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"But male rape is funny... At least to the guy doing the raping."

Usually played for laughs when a known straight character is hit on by another man, especially one that's physically larger. It doesn't matter if it's through force, deception or drugs, male-on-male rape is almost always an object of derision — against the victim — which certainly wouldn't be the case for male-on-female rape. For example, few would refer to the rape scene with Jodie Foster in The Accused by saying "wanna play pinball?" without expecting outrage. However the line "'kin ye squeal like a pig, boah?" is a common line of ribald humor.

The reason? Well, men are expected to be strong and dominant, and rape is thought of as something that only happens to women. Hence, a man who is raped must be so weak and unmanly that he allowed himself to be treated like a woman; therefore, he's comically pathetic and must have deserved it. Which brings about many Unfortunate Implications: men aren't supposed to be victims, especially not of anything sex-related since a "real man" is always on top. The victim has been humiliated and defeated in the worst way possible as well as robbed of his masculinity, while the perpetrator will strangely be considered as exceptionally virile for having been able to sexually dominate a man. This might be why a non-camp, Manly Gay and dominant Depraved Homosexual is perceived as particularly dangerous to straight men.

This is part of why even when it's not supposed to be funny, it's still considered funny. Because the idea of such a violation of masculinity is such an extreme taboo, audiences are very uncomfortable with contemplating rape as something that could actually happen to any man, and often resort to Black Humor as a way to cope by making the idea seem harmless. The male-on-male rape scenes in Deliverance, Pulp Fiction and The Shawshank Redemption are obviously supposed to be horrific; however, they are routinely snickered at, rather than cried over as with male-on-female rape scenes.

The Unfortunate Implications have Real Life consequences: because people prefer to think of it as basically impossible for a man to be raped, male rape victims have few resources available to help them, and they often avoid speaking out about what happened to them and seeking the few resources that do exist because they're afraid of being laughed at and seen as pathetic and weak. This even unfortunately extends to sexual harassment too - try to get a lawsuit together for sexual harassment when the victim is a male, and see how well that goes.

Compare with Double Standard Rape (Female on Male) and Double Standard Rape (Female on Female). See also Prison Rape and All Women are Doms, All Men are Subs. Related to Black Comedy Rape.

No Real Life Examples, Please

Examples of Double Standard Rape (Male on Male) include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Kodomo no Jikan, Kuro says that if she were a boy, after "pushing Rin to the ground" (s)he'd "take [Aoki's] manhood away from him".
  • The Boys Love anime Sukisho! plays an Attempted Rape in the first episode for comedy; also, the one on bottom is said to have enjoyed it.
  • In the manga Challengers it is revealed in a side story that Tomoe's older brother, Souichi, had a Near-Rape Experience at the hands of one of his teachers, which caused him to become anti-gay. Souichi's resulting homophobia is played up to ludicrous extremes clearly intended for laughs. The rape itself is treated as wrong, but its consequences are merely treated as funny.
  • Souichi's later relationship with his kohai Morinaga in the Spin-Off series The Tyrant Falls in Love is a combination of this trope and Victim Falls For Rapist, most of the comedy resulting from Morinaga and Souichi not fitting the traditional BL "cold-hearted Seme/cheerful Uke" dynamic at all.
  • Early on in the plot of Sweet Polly Oliver historical drama Kaze Hikaru, a few male characters are shown being markedly attracted to the Bifauxnen protagonist. One of them, Kanji, makes increasingly desperate bids to get into "his" pants, which are all portrayed comedically — up to the part where he lures "him" away into an empty building with promises of information about his family and attempts to take advantage of him. Uneasy chuckles are swiftly crushed.
  • Similarly Played for Laughs as the Sukisho! example above, in FAKE and it's one shot OVA, Dee attempts to rape Ryo while on vacation. Carol and Bikky are eavesdropping outside the door and betting on whether or not Dee will actually succeed.
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, France often gropes or undresses the other countries, which are almost all males. It's always played for laughs.
    • Implied in the Dating Sim strip, where the hypothetical bad ending has Korea shouting that he'll do this to China.
    • In a (wisely) deleted set of strips, France nearly did this to Italy to demonstrate to Spain how they didn't need their erotic paintings for pleasure. A footnote reads that it wound up not happening. Like the above, this was played for laughs, though the story was later removed by Himaruya.
  • Sasameki Koto has Wholesome Crossdresser Akemiya Masaki cornered by some scary yet goofy men. He takes off his disguise to stop them from pursuing him but it surprisingly ends up just emboldening them. Luckily, he's saved by Action Girl Sumika Murasame, so things never went too far. The scene was never quite funny, but it was certainly far sillier than the almost-rape of a teenage boy should ever be.
  • Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru has Pedro, a Brazilian martial artist that was revealed to have been the masked rapist that targeted male members of different martial arts clubs. He ends up having his sights set on Minoru, the protagonist of the series. This is played entirely for comedy, and the fact that he was a serial rapist that went around raping boys ended up being completely forgiven by the main characters, who ended up getting him to join their karate club because he's strong. It gets worse - he ends up being assigned to rooming with Minoru. Afterwards, numerous times he tries to rape Minoru (with failed results, thankfully), and all of these instances are made to make the readers go, "Ha ha ha! That wacky Pedro!"
  • Tokyo Tribe's infamous "Goosh Goosh" scene is either this combined with Bloody Hilarious or is just plain wrong.
  • Boku No Sexual Harassment gives us rape by corn. Impossible to take that scene seriously... and eat corn for a week.
  • Karakuridouji Ultimo: Averted in chapter 12 with Service and Avaro. Averted again in Chapter 21 with Rune and Yamato.
  • Averted in Under Grand Hotel with the generally disturbing Prison Rape.
  • Averted in Berserk with Donovan's rape of the young Guts.
  • Averted in Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest where Haguro decides to up his freakiness by kissing Chiba (who he had beaten up), tearing out his tongue, and then raping him.
  • Averted by Fushigi Yuugi, so much. Nakago's repeated rape by the Emperor of Kutou when he was a pre-teen turned him into the hateful, twisted sadist he is in canon. When this part of his backstory is revealed in the final episode/volume of the first series, it is not played for laughs. Tamahome is even implied to feel sorry for the guy when he sees it!

Comic Books

  • In Preacher (Comic Book), Hoover phones up what he thinks is an escort service to get his boss, Herr Starr, laid. Unfortunately, he orders a man who rapes Starr in an alley. While parts of the aftermath are played for laughs, Starr's reaction isn't — the next morning, he attempts to strangle Hoover. Later, this incident is revealed to be only the overture to Starr's series-long Humiliation Conga (the next step of which is his realization that he can no longer achieve any sort of sexual satisfaction without anal penetration), shelving it right back under (very, very dark) comedic relief again.
  • At the end of the second volume of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, a male-on-male rape (and murder) scene and its aftermath kept shifting between horrified amusement and genuine horror.
  • Averted in The Authority. Apollo is raped over the hood of a car by the Commander (an Alternate Company Equivalent of Captain America) who is part of a team of "superheroes" in the employ of the US government. The rape and its fallout are treated as seriously as if it had been male-on-female rape. Played somewhat straighter when Midnighter, enraged at the brutality visited on his lover, apparently rapes the Commander in retaliation with a jackhammer.
  • Subverted in Fabian Nicieza's run on New Thunderbolts. Swordsman's ordeal at the hands of the Purple Man (the latter, a walking example of moral depravity) is always depicted as horrifying and violating. This is significant because before the ordeal Swordsman (Andreas von Strucker) had been a murdering and raping neo-Nazi terrorist as the male half of the Creepy Twins Fenris, and it would have been easy to show it as his just punishment but instead it was Rape as Redemption.
  • In Tangled Web of Spider-Man, the villainous Kangaroo is trapped by another villain, Tombstone, into being prison-raped as revenge for a previous betrayal. As with most of the injuries to Kangaroo in this series (laser cannon exploding in his crotch, getting a foot up his behind), it is played for laughs.
  • In The Filth, a deranged porn director and serial rapist (loosely based on real director Max Hardcore) unleashes a swarm of giant, murderous sperm on Los Angeles. A member of The Filth then violates him, injecting a substance into his colon that attracts the swarm to him, reducing civilian casualties and aiding easy disposal. The whole scene is played for queasy laughs.
  • DC's Hitman has got a troupe of unusual "friends", or they serve as his sidekicks, you got Dogwelder, who welds dogs to people, Sixpack, the perpetual drunk, and Bueno Excelent é. With the power to ... rape people while going "Bueno, Bueno, Bueno." Victims include the knocked out Lobo, and a drugged Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern, the last of which was not only treated as a joke in its original appearance, but occasionally used as a Brick Joke afterward. In a separate throw-away gag, Bueno is shown surprising a murderous male scientist. A newspaper article later reports the death of said scientist due to severe internal injuries.
  • Subverted in The Freak Brothers: after moving to the country, Fat Freddy runs afoul of a shotgun-totin' old geezer hillbilly, and worries he's going to do "what those guys did in Deliverance" - turns out he's a nice guy, and offers Freddy some of his psychedelic moonshine.
  • Averted with a vengeance in Sandman, where a young Augustus Caesar gets brutally raped by his stepfather, Julius Caesar. It's implied to be one of the reasons Augustus later knowingly opts to seal the doom of the Roman Empire as a whole.



  • The very word "deliverance" has become a punchline because of this trope.
  • Common in many, many movies via Conversational Troping, especially anytime prisons are mentioned.
  • At the end of The Hot Chick, the villain (now male again, but in a female stripper's outfit and handcuffs) is making his escape from the police and climbs into the back of a car in a back alley, thinking that he will be driven to freedom. Unfortunately for him, the doors immediately lock and the driver turns around with a lecherous smile on his face before driving off as the villain screams in terror. It's insinuated that said driver is going to rape him after the fade-to-black.
  • Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny has JB offering Kyle to the Devil as a sex slave as their stake in a bet. The Devil sings a song about what he's going to do to Kyle when he gets his hands on him, while dancing in front of a collection of sex toys.
  • In Little Nicky, it appears Hitler's punishment in Hell for, well, being Hitler, is having a large pineapple inserted up his ass daily. Though it is Hell and he is Hitler, this is, again, Played for Laughs. Note that Hitler is also in a French maid outfit at the time.
  • Also played for laughs is the rape of several men by an imposing black man (Michael Clarke Duncan) in the American remake of School for Scoundrels (a gag notably absent from the British original).
  • In Carry On Matron, a male thief who has infiltrated a hospital disguised as a female nurse is continually pursued by a doctor who goes as far as locking "her" in a room, ignoring "her" screams and eventually saying, "Don't resist, I was a boxing champion at university!" Furthermore, the scene seems to play as if all this would be fairly funny even if the victim really were female.
  • Almost Averted in Dirty Work, after Norm Macdonald's character is raped in prison and his friend start teasing him about it:

 Mitch: You know what hurts the most is the... the lack of respect. You know? That's what hurts the most. Except for the... Except for the other thing. That hurts the most. But the lack of respect hurts the second most.

  • An attempted rape of a young man by a much larger old man is played for laughs in Withnail and I, though for very Squicky ones. It's certainly supposed to be hilarious when he gets out of the situation by telling his attacker that his roommate is his lover, and that he couldn't stand the thought of being made to be unfaithful to him. Also, his reaction to the "I fuck arses" graffiti plays with this trope.

 Uncle Monty: I mean to have you even if it must be burglary!

  • Completely avoided by Vulgar, in which a down on his luck birthday clown takes up doing adult shows as a side job and gets raped by a perverse father and his sons. The film manages to not only take it seriously, but subtly mocks this trope at the same time.
  • In the Bollywood film Kambakkht Ishq the female lead gets at the male by telling an airport security person that he's gay, which apparently is some secret rite which allows him the honor of getting heavily molested by a gigantic cross-dressing brute in the cavity search room for laughs.
  • In Trading Places, Paul Gleason's character ends up in a cage with a horny gorilla, with no way to protect himself.
  • Used in the film version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead:

 Showman: We can do rapiers! Transvestite and another actor start fencing. Rape! Transvestite jumps up on the other actor's waist and gyrates. Both! Another actor comes in and begins fencing with the transvestite as he is gyrating.

