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Elf 6018.jpg

A 2003 Christmas film directed by Jon Favreau and starring Will Ferrell. Ferrell stars as Buddy, a human who is raised by Santa Claus (Ed Asner) and the elves at the North Pole after accidentally crawling into Santa's sack. Realizing that he is not competent as an elf and discovering his true lineage, he decides to head to New York City, where he meets his deadbeat corporate father, Walter (James Caan). His father initially doesn't believe he is his son, but is introduced to his family, who is won over by his innocent charm. Buddy's adventures in the city include an encounter with a fake Santa at Gimbel's and falling in love for the first time with an employee dressed as an elf (Zooey Deschanel). His own father begins to warm up to him but yells at him after Buddy screws up a deal with a famous children's book author. Buddy runs away, feeling he never belonged in New York.

Santa's sleigh then crashes in Central Park, where the big man himself tells Buddy that a lack of Christmas spirit has caused the engines to fail. Now it's up to Buddy to repair the sleigh and get everyone to believe in Santa before Christmas is ruined. Manages to be a funny, charming and (mostly) family-safe Christmas movie.


  • Adult Child: Buddy.
  • Advertised Extra: The actors at the And Starring segment of the opening credits:
    • Despite being a major character, Ed Asner's character, Santa Claus, has a few brief appearances at the beginning of the movie and does not appear after that until the climax of the movie has his Big Damn Hero moment while saving Buddy (not counting the times he's mentioned in Buddy's journey). He sends one of his elves to impersonate him at Gimbel's in which Buddy realizes he's a fake.
    • Bob Newhart appears as Buddy's Mentor before his journey to the NYC, making him a minor character. He does not show up after Buddy leaves the North Pole until the end of the movie where he narrates.
  • And Starring: "with Edward Asner and Bob Newhart".
  • Attention Deficit Ooh Shiny
  • Berserk Button: Call Miles Finch an elf, one...more..time.
  • Big Applesauce: Buddy goes to NYC. The network that catches Buddy on camera is real.
  • Big Bad: Walter Hobbs, who is the deuteragonist, despite being mean in front of Buddy until his Heel Face Turn. He tricks Buddy into taking him to work and forces him to hide his elf identity, making him the Dragon-in-Chief of the movie.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Fulton Greenway, who has less screen time than Walter, in which the film makes Greenway Walter's top henchman.
  • Big No: Buddy's reaction to finding that his father is on the naughty list.
  • Big Yes: Miles Finch lets one fly while discussing ideas for his next book.
  • Brick Joke: One of the jack-in-the-boxes that Buddy had been in charge of testing makes a surprise reappearance late in the film.
  • Buffy-Speak: Buddy, after seeing a lady at his father's workplace: "That's a nice, purple dress. It's very purple-y."
  • Casting Gag: Edward Asner as Santa Claus, a role he's voiced in numerous other productions.
  • The Cameo: Artie Lange briefly appears in Santa's workshop during the prolouge and is sent by Santa to become him at Gimbles.
  • The Cast Showoff: Zooey Deschanel, the "She" of musical duo She & Him, gets to show off her chops.
  • Christmas Elves: Duh.
  • Clap Your Hands If You Believe: People's belief in Santa is what powers his sleigh.
    • Recently, Christmas spirit hasn't been enough, so he adds a jet engine.
  • Corrupt Corporate Executive: Walter and most of his staff.
    • Well, they're not really that corrupt. It's just that they tend to be cotton-headed ninny muggins.
    • Such as shipping an order of books with the pages out of order. No wonder the company is failing.
  • Crazy Consumption: In one memorable scene, Buddy eats a plate of spaghetti topped with maple syrup, several fistfuls of candy, and a crumbled Pop-Tart.
  • Creator Cameo: Jon Favreau appears as both the doctor Buddy visits and as the voice of Mr. Narwhal.
  • Defrosting Ice King: Walter softens up considerably towards the end of the movie.
  • Expy: See "Snowlems" below.
  • Fish Out of Water: The man-child-ish Buddy in his elf outfit.
  • Gasshole: Buddy swigs a 2-liter of Coca-Cola in one gulp and then lets out a very loud burp (provided by Maurice LaMarche).
  • The Grinch: Walter is sort of a mild one.
  • Historical In-Joke: A Macy's store is used as a stand-in for Gimbels. In reality, Macy's bought out the Gimbels chain in 1986.
  • Homage Shot: Like George Bailey from Its a Wonderful Life, Buddy finds himself standing on the edge of a bridge one night, suffering feelings of worthlessness, until he notices a falling ethereal being in need of his rescue.
  • I Should Write a Book About This: Buddy writes a children's book about his adventure as the first book released through Walter's new publishing company.
  • Keet: Buddy, to an extent.
  • Interspecies Adoption: A human raised by Christmas elves? Stranger things have happened.
  • Mall Santa: Department store Santa, actually. Buddy is not fooled:

 Buddy: You smell like beef and cheese. You don't smell like Santa.


  But the children love the books!


  Buddy: We elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corns and syrup.

    • It appears that the North Pole is an almost literal Sugar Bowl.
  • Unusual Euphemism: At one point Buddy berates himself as a "cotton-headed ninnymuggins". Later on, he exclaims "Son of a nutcracker!" after being hit with a snowball.