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  • There's usually a Crowning Moment of Awesome at the end of each volume. Emp rescuing ThugBoy, Emp rescuing Ninjette, Emp defeating dWARf! and Emp defeating Deathmonger, and single-handedly rescuing everyone else he had captured.
  • Emp finally manages to take down a super-villain on her own... using nothing but a torn-off scrap of her ultra-clingy super-suit.
  • Not to mention in Volume 3, when Emp saves Ninjette- Ninjette people, the woman who had just single-handedly dropped several powerful ninja while dosed up with sleeping poison- by dropping out of nowhere and blasting them to kingdom come with an insanely powerful blast.
      • Speaking of said sleeping poison, let's not forget Ninjette slaughtering a small army of ninja assassins after being dosed with it and in steadily increasing states of tied up.
  • And in Volume 4, she gets not one, but * three* such moments in the last story. First, she rallies the few people there still capable of fighting to defend the depowered supers. Then, she beats down the traitorous dWARF/Fleshmaster - using a glorious bit of I Am Not Left-Handed in the process, asserting her nature with a Shut UP, Hannibal/You Suck speech in the process, and finally says that when and if she wins an award, it's going to be a genuine one. All of this despite knowing that she'd been set up for a Carrie-at-the-prom prank.

 Empowered: I do this stupid job because I'm fucking Driven to do it!

Empowered: Unlike You, I do this stupid, Stupid job because--

Empowered: Because... This... Is... What... I... AM!!!

  • Volume 6. Deathmonger. Three words: "Mong this, motherfucker."
    • "Fehh yourself, asshole," was a perfect send-off for that monster.
    • This particular achievement needs to be enshrined in its proper context: when one of the most feared heavy-hitter supervillains in the world raids the Superhomies crib and kidnaps a bunch of the superdead, Emp rallies the survivors (Maidman and Rubbernecker), shakes Sistah Spooky out of her BSOD to track down Deathmonger's hideout while she single-handedly deduces how Deathmonger found out about Phallik's revival so quickly and threatens his mole into helping lure Deathmonger out of his hideout. She formulates the plan to have Ninjette distract Deathmonger and she leads the assault into his base to rescue the superdead. When Deathmonger returns too early she fights well in the ensuing battle and eventually deals the decisive blow to him herself, before escaping with not only her friends and the superdead she came to rescue, but several other superdead (we at least see her rescuing Strapping Buck and Gooey Samaritan), leaving Deathmonger to be Hoist by His Own Petard. Planning and carrying out the operation to rescue not only the kidnap victims but also a number of other prisoners while taking out one of the biggest villains in the business at the same time? That'd be a good day's work for Superman!