    • The original play had a bit of this too, where the Player offers to put on "a private and uncut performance of 'The Rape of the Sabine Women' --or rather, woman. Or rather, Alfred."
  • In Top Secret, Nigel "The Torch" recounts to his former girlfriend, Hillary, how he was "rescued" off of a deserted island by Salvage Pirates. "They tormented me in ways I cannot describe." He then proceeds to smile crookedly at the memory.
  • In Half Baked, one of the stoners lands in jail and has be bailed out by his friends before his protector in prison gets released and he will be raped by a big, black prisoner. Played for Laughs when the characters imagine how he drops the soap in the prison shower, bends over to pick it up and the legs of the black prisoner come into view immediately behind him.
  • In the Italian comedy Le Comiche 2, a man opens the wrong door on a plane and his clothes are ripped apart. It is revealed that due of an accidental breast augmentation earlier in the movie, he now has breasts and wears a bra. A male flight attendant places his hands on him initially to help but then he starts to grope the poor man. It is Played for Laughs anyway it gets quite uncomfortable since the harrassed man can't defend himself or he will fall from the plane and is forced to endure the abuse. Also, he keeps saying "I am a man" while the flight attendant replies he is not.


  • Averted hard in Chronicles of Magravandias where all instances of rape are depicted as equally violent and disturbing. Shan's gang-rape at the hands of invading soldiers is particularly nasty.

Live-Action TV

  • In The Comic Strip Presents South Atlantic Raiders, one of the characters is trapped in a prison cell with a huge prisoner who says, threateningly, "Oh dear, you're going to get a very sore botty." (In the original broadcast version the hero takes one look at the big guy's genitalia and cries "oh, God, no!", but the line appears to have been cut from the DVD release.) However, our hero escapes before he can be raped.
  • In Max And Paddys Road To Nowhere, Paddy signs up to star in a porn film for some easy cash. But he discovers too late that "Willy Wanker and The Chocolate Factory" is a gay porn movie. Despite what the writers were intending, hilarity does not ensue.
  • On an episode of Mind of Mencia, parodying the "To Catch a Predator" segments of Dateline, the sketch ends with the would-be predator being raped by a very large man not-quite off-screen as the punchline.
  • The phrase "community soap" on Veronica Mars. In an episode in Season 3, a frat boy is found passed out on campus, stripped naked, and with an egg shoved up his ass. This is the source of much humor on campus, including amongst the college feminist group that had been raising hell over the lack of initiative in catching the serial rapist on campus. Veronica gives them an earful over it.
  • Son of the Beach had a ball with this one. Notch Johnson has ended up raped in gay porno, raped in prison, raped by a homeless man while sleeping on the beach, and he was "reared by two uncles" and a priest who "took [him] in the rectory."
  • One of the "stunts" in The Jackass Movie involved Ryan Dunn inserting a Hot Wheels toy car into his rectum. The crew then filmed the reactions of the doctor when Ryan explained how he had supposedly passed out at a Frat Party and woken up that way.
  • In The Vicar of Dibley, Geraldine tells Alice the joke in which Superman sees Wonder Woman lying naked on a rooftop and attempts to have sex with her in the shortest time possible. Wonder Woman asks what happened, and then the Invisible Man climbs off her and says "I don't know, but it hurt a lot." Alice doesn't laugh, pointing out that this joke besmirches Superman's reputation by implying that he committed homosexual rape on the Invisible Man, which she doesn't consider funny.

Alice: And quite frankly I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

(Alice leaves)(beat)
Geraldine: ...Prude!
  • In the Seinfeld episode "The Jimmy", Jerry wakes up from a dental appointment during which he was unconscious from nitrous oxide to find his shirt untucked and his (male) dentist and (female) hygienist are getting dressed. It's never firmly established whether Jerry was hallucinating the incident or not, or whether his shirt was untucked before getting the knock-out gas, but the situation, including the uncertainty, is played for laughs when he describes the experience to Elaine. Her remark is "So your dentist and hygienist violated you while you were unconscious. So what?" despite the fact that Jerry is obviously deeply disturbed by the incident.
  • The phrase "he got raped from behind" was thrown out in ESPN's coverage of the Big East Championship Game after a particularly full-body foul and steal. Color commentators at their best...
  • The Kids in The Hall have trouble coming up with fresh ideas for new sketches for their new tour. Hilarity ensues.
  • Repeatedly on The Mighty Boosh, whose offenders include Kodiak Jack (attempted) and Elenore the Tour Whore (unintentional), both played by Rich Fulcher.
  • Pretty much all of the humor in Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia involving The Nightman revolves around this trope, particularly since Charlie can't see why everyone interprets it as male rape.
  • Used in Red Dwarf when Lister sprinkles Rimmer with a sexual magnetism virus. The latter is then surrounded by burly male prisoners, and we fade to black. (That we've previously only ever seen said virus work on women - wouldn't Lister himself be affected? - is ignored for the sake of the joke.)
  • Double-dipped in an episode of Smallville. A young quarterback under the influence of a love drug attacks his coach, and later when the effects wear off, he has amnesia. Lois laughingly speculates that he's claiming this because he wants to avoid "playing 'tight end'" for the local penitentiary.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
    • The Go Fish episode. The evil swim coach forces Buffy into the water below his office with the mutant fish-men, but not to feed them: "Boys have other needs." (Buffy herself doesn't like the idea that she'd "made it with the whole swim team"). Xander helps her out, the coach falls through the trap door, and while he yells and splashes below, Buffy quips "Boy, those boys sure likes their coach!"
    • Another one for Jonathan, when he and Andrew are in jail. Jonathan is scared and talks about how one of the inmates keeps looking at him.

 Jonathan: The joint changes you. I hear they like the small ones, with little hands like their girlfriends.

  • ER
    • Invoked on an episode, which had Carter in jail. His cellmate, a stereotypical Scary Black Man, approaches him, unbuckling his pants, declaring, "I've got something for you". Carter screams in panic...and the man reveals a sore on his leg that has been bothering him — Carter had mentioned that he was a doctor. It's obvious that the guy had no intention of assaulting him, but we're supposed to find Carter's panic, in addition to the Unfortunate Implications of his would-be assailant being a black man, amusing.
    • Averted in a different episode, though, where a prisoner was brought to the hospital after being injured in a fight. It soon became obvious that he had been raped and the incident was handled appropriately, even becoming a Tear Jerker when the patient is diagnosed with HIV and actually says that he's glad... because he's serving a life sentence and won't have to put up with the rapes anymore.
  • Rik's tendency to panic at the very thought of being raped ("I can't go to prison!") was similarly played for laughs a couple of times on The Young Ones.
  • In The IT Crowd when Douglas, under the affect of Rohypnol (which makes him horny, instead of sleepy as he should), is locked in a room with Roy and Moss and it's implied he raped or molested them. His original plan was to give the Rohypnol to Jen which wasn't played for laughs as much.
    • In a season two episode, Roy is molested by a male masseuse Jen finds the whole things hilarious while everybody else is deadly serious on the matter. Her lack of understanding and finding comedy in male-on-male rape is played for laughs and deconstructed to a degree.
  • Played straight in a Saturday Night Live game show parody, "Who Wants To Be Groped By An Eleven-Thousandaire?". The contestants included two women and a very confused man, apparently sent by his friends as a joke. The audience is to vote on who will be sent to the "thousand-aire's" car, where the groping will take place. Of course, the man receives 98% of the vote. The skit concludes with the panicked and unwilling man struggling in the backseat of the car, while the audience roars.
  • In Friends, there is an episode where Joey talks about a great tailor he has had since childhood, and refers Chandler to him. Chandler goes there, and comes back horrified. He informs Joey that his tailor "is a very bad man!". Joey defends the guy, explaining to him that "that's how they do pants", but Ross says no, that is definitely not how they do pants. It looks like Joey's been violated by his tailor for the past twelve years...

 Chandler: Joey's tailor... took advantage of me.

Ross: What?

Joey: No way. I've been going to the guy for 12 years.

Chandler: Oh, come on. He said he was going to do my inseam, and then he ran his hand up my leg, and then there was definite... cupping.

Joey: That's how they do pants! First they go up one side, they move it over, then they go up the other side, they move it back, and then they do the rear.

Joey: [Chandler and Ross stare at him] What? Ross, would you tell him? Isn't that how a tailor measure pants?

Ross: Yes. Yes, it is... In prison! What's the matter with you?

  • Jam, which relies heavily on Dead Baby Comedy, did this a couple of times. In one sketch, a woman is interviewed documentary-style and talks about her favourite sexual fantasy, which is for her husband to come home crying and tell her he has been gang-raped. All throughout the interview he is laughing next to her on the sofa. In another sketch, a couple are completely unfazed when they discover their son has not come home from school, and it is several weeks before they bother to look for him. When they find out he has been raped and murdered, their only reaction is to be slightly annoyed that they are expected to bury him themselves.
  • In the Barney Miller episode "Heat Wave", much "humor" is mined from Wojo (who is wearing drag in order to attract muggers) almost being raped. Especially "funny", since the rapist elbowed Wentworth aside in order to get at him, and this offends her.
  • Averted in at least 2 episodes of CSI:
    • In one episode the victim seeks, tortures and kills the rapist. The victim is the murder of the week.
    • In another, the rapist purpose is to break the victim's relationship with said rapist's sister. Nick was specially sympathetic to the victim.
  • Averted in Being Erica. Leo's rape is not treated as funny at all, except by the rapists.
  • Averted hard by the TV movie The Rape Of Richard Beck, about the title detective whose belief that rape victims bring it on themselves is changed when he himself is a victim.
  • Seemingly averted by Tuck after Christian is raped by the Carver - but the impression left that all it takes for him to get over being violated is a three-way with him, Kimber and Kit (the detective investigating the Carver) is more than a little hard to take.


  • Sublime's "Date Rape". The first half of the song details the titular male-on-female act, and in the second half, the rapist is caught and sent to prison with predictable results. Some listeners claim the second half is noticeably lighter in tone than the first, while others think it doesn't really sound any different than the first.
  • From a live recording of "Alices Restaurant" by Arlo Guthrie (although the laughter may also be because the line was an unexpected ad-lib):

 Group W's where they put you if you may not be moral enough to join the Army after committing your special crime, and there was all kinds of mean nasty ugly looking people on the bench there. Mother rapers. (*silence*) Father stabbers. (*silence*) Father rapers! (*raucous laughter*)

  • "When You're In Prison" by The Offspring has this in spades. It sounds like a pop song from the '30s or '40s, while the lyrics are about how to make sure you don't get raped in prison, warning you "don't turn the other way" and "don't pick up the soap, it's bad for you".


  • An odd example from Norse Mythology, where Loki is transformed into a mare and, uh, "taken" by a stallion. And later gets pregnant from it.
  • In Euripedes' The Cyclops, the only still extant Satyr play, it's implied that Polyphemus rapes his drunken satyr manservant as punishment for bogarting the wine, making this one Older Than Feudalism.

 "It's a bitter wine I must drink now!"


Professional Wrestling

  • After The Big Boss Man defeated The Mountie at Summerslam 1991, the Evil Foreigner was arrested, booked, and thrown in jail for the night. His cellmate was a Camp Gay Leather Man, what happened next was implied.
  • During TNA's Hardcore Justice, New Jack implied he was going to rape Jeremy Borash. Cut to commentators Mike Tenay and Taz laughing at Jeremy's predicament.
  • Orlando Jordan pretty much molests the guys he wrestles. And, of course, their treatment of female rape, with Chelsea being picked up and carried away by Abyss, who had "won" her (Abyss was even a face at the time), and Socal Val being raped by Mustafa Saed; both incidents were just plain ignored.
  • Kurt Angle once cut a promo against Rey Mysterio in which he couldn't come up with any threats or insults that didn't make it sound like he was about to molest poor Rey. Each time he'd said something, he'd angrily deny that he meant it that way - then immediately say something even worse. He finished up by throwing a temper tantrum at his own promo.
  • "You know how this is gonna end, Cena - with you lying on your back and me on top of you!"

