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File:270px-Dolph Lundgren.jpg
I must break you.

Dolph Lundgren is an actor from Sweden, born in 1957. He has studied engineering and has a master's degree of it. He also practices karate and was the European and Australian karate champion. He also represented the United States in the 1996 Summer Olympics in pentathlon. He is usually seen as Genius Bruiser and is rumoured to have a genius-level IQ, but he denies it.

Lundgren's first foray in film industry was a minor role in A View to a Kill as a KGB mook, Venz, who has two seconds of screentime. He got this role thanks to his then-girlfriend Grace Jones (that's right, this guy dated Grace Jones, which is enough to prove that this guy has the balls of steel). After that, he got his breakthrough role in Rocky IV as the Russian boxer Ivan Drago, which launched his career in action movies.

Lundgren's first starring role was in the Live Action Adaptation of Masters of the Universe as He-Man in 1987, whose fight against Skeletor is taken to Earth. This was followed by Rambo-esque Red Scorpion in 1988, where he plays a Soviet special ops soldier who is sent to assignment in Africa but ultimately turns against his own after witnessing the atrocities they have committed. After that he was cast in the comic book film The Punisher in 1989, where he played the titular vigilante and got bad press for not wearing the iconic skull shirt.

After The Eighties, Lundgren gradually disappered from the conscious of the movie-going audiences but is still making action movies.

He hates unicorns. Some people consider him proof that the axiom "All other factors in a fight being equal, the biggest guy wins", especially after watching him knock Jet Li on his butt in The Expendables.

Legend has it that a bunch of burglars broke into his house and tied up his wife in 2009. Luckily, before they got to anything serious they saw a family photo and realized they had just tied up Dolph Lundgren's wife, which was in itself enough reason for them to let her go and run away very quickly. Fortunately for them, he wasn't home at the time, or he would have chased them with his He-Man sword.

Other notable films: