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Elemental Gelade (called Erementar Gerad by some, including the US copyright holder) is a manga and an anime series which ran in Japan in 2005.

The main premise of the series consisted of the idea that there are three type of humans: normal humans, Eden/Edil/Adil/Edel Raids (magical beings which can turn into weapons) and anime only Sting Raids (artificially created Eden Raids, which aren't nearly as powerful as they are). The series focused on their relationships toward other groups and themselves. Humans who pact with an Edel Raid to use the latter as a weapon are called Pledgers.

The series followed the adventures of Coud van Giruet (a brash, and adventurous young sky pirate who now has become Ren's pledger), Reverie Metherlence, known as Ren (a girl who is really the legendary Shichikouhouju), Rowen (an elite member of the Arc Aile military, and pledger to Kuea), Kullweet Envatilia, better known as Kuea (an adilraid with an army's appetite), and finally Cisqua (a small but very obsessive soldier girl who refused to pledge to an Edel Raid), in their quest to find the Edel Garden, where all Edel Raids are born.

There's also a Spinoff manga "Flag of Blue Sky" which takes place in a different place and/or a different time, where the kingdome of Fuajarl is attacked by Edel Garden itself, and the princess Achea is exiled with Jean (real name Jelio Velsown), the royal Edel Raid. The fans call them Red and Blue Elemental Gerade respectively, after the color of the manga's cover.

See also Soul Eater for a similar concept, liberally mixed with the quirky Gothic sensibilities of Tim Burton.

Tropes used in Elemental Gelade include:

The anime contains examples of:

  1. Lies. there's no such thing as "enough firepower"