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Evil Diva is a webcomic by Peter Menotti and Joe Cashman - drawn by Cassandra Wedeking and inked by Severin Piehl. It's set in a modern world where angels and demons go to school and work together. Starring the titular Diva Beelze, an average 12-year-old girl who although being a devil, can only find herself doing good things for others.

And then things get complicated wacky when she gets Magical Girl powers. Things get complicated a few chapters later when the way she uses those powers catches up with her. And indeed, there's more to said powers than she assumed at first...

Or this was the initial plot of the comic. After losing a staff member on the production team, there has since been a Time Skip. The comic is now about a fifteen year-old girl in a new setting. The comic, which was previously light-hearted, is now about the Serious Business of being a Superhero in issue seven, complicated teen romance in issue nine, and tricky personal introductions in issue ten. Officially, the comic is about fighting crime with the power of balance.

Not to be confused with the trope Evil Diva.

Tropes used in Evil Diva (webcomic) include:
  • Action Mom: Michelle's mom.
  • All Just a Dream
  • Alpha Bitch: Angela.
  • Alternate Universe: When the comic first entered the Time Skip, it did so while simultaneously entering an Alternate Universe. The comic skipped ahead three years to a place where the entire social dynamic of the world was reversed. It proved as confusing to Diva as it may have been to some readers. Ultimately, Diva discovers the new world is programmed to love anything she does, but the cost is that Diva's mother is no longer good at her job, and Diva's petty rival, Angela, is now modestly happy. Diva rights the wrong by mercilessly beating Angela until the universe changes back again.
  • Amoral Attorney
  • Archangel Michael
  • Art Evolution: Very notable through Brinson's run. Compare the first pages of Issue One with the first pages of Issue Six. All of those pages and all the ones intervening were drawn by Brinson, and they are VERY different from beginning to end (for example, Gabriel and Angela always had pointy noses, but somehow by the end of Brinson's run they became enormous).
  • Art Shift: Although Hollywooodartchick and Cassandra and Severin worked hard to emulate Brinson's art style, the results were mixed at best. Now that a new issue has started, they've given up all pretense. Note that the significantly different art is not necessarily bad; rather, the new art is less simplistic and cartoony, which is convenient given that it marks a reversal of the comic's former whimsy.
  • Attempted Rape: Diva's sister Tia introduces her to an older guy friend named Tommy at a party. After leaving them alone together for seven brief panels, during which Diva explains she is underage, Tommy decides he may as well rape Diva right there in front of everybody. Diva is forced to break free on her own, as the rest of the party goers are too busy eating pancakes to help.
  • Badass Normal: Virgil during Really Old Man Adventures: Loki
  • Bad Is Good and Good Is Bad: Diva is treated as weird for being a devil and good at times.
  • Bad Liar: Diva. So, so much.
  • Balance Between Good and Evil/Order And Chaos: Except the emphasis is more on the "balance" part. When Virgil has control of the staff, he specifically seeks out a Trickster Archetype to complement his Lawful with Chaos.
  • Beauty Equals Goodness: Often averted. Prettiness can be good, neutral, or even evil.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: This occurs once in issue seven, where Diva and Angela accidentally wish themselves into an Alternate Universe. It happens again in issue ten, when Diva wishes she could see her sister, Tia, and she is teleported to a college campus that is actually a horrible, pancake-filled nest of derranged, stinging, half-naked, sex hornets that laugh at the idea of being imprisoned for statutory rape.
  • Bedsheet Ladder
  • Bishounen: Loki's got the nickname "Hypno Bishie" among fans.
  • Blackmail
  • Broken Base: This occured when the comic first changed artist, tone, and timeline. Some accepted the new turn, others complained. The division widened when the main protagonist was teleported directly into the clutches of a compulsive rapist named Tommy. Apparently, some fans will turn on a comic when the writer repeatedly puts a naive little girl in sexual situations and finally assaults her with an older man. Who knew?
    • This really was not helped by the writer's extended Dear Negative Reader to all the fans who complained about the new storyline in addition to a new schedule that depended on donations.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Although it still retains a bit of light-hearted comedy, things became notably more serious after Angela's trial. Prior to the Time Skip, the comic author suggested killing off Diva's rival, Angela, but the decision was turned after meeting overwhelming fan resistance. After the Time Skip, the plot takes a seriously sharp turn in this direction by addressing topics such as Attempted Rape.
  • Character Alignment
  • Complete Monster: In-universe, Satan's living furniture.

 Diva: But...he's a person.

Satan: You wouldn't say that if you knew what he did to get here.