  • I Never Told You My Name: Lyar asks Kurenai-no-ha how he knew her name; he says that he heard Kotoko say it, which was a lie.
  • Military School: Misaki Chronicles takes place during the characters' training in the alternative universe.
  • Mind Screw: They're travelling to the past of an alternative world while also being trapped outside of time... It gets complicated.
  • Samurai: Kurenai-no-ha.
  • Past Life Memories: The new Misaki remembers her previous self from the original anime.
  • Trapped in the Past: There's a time limit for how long the barrier around Earth will remain open. If they stay too long whoever went down would become trapped. Though really the original Watcher's Nest has become trapped outside of time and has overlapped with another part.