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One of the cameo characters (Mike, Roz, Amber, etc) will eventually become important in Dumbing of Age

They keep showing up in the background of strips, seemingly as Easter Eggs. But it seems odd that they'd all be at the same school (Roz has appeared in several strips in a row, so the theory works best with her).

    • Amber just got a week of strips interacting with Danny. So...confirmed?

This will turn out to be foreshadowing for at least one DOA arc.

If only because someone will point it out to Willis.

  • Joe has asked Joyce to go out on a date with her. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Joe also had sex with Roz, Robin's sister, so maybe it's related to that? Also, it's confirmed that Robin is in Congress in this universe and you have to be at least 25, so there's at least seven or eight years age difference between Robin and Joe.

Billie will be caught with alcohol in her room

Because Dumbing takes place on a dry campus, this will lead to her getting in deep trouble.

  • It may also coincide with some other humiliations, as her existence seems to be playing the Break the Haughty trope fairly straight.

Faz and Amber know they're brother and sister in the DOA universe

Her parents are divorced, so maybe Amber's mother knew about her husband's other children. It's possible they even grew up together.

Amber's twin sister is Amazi-Girl

Willis claimed we wouldn't see Amazi-Girl outside her costume. At first, it seemed like he was just lying, but what if he wasn't? Amber didn't freak out when she saw Danny--only when he mentioned she reminded him of someone. Maybe she's trying to hide her sister's antics.

Walky and Joyce will get together in this universe too.

Not much support for this, I just really like Walky and Joyce as a couple.

The Aliens do exist...

...and that cartoon is just a cover-up for them, similar to the Hungry Dragon project from Transformers. Maybe there are real abductees out there; they're just not the same guys as those in the main Walkyverse.