Video Games

  • The predations of Wanderer Meiyuan in Shadow Hearts were played for laughs... including featuring a character who was so incredibly unworldly that he didn't realize what was happening and thus didn't object. And including an orphaned child.
    • In the sequel, Joachim...uh...becomes a man with assistance from his wrestling teacher.
  • In a bonus, non-canon cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, Raiden is comically mistaken for Col. Volgin's gay lover, Ivan (understandably, as the latter is a parody of the former). Seeing as Volgin is a seven foot tall, musclebound sadist and Raiden is a pretty boy, things end up extremely badly for the white-haired bishounen.
  • With the announcement that Kratos will be joining Mortal Kombat, it was decided a regular fatality would be too tame for him. The solution? Rape-ality. Rape for all the guys, that is. All the women are very consenting. (Of course it's a joke.)
  • Conkers Bad Fur Day features a Does This Remind You of Anything? version of this. A surly talking cog with a Split Personality gets mounted on the "shaft" of a large, smirking cog, which results in the first cog's Camp Gay alter ego taking over.

 Carl: Oh no, not Mr. Big Cog! That's me buggered!

Conker: (thinking) It certainly is.





Web Original

Western Animation

  • In The Venture Bros 2005 Christmas Episode, Doctor Venture is nearly raped by an evil demon seeking retribution for an unidentified wrong on Christmas Eve, although it was All Just a Dream. In a season two episode, a supervillain tries to rape The Monarch in prison, but fails to get an erection because The Monarch's "built too much like a girl". King Gorilla, the villain in question, was initially incarcerated after eviscerating and sodomizing Vince Neil on live television.
    • In the season 4.1 episode The Revenge Society, recovering pedophile Sergeant Hatred finally has his way with the boyish-looking Billy Quizboy, who was unconscious at the time. A later episode reveals that Hatred merely cuddled Billy.
  • In the South Park episode "Cartman Joins NAMBLA", Kenny's father ends up getting gang-raped by the entire South Park chapter of NAMBLA after a Scooby-Dooby Doors sequence.
  • In a later episode, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are charged for raping Indiana Jones, more or less literally. The episode ends with Spielberg and Lucas arrested while in the middle of raping a Stormtrooper
    • In "Cartman Sucks" Cartman is about to trick a blindfolded Butters into letting him put his penis in his mouth. Butters' father storms in and assumes that Butters was allowing it and is gay. Butters is completely flumoxed. Of course, this is after Cartman had invited Butters over for a sleep over, then proceeds to take naked pictures of him in order to make him look gay. One of these pictures if of Cartman putting Butter's penis in his own mouth. The other kids tell Cartman that makes him look homosexual, not Butters, so Cartman plots to reverse the gay polarity.
    • Additionally, this happened to Cartman a few seasons earlier too. Cartman got some sea-men from a guy in an alley who told him to close his eyes and "Suck It Out of a Hose".
  • Family Guy does this a lot...
    • One season premiere episode had Peter accusing his doctor of rape (really just a prostate exam but stupid equals funny), and featured black and white depictions of such scenes, all the while parodying actual well-known rape cases. And in an in-universe example, Lois starts laughing when Peter says he was raped even before learning it was actually a prostate exam.
    • Season 4, Episode 14 "PTV" - Peter is raped by Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles.

 Peter Griffin: Man, this sucks worse than my 16th birthday party. (cut to Peter's birthday)

Peter Griffin: Thanks for coming to my birthday party, Jake Ryan.

Jake Ryan: Thanks for having me at your birthday party, Peter...make a wish.

Peter Griffin: It's already come true.

Jake Ryan: Here's your present. [They lean in to kiss, but Jake knocks the cake and Peter to floor, rips off his shirt... and then proceeds]

Peter Griffin: No, Jake, not like this! Aah!

