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D.W. in her imagination, Arthur episode, "D.W.'s Very Bad Mood"

Being eaten alive. Probably one of our oldest Primal Fears, and quite universal, given that we used to share this planet with some rather nasty predators. In this modern world, we have little to fear from most animals on land (though the sea is another matter), but stories of monsters of all kinds (dragons, aliens, demons, zombies, etc.) keep us very aware that we can become prey quite easily. It's probably the most common fear we have as kids.

Sometimes the victim is Swallowed Whole, but other times, he or she is savagely ripped apart piece by piece (this is especially common if one is overtaken by multiple creatures out to eat you).

See also Fed to the Beast, where someone is deliberately consigned to this awful fate. See also Too Spicy for Yog-Sothoth, for when the eater changes its mind.

Examples of Eaten Alive include:


  • A Fruit Roll-Up and Fruit By the Foot get eaten by a photo booth.
  • This happens to the cinnamon toast crunches in their commercials.

Anime & Manga

  • Region: The victims of the plague of starving rats swarming over Tokyo suffer this fate.
  • Bio Meat By the same author, the eponymous creatures are bred to eat anything, and they do.
  • The common fate of anyone branded for sacrifice to the Godhand in Berserk. Quite a few Apostles are fond of this too, such as the female Apostle that Guts kills in the very beginning of the manga.
  • Mami Tomoe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica goes out this way courtesy of a monstered-out Witch. It is one of the most Cruel And Unusual Deaths of the entire series and considered by many [1] as one of the most shocking moments in anime this decade.
    • In the Spin-Off manga Oriko Magica, Mami manages to avert this fate. Too bad someone else suffers it: none other than Kazuko-sensei, who's devoured by one of Witch!Kirika's familiars in front of her students.
  • In Gate Rory gets devoured by a monstrous Minotaur. And to make things worse since Rory is an immortal demigoddess she's alive and likely conscious through the whole experience and was probably torn apart in the process. She heals up while still inside the Minotaur and has to wait for Itami and Yao to cut her out its stomach after they kill it. (She could have gotten out on her own but the only two routs available were too unpleasant for her to consider taking.)
  • Happens a lot in Hellsing. Special mention goes to Luke Valentine, who gets both his legs blown off and becomes "dog food" after Alucard goes One-Winged Angel.
    • In the TV series, Incognito eats Helena because he sees her as a threat.
  • Asuka dies horribly this way at the hands of the Mass-Production EVAs in End of Evangelion. And poor Shinji just has to come across what's left.
  • In the Amon: Apocalypse of Devilman OVA, Amon proves himself to be one of Go Nagai's absolute worst Complete Monsters by doing this to a little girl.
  • Happens to Nene and Nono in Blood C. Subverted, they turn out to be alive. And their following real deaths are very different. Though one of the Elder Bairns does chomp on a struggling civilian as the group destroys Saya's hometown.
  • In Hekikai no Ai ON, this happen to Shimon, the Parental Substitute of the protagonist. He was eaten alive by the mermaids.
  • The Titans from Attack on Titan do this to the poor humans every single time they show up. The show itself begins with one doing it to Eren's mother Carla.


  • "Fritz the Cat, Secret Agent for the C.I.A." contains what is probably the earliest depiction of vore in comics. Fritz is swallowed whole by a giant creature, along with a female Chinese agent who betrays her country because she loves Fritz. Together, the two escape out the back way.
  • In Old Man Logan a mutated and insane Hulk does this to Wolverine: him and his inbred clan have been eating their enemies for years. None of them had adamantium claws and a healing factor, however...

Films (Animation)

  • In Dinosaur, a scout got eaten by a Carnatourus.
    • And Aladar pretended to eat one of the little lemurs.
  • In Fern Gully. the main fairy flies in the smog monster’s mouth to defeat him from within.
  • In Fire Breather, the two monsters that were terrorizing the city must have been hungry because they kept trying to eat all the people close to Duncan. But Duncan stopped them from eating anyone including his “Guardian Angel” who wanted to kill him after he found what Duncan was.
  • In Shrek, the dragon eats Lord Farquaad and spits out his crown.
    • In the Christmas special, Gingy’s girlfriend gets eaten by Santa Claus.
  • Ratigan feeds a hapless lackey to his pet cat Felicia in The Great Mouse Detective.
  • In Alice in Wonderland the Walrus eats all the baby oysters behind the carpenter's back.


  • The common fate of anyone overtaken by the zombies in any Zombie Apocalypse movie, if they don't join them.
  • In Little Shop of Horrors, Audrey II eats Mr. Mushnik Just in Time.
    • In the alternate ending, Audrey was eaten after she died and Rick Moranis' character got eaten too.
      • So I guess for Audrey it was technically eaten dead then.
  • Star Wars episode VI Return of the Jedi Oola, and a Gammorean Guard get eaten by a Rancor. And the Skiff guards and even poor Boba Fett got eaten by a Sarlaac as well. (Most people don't think he died anyway though).
    • And to make things worse the Sarlacc doesn't just eat you alive it keeps you alive as it slowly digests you in a process that takes several millennia!
    • And Jabba just laughed at the Gammorean's unfortunate death but I saved your life!
  • In Jurassic Park, several humans get eaten by dinosaurs and all of the others kept getting threatened to get eaten. Other dinosaurs got eaten as well, including a Velociraptor as the T. Rex appeared Just in Time.
    • Donald Gennaro, after abandoning the Hammond children in a car to go hide in the bathroom when the T-Rex shows up, gets the ignominious honor of being nommed on the toilet after the T. Rex knocks down the building he's in. In the original novel, it was Dirty Coward Ed Regis, the Public Relations manager of InGen, who did this (and got eaten).
    • Worst cases are Robert Muldoon and John Arnold who fall prey to the raptors, of which it was explicitly stated earlier in the film that they don't bother killing their victims first, they just slice them up and start eating them alive.
    • Nedry got eaten by the Dilophosaurus. The book describes this scene with gruesome detail, while the movie gives us a nice discretion shot
    • In the sequels other people got eaten by a T. Rex, Velociraptors and a pack of Procompsognathi.
  • The Jaws series and other killer shark movies will invariably feature at least one scene where someone is eaten alive by the shark.
  • Kevin of Sin City has his limbs sawed off by Marv. His pet wolf, who eats what remains of the people Kevin kills after he's finished with them, is attracted to the blood and eats him alive until finally his head is sawed off. And the worst part of it all? He never makes a single sound during the entire thing, much less the scream that Marv wanted from the sick cannibal farm boy who murdered Goldie.
  • The ship's cook in the 2005 version of King Kong.
    • More than just the cook, the cook just got assaulted by giant leeches which seemed to be the most horrendous.
    • This is the fate of at least half the main cast of Kong: Skull Island thanks to the Skullcrawlers.
  • In Willow when he knock that egg thing into the water it turns into a two headed hydra like monster and eats several of Sorcea's men and even one of what it used to be's kind.
  • In the climax of Crocodile the geeky sidekick gets swallowed whole by the titular croc. But apparently he ended up giving it a case of indigestion because a few minutes later it coughs him back up still alive.


  • In Animorphs, In The Time of the Dinosaurs Rachel and Tobias get eaten by a kronosaurus which they subsequently break out of, thus killing it. This was also the fate of Elfangor, who gave the kids their morphing powers; moments afterward, Visser 3 arrives, morphs a huge alien and devours Elfangor alive. The screaming features in several of the Animorphs' nightmares.
  • In RL Stine’s Goosebumps: The Blob That Ate Everyone Adam got eaten just like he did in the TV show, and two police officers got eaten and so did a bunch of citizens.
    • In another book, one of the Choose Your Own Adventure type books, various non-reader characters are transformed into monsters and intend to send the reader on something resembling a haunted scavenger hunt. If the reader makes a choice to doubt the reality of the transformation, it's implied the monster kids' ringleader, some kind of lizardman, eats the doubtful reader--obviously ending that read-through.
  • In Homer’s The Odyssey, a Cyclops ate most of Odysseus's men.
  • In Nation, First Mate Cox gets eaten by sharks. Even with an axe in his chest, too, he's still alive enough to be Slasher Smiling when they get there.
  • In Titus Groan, Titus's father Sepulchrave is eaten alive by a flock of owls. Voluntarily, because he's batshit insane and suicidal.
  • Cato in The Hunger Games is ripped apart by dogs for twenty hours on end. By the time he gets a Mercy Kill, his skin and limbs have been gnawed off. And he was alive the whole time, on live television.
  • Curly in Call of the Wild gets her face ripped apart by dogs, then after they knock her down, they surround her and eat her alive.
  • In the novels "In Death Ground" and "The Shiva Option" by David Weber and Steve White, the invading insect-like aliens eat sentient populations that they conquer. They prefer their prey alive and roughly child-sized. They even go so far as to raise sentients on ranches in a manner similar to how humans raise cattle or other livestock. Humanity's reaction to this was understandably severe, taking Ellen Ripley's solution to a whole new level.

