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Thelma Griffin's (Peter's mom) maiden name is actually Griffin.

Therefore all of the ancestors that Peter talks about who all inexplicably look exactly like him are Thelma's ancestors, not Francis's. This would explain the family resemblance. This troper's maternal grandparents both have the same last name of Martin (grandmother from North Carolina, grandfather from Ohio), so why couldn't Thelma and Francis have had the same last name as well? It's improbable, but definitely not impossible.

  • I personally assumed Thelma and Francis were related, like second cousins or something.

Lois' brother Patrick is going to appear in a future episode.

  • Peter and Chris are going to a fat camp in an episode this season, and the episode description mentions a serial killer who targets fat kids.
  • Oh so Confirmed. He appears in the episode where Stewie is afraid of a Queen cover.

When the whole evil clone appeared

  • Brian actually killed the good/normal Stewie and allowed the evil clone to live. The whole looking at your feet, Stewie may have gotten over it and the evil one retained that trait to laugh at it. Or, they both didn't care, but the evil one laughed to fool Brian into killing the real Stewie, and the evil clone will act "normal" until the series finale.

Seth MacFarlane reads TV tropes.

If you think about it, some of the complaints the show responds to are right here on this website.

    • If that's the case, Hi Seth!
    • If it's any consalation I like season 8

The episode "Brian & Stewie" was Seth McFarlane's cry for help

In the episode Brian say's that he has considered suicide and even goes as far as keeping a gun in a safety deposit box to kill himself if things ever got to bad also with this consider all the hatred Brian's character has gotten. Now consider that Brian has always been a Author Avatar for Seth McFarlane and this seems to get rather dark. During this time his mother was suffering from a long battle with cancer this combined with only accidentally surviving the 9/11 bombings may show that Seth is actually in a deep repressed depression which could connote suicidal thoughts

    • I mean just look at this quote from an interview with TV Shows On and tell me it doesn't show repression

"The only reason it hasn't really affected me as it maybe could have is I didn't really know that I was in any danger until after it was over, so I never had that panic moment. After the fact, it was sobering, but people have a lot of close calls; you're crossing the street and you almost get hit by a car... this one just happened to be related to something massive. I really can't let it affect me because I'm a comedy writer. I have to put that in the back of my head."

The recent political episodes are stealthily attacking atheists

Think about it. Brian is constantly taking closed-minded atheism Up to Eleven attacking and mocking any form of religious beliefs with blatant and admitted hatred. Ordinarily, this would be nothing more than a show famous for making rape jokes trying to make a serious political message, but God and Jesus are both characters in the show. Brian, the Straw Atheist, is stubbornly denying something that's right in front of his eyes. The show has actually been mocking atheism all along.

    • It really has. I'm an atheist myself but I always found it hard to believe that atheism even exists in whatever universe this takes place in. After all, Brian states that God is pissed when Peter pretends to be Him, so Brian being an atheist in later episodes was, as you said, a way to put in some stealthy insults.
    • The arguments and jokes that Brian makes are also extremely weak, especially to somebody who studies aplogetics like myself.

The writers are using Brian to make fun of Seth.

MacFarlane himself doesn't seem to be responsible for Brian's status as perceived Author Avatar. Rather, the other writers are just using him as a medium for for taking shots at him. Or hell, they could be doing this even if Seth IS responsible for it.

  • Incidentally, Chris, Meg, and Lois ridicules Seth in "It's A Trap!", while Peter, Stewie, and Brian defended him.

Peter is a wizard/God.

The world seems to bend to Peter's will, and he and others he likes to have close to him suffer no consequences for their actions. He is immortal, which could explain how he exists in just about every time period, and he can reset continuity at any time(such as grievous injuries or deaths that he suffers). Or it's all just a giant joke on the part of the writers.

The Griffons are cursed

Somehow, the whole family has been cursed. Peter gets dumber, Megs gets uglier (or rather, she's cursed to be perceived as ugly) and Stewie gets...gayer. My guess is that its some sort of reality-warping machine Stewie made to take over the world, but its going out of control.

Connie D'Mico sees Meg as a threat to her popularity

You would think on why Connie would be so mean to Meg, as if to keep her in her place, as she is really quite beautiful especially if Meg got rid of the hat and glasses.

Peter used a Death Note in "Peter, Peter, Caviar Eater" to kill Aunt Maguarite

A sudden heart attack and Peter dropping the "Careful what you wish for" line? He obviously did it.

  • It would be an inside joke, but Seth probobly doesn't know that much anime
    • You never know...
    • That and the episode came out four years before Death Note.
    • Time travel. It explains EVERYTHING.
    • Win!

Lois gets money from her father, Mr Pewterschmidt, to offset the financial crunches of Peter's schemes

Because the Hinden-Peter, the Peter-Copter, and various other schemes of his probably drained the Griffin family savings long ago. And because Carter would use the opportunity to rub it in Lois's face.

Stewie is Light Yagami

Taking the above Death Note guess as truth, Stewie steals the Death Note from Peter. He doesn't use it at first; either he cannot yet read and write, or he knows that, as a baby, he could get away with killing people without the note and not get caught. Sometime after the series ends, he kills his entire family with the Death Note and then passes the death note around enough to lose his memory of the killings. Before the amnesia, he arranges with a Shinigami, probably Ryuk, to drop the note in a certain place in the future. He then uses the time machine he invented to go back in time to Japan in the mid-1980s, where he is adopted by the Yagami family. A few years down the line, a teenage Stewie picks up the Death Note with no memory of his life with the Griffins and uses it to try to conquer the world.

  • We can't say he forgot everything. He obviously remembers his plans for world domination and uses his ploy of becoming a god to help him conquer the world.
    • I don't even thing it's a ploy. Remember "The Big Bang Theory", where it's revealed Stewie is indirectly responsible for the goddamn Big Bang. If this is true, it's no wonder Light Yagami has a god complex.

The entire family was slowly replaced with evil counterparts

Think about it. As the series went on, they all suddenly became bigger and bigger jerks. The only explanation is that the entire cast was replaced with evil duplicates. Now, it's entirely possible that Brian and Meg haven't been replaced, but have just gone mad from the sudden change in their friends and family (Brian not as much so, but to some extent).

The question is why. The answer is, it's to open a gate way to allow the entire evil version of the universe through to our side; in the evil universe, no one gives a crap, and it's even worse then ours! The evil counterparts intend to replace everyone.

Why wasn't Meg replaced? Remember the episode that was a Poltergeist reference? The original Meg is a gate to their world!

They first sent Evil Peter as the scout because Meg must become more and more depressed to allow them all to come through. Thus, Peter was the first to go through huge changes in character!

Stewie was so evil originally that his "evil counterpart" is a good counterpart (more or less).

Any episode where anyone else is kind to Meg is a plot to give her they can destroy it and make her more depressed than ever.

  • Just putting it out there, Stewie's counterpart is not only a tiny bit more on the good side, he's also gay.
    • The changes aren't real reflection. In optics real reflections aren't just reversed, but upside down as well. These characters are mirrored. Being mirrored, these counter parts rotate around a core axis. Original Stewie' key traits were intelligence, hating Lois and evil master mind (despises the world). The hatred Lois due to him being evil and she's an authority figure. An intelligent, anti-mother character, that is catty towards the world? Camp gay.
  • Remember the old episode with a cutscene showing Lois having to figure out which of two Peters was the real one, and which one was an evil robot? And she shot the real Peter, so she was stuck with the evil robot instead? That must've been a flash-forward, showing what happened in later seasons, right before all the characters started their decline....
  • Is it possible that they were sent 'back' to the wrong universe by Dog!Stewie?
  • Or it's an experiment by Stewie Gone Horribly Wrong. He attempted to make himself more pragmatic and vicious, so taking over the world would be easier. The results...were disasterous. It exaggerated everything bad about the Griffin household, however did the opposite to Stewie. Evil Stewie is the original personality resurfacing.

Incest explains it all

The family is a mess of inbreeding. This is why Peter's ancestors all look the same. There's horrible incest jokes all the time...but to this family, this is normal. All but Stewie have normal shaped heads. And just another one of the kids...but he's furry because of ten generations of a family tree that doesn't fork.

  • Stewie smashed his head against the ceiling, you know.
    • That's their cover-up story.
    • The canon of that cut-scene is debatable, since it directly contradicts every other flashback of Stewie being born.
  • I've had this theory that Francis Griffin and his wife were cousins or second-cousins.
  • Francis isn't Peter's real father. Peter isn't a Griffin by genealogy, so Nate Griffin isn't his actual great-etc.-grandfather, and thus, there's no incest.
    • If that's true then why do they look so much alike?
      • The flashbacks involving any Griffin ancestors were all Peter's imagination. Not exactly being very intelligent, Peter imagines everyone in his ancestors' times as people he knows, or at least resembling them.
        • The image of Nate Griffin was found in a book. He also appears as a ghost, which may or not have been Peter's imagination. But Nate definitely looked like Peter in the historical records.

Michael Moore has become a writer on the show.

Just look at the number of jabs the show's made at conservatives. Also note how the only gag made about Michael Moore is only a long fart joke instead of a jab at his beliefs.

  • And the recent Moore/Rush Limbaugh joke was to throw us off the scent.
  • or maybe Family Guy is a liberal show. Aimed at liberals. I don't see any Conservatives sitting down and laughing to any of the jokes in Family Guy, I just see them complaining about it and trying to get it cancelled. TWICE.
    • My girlfriend and I are conservatives and we love the show.

Brian is/was a human.

Two options:

  1. Brian is a fursuiting midget.
  2. His mind/soul/brain was, though magic or technology, placed into the body of a puppy. His body may or may not still exist.
    • This is quite possible since the same thing happened to a German in another Seth MacFarlane show.

And this is how he can have a 13-year-old human child when he's a 7 year old dog.

  • THOSE ARE DOG YEARS. That is all.
    • Are you implying that Brian's son is aging faster than a normal human, or that seven in dog years is longer than seven actual years?
      • No, (s)he was making a reference to the fact that they lampshaded the age discrepancy in the show and Brian passed it off as, "Those are dog years."
    • Well, like Brian said, if you don't like then why don't you just go complain on the internet. Wait, this is the internet...
  • Going off option 2, it could have been done by the CIA. Brian seems like the type of person that would be on their radar, especially if a certain agent leaped to the wrong conclusions.
  • Or the Griffin's originally had another son who died but Stewie didn't want to loose him so he saved his brain implanted it in a dog and erased all the families memories of their other son.

Brian and his cousin Jasper carry a gene that causes their human qualities

The gene in question must be recessive, since Brian's mother and siblings (see Road to Rhode Island) have dog personality traits.

Seth hates Conway Twitty

Or he hates us by subjecting us to a five minute-long performance.

  • It's simply a parody of Hee Haw. Plus, remember that Seth hasn't written an episode in years.

This show, not SpongeBob SquarePants, is the real life "Wacky Deli". Seth wanted to have the show end with "Lois kills Stewie", but Executives won't let him.

So what does he do? Give a five minute long song (The infamous Conway Twitty), have a lot of "non-jokes" (too many to put here), and finaly, when all else fails, he uses the show to give out his own opinions (420, not all dogs go to heaven). With less and less jokes each episode.

    • Don't compare Family Guy with the GENUS that is Wacky Deli
      • Yeah, don't you dare compare it to a GENUS show like Wacky Deli.

Peter's ancestors look nothing like him or his family.

Peter doesn't have a very good imagination, so instead of coming up with original faces for the characters in these stories, he just puts the faces and characteristics of people he knows.

  • This makes sense, considering Francis Griffin is not his real father. But before that episode even aired, this troper believed Francis hated Peter because he reminds him of his father (one of the creators of "Ephraim, the Retarded Rabbit").
    • In a throw away gag we'll find out Peter's grandfather (his mother's husband)'s first wife ran off to Ireland (pregnant) to escape his stupidity or something.
      • Maybe Peter's biological father is a cousin or even estranged brother of Francis

Meg is going to beat up everyone in the last episode.

We know that Seth has a history of setting up extremely long running gags, such as the chicken fights in each season. We also know he loves to have massive fights animated, especially if he can get any of the Griffins involved. Also, we know that his given explanation on why Meg has become the Butt Monkey of the series is BS (MacFarlane claims he cannot write teen girls well, yet did a decent job with Meg's run on the first series, and does well with Haley in American Dad).