    • Peter is really unlucky with this as it includes not only men but male animals as well. In a particularly bizarre example he is raped by a bull in front of a live audience which includes his wife and kids. The bull then proceeds to ask Peter out on a date.
    • One minor flashback-aside has Peter recalling how he'd lost his virginity. The memory he calls up is of a massive pile-up of high school football players, from the depths of which is heard Peter's "Oh-oh".
    • It also happens offscreen in one episode in which he ends up in jail for trying to get Quagmire's job back; he says at the end of the episode that he was raped in prison.
    • Quagmire mentioned once that Peter saved all their (Joe, Quagmire and Cleavland) butts, apparently literally. The cutaway shows the three bound and gagged and bent over a table with their pants down, while a thug wrings his hands in anticipation. Peter breaks in and kills him with a sword. However...

 Peter: Yeah, too bad I didn't get there until after the sodomy.

  • In The Boondocks, episode "A Date with the Health Inspector", a character's fear of being raped in prison is used as a comedic device. In fact, fear of homosexual prison rape is presented as the driving force of neighbor Tom's personality, to explain his "non-black" behavior.
  • Drawn Together, being a Dead Baby Comedy, has this in scores. A particularly twisted example is in the episode "Little Orphan Hero", where Captain Hero, in his childhood montage, disobeys his mother by going to a keg party dressed as a promiscuous woman. At the party, he is promptly gang raped on top of a pinball machine, shouting in a woman's voice, "Leave me alone!", in a parody of the film The Accused, despite being by far the largest man there (and having super-powers). Captain Hero also sodomized his parents and Xandir in an attempt to erase their memories — an over the top parody of Superman's amnesia-inducing kiss to Lois Lane in Superman II.
  • Robot Chicken had a skit about a (male) "rape ghost" raping males in a haunted house (and explicitly not raping the females).
  • Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law has a scene in one episode with Phil trying to establish dominance over Doggie Daddy , while Doggie just looks onward uninterested.


    • Implied in another episode, where an incarcerated Birdman is shown in a montage being married to a fellow inmate. While the whole ordeal is revealed in the end to be an elaborate surprise birthday party, the marriage is stated to have been real.
  • The Simpsons. "Homer Vs. Dignity." Homer. A panda suit. A male panda.
  • A similar plot on Beavis and Butthead. Beavis mentions that his dentist "inspected his nads". Butthead tells him that his dentist doesn't do that, it's his doctor who does. Odd subversion for such a low-brow comedy, as although it's never mentioned again, both boys seem genuinely shocked and horrified at the realization of Beavis' molestation.
    • The revival has him telling Butthead about the time a guidance counselor invited him to his apartment for spaghetti and gave him some lemonade. Beavis blacked out and woke up naked under a bridge, and his butt hurt. Butthead is disturbed at how nonchalant Beavis is about the whole thing.

Stand-up Comedy

  • Dave Chappelle did a stand up bit about a serial serial rapist who targeted men. Available here. That said, most of the humor coming from the bit is less about the actual rapes being funny and more about society's expectations on how men should usually react to it being absurd.
  • In her (semi-)autobiography Book Club Selection, Kathy Griffin tells a story about witnessing an appearance by Andy Dick at a college in Florida in which he arrived late and stoned as fuck and pretended not to have a stand-up routine planned and called the audience "faggots" for a while, and then gave an audience member a completely undesired lapdance. He then invited a random 400-pound man (really a plant who was part of his group) up onstage from the audience to sing a song. Andy then dressed as a go-go girl and began to dance along with the man's singing, at which point the man lost control of himself, grabbed Andy, lifted his skirt (and revealed he was wearing nothing under it), threw him down and raped him (well, pretended to) and ran offstage. Andy began screaming "I was just raped, and you did nothing!" at the horrified audience, at which point someone hit the fire alarm and everything went apeshit. It's not funny by most people's standards, but it's hard not to laugh at the way she tells it. Here she is telling the story onstage.
  • Louis CK jokes that if he had a time machine, he wouldn't kill Hitler, he'd rape him. View it here.