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File:3917 400x600.jpg

Iron Man has HAD IT with you people.

Empire is a comic book by Mark Waid and Barry Kitson about. . . well, Exactly What It Says on the Tin. A totalitarian Empire has conquered most of the world, led by the power-armored super-scientist Golgoth. The world's greatest superheroes are all dead, and the last bastions of freedom are cut off, outmatched, and being overrun. Nothing can stop Golgoth's drive for total world domination.

Or can it? The Empire, while mighty, is not without its own problems. The bevy of psychopaths that make up the government's elite are constantly scheming to advance their causes over their fellows', and occasionally over their leader. Golgoth himself, meanwhile, has a weakness that his enemies are trying to exploit.

Empire is one of the few comics (one of the fewer not written by Alan Moore) to do Darker and Edgier right. The art is immersive and the story, though grim, is a very competent look into how a world ruled by super-villains would actually work. The first two issues were published in 2000 by Gorilla Comics, a flash-in-the-pan publisher whose only product of any note was Empire. After Gorilla folded, the series was picked up (in 2003) and completed by DC Comics, although the events and characters in it are distinctly separate from the main DCU.

Unrelated to Orson Scott Card's Empire (see Literature).

This comic contains examples of:


 Lucullan: I failed you, and am cognizant of the causatum. . . the res-- resid-- residuum. . .


Lucullan: I know the consequences.


 Golgoth: Is that all?

Lucullan: For now.

Golgoth: Then come along Delfi.

Lucullan: Oh dear God.

Golgoth: You may call me Golgoth.