Live-Action TV

  • The Muppet Show Kermit, Miss Piggy, Shaky Sanchez, Lenny Lizard, a chef, and Rowlf's little sidekick all get eaten by either Gorgon Heap or Sweetums.
  • In the original Batman series, Robin gets eaten by a giant clam and continues to wiggle around in it in the resolution to the cliffhanger.
  • In RL Stine’s Goosebumps: The Blob That Ate Everyone, the jerk Adam gets eaten by, well, the blob; that ate everyone. Duh.
  • In one episode of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Finster slipped Kimberly and Billy a potion that made them misbehave and thanks to them the others all got eaten by an overgrown frog. Fortunately Kimberly and Billy snap out of it and save the others (but before that, Billy gets eaten alive first after figuring out their weakness).
    • This is taken straight from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, in the infamous 'Dan and Mei turn into punks'. And likewise, the rest of the Zyurangers get eaten, Dan figure out weakness, get eaten, and Mei solves the rest.
  • In Wizards of Waverly Place, a jealous Mason eats Dean and Max shrinks him down to mini wheat size.
  • The common fate of those taken alive by the Reavers in the Firefly universe.
  • Happens a lot in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • As in the book, in the first episode of Animorphs, Visser 3 morphs something huge and eats Elfangor alive. However, it's in silhouette and the shot cuts away the moment it happens, likely due to censorship.
  • In Charmed, the Charmed ones are living through fairy tales due to the balance being destroyed, and the big bad wolf eats their grandma and Piper.
  • Masashi Sudou/Kamen Rider Scissors meets his end in this way when he is betrayed by his Contract Monster, Volcancer. Considering that this was a Sunday-morning TV show, it's easily one of the most traumatizing deaths in the entire franchise.
  • Happens a lot in Doctor Who.
  • In the Star Trek: Voyager episode Basics, part 2, Hogan was killed at the mouth of a cave where a giant snakeasaurus lived in a lightning-quick discretion shot. Later, more of the Voyager crew were attempting to sneak across a cavern where the snakeasuraus slept in a pit. It didn't work. A nameless crewman slipped, awoke the beast, and got Swallowed Whole just like Hogan.
  • In the ending of the Vietnam arc in NCIS: Los Angeles, this is heavily implied to be Henrietta Lang's captor, Dang's fate upon being imprisoned, which was to be devoured by a tiger. Bonus points for it being the exact same tiger that he often used to dispose of unwanted sales.

Video Games

  • In Lego Star Wars II and The Complete Saga, you can call down a LEGO Gammorean guard which gets eaten by the LEGO Rancor after it chases the guard for a little.
  • In Star Wars Battlefront you can go to Jabba’s Palace and if you approach the great Hutt you get sent down the infamous trapdoor and there is the Rancor. If you get too close it will pick you up and eat you.
    • In the sequel you can get eaten by a Rancor as well.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: In story mode Shaak Ti willingly throws herself in the Sarlaac pit of Felucia.
    • In two player mode you can play on Felucia and throw your opponent into the Sarlaac pit.
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II: In Story Mode a Rancor gets eaten by a beast bigger than it and the evil general guy gets eaten by it as well. Now that’s what I call irony
    • In two player mode you can play in the arena and if you stand in the middle too long the beast eats your character.
  • In Zoo Tycoon (if you have the Marine Mania or Dinosaur Digs expansion pack) you can put guests in with the sharks or the T-Rexes, where they will be eaten. Sometimes the T-Rexes escape and eat guests as well, but only the male guests. Also, if dinosaurs or any big cat of any kind escape, they eat their zookeepers and scientists.
  • In SpongeBob SquarePants and the Creature from the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob gets eaten by a giant Alaskan Bullworm.
  • Prototype: the fate of Alex Mercer's victims. Unusual in that he doesn't chew or swallow, simply engulfs his prey in his own mass, absorbing them whole (and yes, it's painful, judging by the screaming). It's noted explicitly that he paralyses first, breaking their necks or spines, but death is an optional and undesirable extra. The larger infected sometimes do it as well; the introduction of the Hunters features one snapping up and chowing down on a screaming Marine.
  • This happens to almost every slain enemy in Digital Devil Saga. What did you think fueled those nifty demon powers?
  • This'll happen to either of the main characters in Dino Crisis 2 if they're caught stunned on the ground by the Giganotosaurus during their fight with it. It picks them up and chows down on them, with the game flashing to Game Over on the first bone-crushing bite.
  • Failing the quick time event against the T-Rex in Tomb Raider Anniversary results in Lara being flung up into the air by the dinosaur and then being swallowed alive on the way down.
  • Dark Souls has several enemies that can do this to you For Massive Damage. Most horrify is the Gaping Dragon.

Web Original

  • Part of the backstory of Helen Goodkind, mother of Phase, in the Whateley Universe. As a small child, she was kidnapped by two mutants. One ate her sister alive in front of Helen, piece by piece. Helen spent years in an institution afterward, and now hates and fears mutants.

Western Animation

  • The fact that Unicron does this to your entire planet and every man woman and child living on it is what makes him so fucking scary.
  • In Adventures from the Book of Virtues, they showed the story of Odysseus and the cat that ate too much and ate all his neighbors.
  • In Arthur they do this a lot: the first time Buster wrote a comic making fun of Francine in which she was a giant slime the ate Mr. Ratburn and Bionic Bunny. D.W. told Arthur and Buster the story of (Odysseus) and during one part of it the Cyclops (Buster) ate Tommy and Timmy. In another episode where all the gang was dared to skip school Arthur and Buster had a dream that they got eaten by a giant clam and were getting digested! It is suggested that that happens to Dark Bunny in a special episode (just like Robin in the Batman episode The Joker‘s Tricky Hand).
    • In Rhyme For Your Life, Dr. Rhyminstein gets eaten by the Purple Orange.
  • In one Batman: The Animated Series episode, Robin meets a girl running from Clay Face who eats her later on in the episode. This of course ticks Robin off and he tries to kill Clay Face when he says he can’t bring her back.
  • In Redwall, Asmodeus eats a fox, a vole, and a rat. In the season finale the badger gets PO’d at a rat and eats him.
  • In a SpongeBob SquarePants episode, Plankton is eaten on many occasions by Miss Priss and a reoccurring old man extra (In all 3 occasions he is disguised as Krusty Krab merchandise. I.e. Krabby Patty, in a ketchup bottle, and a soda.)
    • In SpongeBob SquarePants Frozen Face Off Krabs reveals he was once eaten by the huge squid-like monster and in the end Plankton gets eaten by the monster getting mistaken for a Jellybean.
    • In one episode a bunch of giant sea whelks came and ate everyone in town.
  • In one the Powerpuff Girls The professor invented a thing called Beebo that ate everyone because it thought it had too.
  • In one Winx Club episode Musa got knocked out and eaten by a giant turtle however, they managed to save her fortunately.
  • In a Courage the Cowardly Dog Eustace gets eaten by a dragon that wasn't meant to eat him, in which later the water dragon lets him out. Later in the episode a real man-eating dragon eats him and then... the end.
  • In Regular Show a demon-thing named Susan got eaten by a bigger demon-thing that looked like her.
    • In one episode, ‘Ello Gov’nor, they watch a movie about a taxi cab that gets possessed by it’s old driver and kills everyone who was involved with someone that killed him and then eats a man who was just walking his dog after running him over.
  • In G.I. Joe: Renegades, Cobra Commander’s new pet eats a scientist that lies to the commander’s face.
  • In one episode of Amimaria the gang travels back in time to where the frogs were gigantic! So big they could swallow a gorilla whole (whoa)! The gang then encounters a gaggle of giagantic frogs who subsequently eat them. Fortunately Gabooboo gather enough courage to fight the frogs and force them to spit them out Just in Time.
  • In one episode of Sabrina's Secret Life Sabrina went to a Halloween Party with the Gargoyle Flu and spreads it to the rest of the guests. When Sabrina and Salem go to the magic world they encounter a ghost that was at the party and is completely paranoid. When trying to avoid Sabrina and Salem it bumps into a goblin that Sabrian danced with the other night. The Ghost begs for forgiveness but the goblin replies: "Forgive you?! I'm going to eat you!" The gobling grows in size and fulfills his threat. The goblin then threatens to eat Sabrina and Salem but however turns into a doll before he can.
  • A very cruel example of this happens in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends when Terrance imagines a living (and very loving) Pizza-slice, then proceeds to eat it as it screams in agony.
  • This is what Nightmare Moon from My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic is said to do if not appeased on Nightmare Night, according to legend.

Real Life

  • All too common in nature, whenever a famished predator is sufficiently formidable that it doesn't need to kill its prey to halt its struggling first. Lions, wolves, African wild dogs, cheetahs, snakes, hyenas, fish, lizards, turtles, dogs, leopards, eagles, baboons, vultures, bears, dholes, pelicans and probably more have been caught doing this.
  • The kea, a giant parrot from New Zealand, will cling to a living sheep's back and take bites out of it.
  • Army ants. They tear things apart, bit by bit, and their victim is alive throughout.
  • Sharks and piranha are famous for doing this.
  • Especially common in the world of insects. They eat each other alive. Especially certain parasitic insect larvae. legend.
    • There's a type of moth that if food is in great abundance while it's in caterpillar stage the eggs in the females will germinate and hatch while still inside her. The new larva will then proceed to devour their parent from within before bursting out to start the process all over.
  • Some people get lizards just to watch crickets get eaten.
  • There is a video on youtube of a cow of all things eating a baby chick alive. There's also one of a deer eating a bird. Apparently this is not as unusual as it sounds, at least for the deer.
  • Swallowing live prey is more common in nature than you might think. All amphibians and most fish swallow all their prey alive, and a good number of reptiles and birds will at least do this to small prey. And of course there's anything that eats ants or krill/plankton which simply gulp their prey down by the dozens, if not hundreds.
  1. if massive posts in this site's and other anime site's forum is anything to go by