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"It was about a family that argued a lot and the dad was always wrong. You heard the audience laugh, so you knew it was funny."
Monk synopsizes The Cooper Clan, a fictional example of this trope

A contraction of "Domestic Comedy", a Sitcom which revolves around home and family.[1]

You're going to see some standard jokes in most of these. Usually, the "wacky" differences between men and women, perennial 'rebellious teenager' issues (including frequently erroneous stories about what kids are like these days), kids doing the darnedest things, and visits from the wacky neighbor.

The Dysfunctional Family sitcom began as a Deconstruction of this genre, but since so many appeared in the late 90s, and modern versions tend to reconstruct many of the old tropes, there's not much of a distinction any more.

Examples: Radio and Radio to TV

Examples: TV

Examples: Web Original

  1. Not a comedy about a BDSM relationship. The Moral Guardians would throw a fit.