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 Delaine: Apparently your little trip didn't go exactly as planned. Wait, for that you'd actually need a plan.

Kyran: So...that means I could consider it a success.


Emergency Exit (first strip) is the primary webcomic of NJ Huff. Initially a very random gag comic, it successfully pulled a half-Cerebus to become a story and humor comic. Basically, it's about the residents of an apartment building guarding a portal to other worlds, with lots of general weirdness and even downright absurdity.

As the dramatic narrative elements have matured, so has the art style. In August, 2009 the artist replaced the first 12 pages with a new intro storyline to help new readers adapt to this. One of the biggest influences in its evolution seems to be the massive crossover with Ben Fleuter's somber Parallel Dementia from 2006-12-25 to 2007-06-14 seemed to bring out the best in both webcomickers.

The comic went on a two-month long hiatus before starting a semi-reboot on July 1st, 2011, the comic's eighth birthday. The artist said that she was sick of the confusing continuity of the old comics, and wanted to start looking at doing something more serious with the comic.

Be warned / encouraged, it has Loads and Loads of Characters.Here are the main protagonists, who all live in the same apartment building:

  • Bob McKile is just your average, ordinary, orange-haired Celibate Hero with a Super-Powered Evil Side.
  • Eddie is a tall Cloudcuckoolander with a Hyperspace Mallet. He's also a Mad Scientist with a lab and everything — for example, he can make a "coolness enhancer" that actually works, just like that — but that doesn't really apply outside of his lab, so he's rarely The Smart Guy.
  • Saya Caelan is a purple-haired Deadpan Snarker and Badass Normal.
  • Karl Tameron is a green-haired gamer geek and techie who controls their most important Applied Phlebotinum.
  • Sal Declan is Bob's cousin and an orange-haired witch.
  • Fred is a light brown cat. Excellent gamer and one of the smartest people in the building, but only Karl can understand her, even when Sal turns her into a Catgirl. Team Pet.
  • Jason Saskia is a late addition with black hair. Ex-circus. Kind of gay (although he did say he was "open to either"), with an obvious crush on Karl. Originally a Drop in Character, but has come into the main cast.

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