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My God, the series is bursting with these moments.

  • Natsu - This is actually better in context. Natsu is seriously freaked out by the Bizarro Universe and turns to Gray for what he hopes is the multiversal constant.

 Natsu: Take off your clothes, Gray.


  Lucy: You look amazing even when you're naked!

    • In Chapter 236, Erza was worried about Lucy seeing her in the seduction armor she recently bought so she decided not to use it.
    • Lucy x Levy - The main source of Les Yay. Especially in the anime where they are very touchy-feely.

  Levy: * About Lucy's novel* "Let me see it, please, please! Of course, I'm not talking about your butt... Thought I wouldn't really mind..."

    • Lucy x Juvia - Tower of Paradise arc. Lucy and Juvia were able to use the powerful spell Unison Raid, which requires the partner's hearts to be in perfect synch, on their first try. Jellal noted that some couples could work together for years and never be able to do it. After the spell, they fall asleep in each other's arms.
    • Lucy x Aquarius - In S&M, Lucy would be the slave.
    • Lucy x Virgo - In S&M, Lucy would be the mistress. And Virgo changes Lucy's clothes for her, once while Lucy was asleep.
      • Corollary to the point above: It's also worth elaborating that said spirit assumes a form and personality that reflects what its current summoner desires. Its last owner had weird tastes so it was an aggressive gorilla like Gonk. For Lucy it's a submissive, masochistic and highly attractive Emotionless Girl.
    • Lucy x Gemini cloning Lucy - here.
    • Lucy x Every last girl in Fairy Tail? - Lucy is the one peeping.
    • Lucy x Old Matron Hilda - ...Yuuuup...
    • Lucy x Edolas version of Lucy -...What? Wasn't it obvious?
    • Lucy x Coco - And now this.
    • Lucy x Cana - And the end result: Lucy is so inured to all the Ho Yay, she freely steps into a one-person bathtub with Cana. It gets more blatant later.
    • Lucy x Flare − a more creepy variant: The first thing Flare thinks about when she has Lucy at her mercy is stripping her naked. This is obviously not Played for Laughs this time.
  • Ultear x Meredy - Chapter 250, how dramatic.
  • Juvia x Meredy - Chapter 263, seen here. Juvia calls Meredy beautiful.
  • Mirajane x Jenny - Chapter 279, Mira looks forward to seeing Jenny naked.
  • Rogue x Gajeel - Chapter 273. "My only interest," you said?
  • Sting x Natsu - Sting decides that he doesn't care about anything in the tournament that doesn't involve Natsu.
  • Erza herself, along with her Single-Target Sexuality towards Gerard, has some lesbian tendencies, often commenting on Lucy's looks and in the anime going as far as having a doki-doki moment over her sexy lingerie.