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File:Elizabeth-taylor 6952.jpg

Dame Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011) was an actress, one of most beautiful women in the world according to many, and a living legend, one of the last remaining stars of the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood.

She started as a child actress in the 1940s, and become famous with movies like Lassie Come Home, National Velvet and Little Women. She made a successful transition to adult roles in Father of the Bride and A Place In The Sun. After a series of somewhat forgettable films, she appeared in Giant along with James Dean, then was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actress four consecutive times for Raintree County, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Suddenly, Last Summer and B Utterfield 8. She won for the last one, which was widely seen as a Consolation Award.

In 1963, she appeared in the big-budget historical epic Cleopatra, for which she recieved a record-breaking $1 million. During production, she started a relationship with her co-star Richard Burton, which caused a huge scandal, since they were both married at the time. Cleopatra went way over budget, and became the most expensive film ever; despite being the highest-grossing movie in 1963, it still was considered a failure.

Taylor and Burton got married in 1964, and made several movies together. The most famous is Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, for which Taylor won her second Oscar. Her performance in the film is widely regarded as the best of her career. In 1967, she and Burton starred in a film adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew. This was her last really memorable role. She and Burton divorced in 1974, remarried in 1975, and divorced again in 1976.

From the '80s, she devoted much time to AIDS-related charities, after her friend and co-star, Rock Hudson died of the disease.

Her personal life attracted much attention. Apart from her marriages to Burton, she was married six another times to hotel heir Conrad "Nicky" Hilton (1950-1951), actor Michael Wilding (1952-1957), producer Mike Todd (1957-1958, he died in a plane crash), singer Eddie Fisher (1959-1964 - for added bonus, he was previously married to Debbie Reynolds), U.S. Senator John Warner (1976-1982) and construction worker Larry Fortensky (1991-1996).

She was a close friend of the late Michael Jackson (who toyed with the idea of marrying her as well!).

She died on 23 March, 2011 from congestive heart failure.

This actress provided examples of: