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A film adaptation of Eragon made in 2006.

The movie uses the following tropes:

  • Mythology Gag: The map of Alagaesia in Galbatorix's throne room is the exact same one included in the books.
    • The Invocation for Durza's giant shadow-monster at the climax sounded suspiciously like 'Lethrblaka'. In the books, Lethrblaka are the adult forms of the Ra'zac.
  • Plot-Relevant Age-Up: Inexplicably, Saphira
  • Pursued Protagonist: How Eragon gets the egg.
  • Oh Crap: When Sloan learns that Eragon got the "stone" (actually a Dragon Egg), he briefly expresses a shocked expression and hurriedly gives back the stone to Eragon, denies its sale, and states he shouldn't have brought it here. It's implied that he's well aware of the stone's true origin, as well as the potential consequences of it arriving in the village.
  • Orcus on His Throne: It says a lot about Galbatorix that his appearance in this film is actually an addition to his appearances in the books.
  • Shout-Out: Brom's "I've seen things you can't image" line is a shout-out to Blade Runner, according to the director.
  • Stillborn Franchise: The movie was a critical failure and a financial disappointment. It also made it impossible to create a film of the second book due to discontinuity created by the first film, not to mention the number of ignored characters that would need to be introduced.
  • The Stool Pigeon: Like in the book, Sloan the butchershop owner ends up squealing to the Razac about Eragon's possession of the egg. Unlike the book, however, the reason he did so was heavily implied to be under the Lacerated Larry type (ie, he was tortured into giving the information).
  • Third Person Person: Angela.
  • Vertigo Effect: Used in a shot right before Brom examines Saphira and Saphira agrees "he does know a bit about dragons". The director refers to it as "an homage to the shot in Jaws".