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File:The drugs are legal but are they 6944.jpg

A manga written by CLAMP that went on hiatus when the magazine in which it ran ceased its publication. It has been recently announced that CLAMP will return to the series in Young Ace magazine in November 2011.

The story follows Kazahaya Kudo, a young man who collapses in the snow after running away from home and thinks that he doesn't want to die. He is found by Rikuo Himura, who takes him to the Green Drugstore, where he gets a job from Kakei, the eccentric owner. Since both guys have supernatural powers, they take on "special" cases on the side that never go as smoothly as they'd hoped. There's also the beginnings of a Myth Arc in play, with Kazahaya hiding from his twin sister, Kei, Rikuo searching for a mysterious woman named Tsukiko, and Kakei and his lover, Saiga, preparing for something that's looming over the horizon. And it all comes with the boatloads of Subtext and Ho Yay that you'd expect from most of CLAMP's work.

Formerly available from Tokyopop as Legal Drug.

Not to be confused with the use of legal drugs in a work; that's a G-Rated Drug.

Contains Examples of: