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Draconia Chronicles is a webcomic by Donnie Sturges and Danny Valentini. Found here.

The story centers on a centuries-long war between two anthropomorphic races. They are the Dragons of the Dragonlands, led by Queen Oscura, and the Tigers of the Tiger Territories, led by Princess Kiriad. A unique element of the story is that only the females of the two races are anthropomorphic. The males look like average tigers and standard fantasy dragons.

The story shows the warriors and leaders from both sides of the war. There is clear dissension with the ranks of both races as individuals and factions fight for power and influence. Recent events hint that there might be other races working against both the Dragons and the Tigers and new alliances will need to be formed if both races are to survive.

  • Amazonian Beauty - Mainly the Tiger girls, who are shown to be taller and physically stronger than most Dragons. Among the tigers are "Big Cats" who are noticeably much larger and very muscular compared to other Tigers. Though there are a few examples of this among the Dragons as well.
  • Anyone Can Die - Its a story about a war, what do you expect? The volcano eruption in chapter 2 alone has brought the body count well into the hundreds, if not the thousands.
  • Badass Pacifist - Kilani. advocates peace between the races, Friend to All Living Things, master infiltrator and rescuer.
  • Barbie Doll Anatomy - While the dragons are technically nude all the time, they have no visible nipples (justified that they are reptilian) nor genitalia, which by Word of God and shown in more erotic Danny V has done, is covered up by a section of skin that can be pushed aside.
  • Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism - While the Dragons and Tigers females that are most prominently featured are anthropomorphic, the males of their respective races are actual full feral formed Dragons and Tigers.
  • Censor Box: In this case, a patch of mushrooms in one panel, a slug in another. Conveniently placed tails are another favorite.
  • Cerebus Syndrome - Started has a fairly lighthearted High Fantasy adventure comic, but ever since the end of chapter 1, its become progressively more dark, bleak and tragic.
  • Convection, Schmonvection - Averted. During Ch2 the volcano near the Dragons capital city erupts. The Dragons city is threatened by superheated rocks falling on it and a massive river of lava. Meanwhile the wind currents of the world blow most of the ash and toxic fumes into the Tiger Territories. The Dragons, despite knowing elemental magic, are shown being effected by the heat.
  • Dropped a Bridge on Him - Gaia. Good lord, Gaia.
  • Elemental Powers - The main advantage the Dragons have in the war against the Tigers , besides the fact that they can fly, is that they can use elemental magic.
  • Extreme Doormat - Khilani makes no attempt to justify her caring for Lumina, instead allowing Kess to both abuse her and destroy her reputation.
  • Forever War - The two races have been fighting each other for centuries and no longer remember the cause of the war. At this point the main reasons for fighting are vengeance and pride.
  • Freudian Excuse - Why is Kess such a racist bitch? Because dragons murdered her mother.
  • Go-Go Enslavement - As show in the calendar series, March 2002, when the Tiger Princess Kiraid is captured and enslaved by the Dragon Queen Oscura, she's shown in chains and a bikini with the queen holding her on a leash.
  • God Save Us From the Queen - Oscuria isn't exactly evil (no one here is), but she's shown to be short-sighted, vindictive and an all around pain to work with, perhaps best shown when she cares more about, and thus directs more resources towards capturing a single tiger then she does about the volcano that just wiped out half her kingdom. Also, the Tiger Princess Kiraid, while not very developed yet, is shown to be viewed as incompetent by quite a few of the tiger higher ups.
  • Grey and Gray Morality - Initially, the Dragons were the ones portrayed villainously, but as the plot goes on both sides are shown to have both their good and bad individuals, and the Tigers themselves start to get some immoral blemishes on their record, such as Kess' horrific treatment of Kilani after learning of her connection to Lumina and Princess Kiriad casually dismissing the deaths of Mabel's entire tribe because they were "unimportant".
  • It Got Worse - Chapter three, so far, has been nothing but this for all involved. Red, arguably the Only Sane Woman of the Dragons, is humiliated and loses a great deal of Oscuria's respect due to unintentionally allowing several political prisoners to escape and now has to hunt them back down or face severe consequences, Kilani's connection to Lumina is exposed and she's about two steps away from being forced into exile or worse, and the volcano eruption has been shown to have effectively crippled the Dragon Kingdom, a fact that Oscuria is desperately trying (and failing) to cover up.
  • Jerkass - Kess has been becoming more and more like that, best exemplified when she bitches at Kilani for refusing to murder a child in cold blood.
  • Lady Land
  • Morality Pet - Lumina is essentially this to Oscuria.
  • Motor Mouth - Kess. Sweet Louesa, Kess.
  • Non-Mammal Mammaries - The Dragons "breasts". Word of God labels them as "flight muscles".
  • Only Sane Woman - Red on the Dragon side, Kilani on the Tiger side.
  • Off with His Head - How Gaia is killed. Complete with a Splash of Color.
  • One-Gender Race - Only one male Dragon has been seen so far.
  • Population Control - Queen Obscura controls access to the "elixir" used to fertilize eggs. Attempting to steal some and have a child without permission is punishable by exile.
  • Power Nullifier - Zhirite is a metal that the Tigers mine and that all their weapons are forged from. It negates the Dragons magical abilities though it is only effective at close range.
  • The Quiet One - Shie
  • Stuffed Into the Fridge - Gaia again.
  • Tiger Versus Dragon