  • This seems plausible (but please remember that it isn't necessarily Seth that sets up those gags).
  • Meg's beaten the family up already, in the episode where she went to prison. A literal Curb Stomp Battle, she smashes out Peter's teeth on the stairs...

Meg and Stewie will team up for revenge in the last episode.

When Stewie realizes the family(sans Meg) did nothing to help his head injury (and tried to cover it up,and ran him over),it will restore his matricidal tendencies as well as create patricidal ones.The Griffins will still not have learned their lesson from when Meg did snap,causing her to snap again-only permanent.Meg shall kill Peter and Lois for Stewie,and Stewie will make another universe-traveling device. Why? They can already break the fourth wall,so they know Family Guy is a TV Show. Guess which universe and TV company they'll go to next?

It wouldn't be out of the field to assume he's planning something, mainly having Meg snap and just beat up everyone in the series. When Fox cancels the series, he'll have one last episode in which (most likely) Peter insults her hat or something inauspicious like that, sending Meg into a fury and causing her to pretty much go on a rampage in Quahog for the rest of the episode.

  • Possibly jossed, FG was canceled quite a few times with no such thing.
    • It's only been canceled and revived once, hasn't it? It's possible he could be planning this since the first time the show was trashed and wanted to really let Fox have it if they tried to pull the plug again (by making a final episode too violent for TV). Still could be jossed though, especially since at least one episode (the one where Lois has an abortion) has been pulled out of the series line-up and it seems like MacFarlane is just going along with it.
      • And the series has been Cancelled and Un Cancelled twice. Meaning, two opportunities for said rampage that's never happened.
  • There was already an episode ("Road to Rupert") where she snapped and beat up a driver to take her anger out of. This led to Peter thinking Meg's cool.
  • You seem to think that Seth MacFarlene writes every episode of Family Guy and American Dad! He does not; he only wrote two full episodes. It's not him who can't write teen girls, but the Family Guy writing staff.
  • Well, it's not the end of the series, but "Dial Meg for Murder" gave us our wish. Yes...

Meg will soon cease being the Butt Monkey

The Griffins know where this led them,and don't want to repeat it

Konata and Kagami are another Multiverse version of Brian and Stewie.

The latter also make a good boke and tsukkomi team. Not to mention all the Ho Yay. I wouldn't be surprised if Haruhi was involved somehow...

  • That would have been cool if they actually appear in an anime-style universe.

Seth MacFarlane secretly hates Family Guy and is intentionally amping up his obnoxious political commentary to get himself out of the contract

He's deliberately trying to sabotage his work so that he doesn't have to do any more, since he's bankrupted all his good ideas and more than a few of his bad ones.

  • Yeah, I'd love to have that stupid 100 million dollar "highest paid TV writer ever" contract off my back too!
    • Seth thinks he can make another $100,000,000 "highest paid TV writer ever" contract with a new show. BUT, he's seriously risking it, considering most of FG's audience...
  • Maybe he just wants to do something "serious" after ten years of being linked to Family Guy and it's type of entertainment?
    • Agreed.
  • He might just be seeing what he can get away with before the suits catch on.
  • He might seriously hate being known almost only for Family Guy and want to do something more serious, but loves the 100 mil he gets for the popularity of the show (I can't fathom why he'd POSSIBLY want 100 million dollars and fame, I guess he's just weird.) As such, he's seeing how far over the line he can get before Fox cancels Family Guy again (at which point he'll act pissed and begin sinking all his effort into American Dad and a newer, smarter, and less fart-centric show).
  • This troper believes that the Peter, being a boorish, undereducated arch-conservative , was meant to represent everything Seth believes the audience should be against. (a not so stealthy take that) Viewers,being what they are, completely missed the point and applauded Peter's actions. As the misaimed fandom grew and grew, Seth seemed to become more and more frustrated (or amused)and decided to see just how much abuse the audience could take before having enough.

The creators are TRYING to get the show canceled.

Family Guy only became successful after its cancellation and subsequent airing on Cartoon Network. The creators hope that by getting the show canceled, they will skyrocket ratings once again. This is why every week is a more and more outrageous show than last, they hope that eventually the network and censors will decide it's too much.

  • When a sausage flies into a woman's groin:

  "That one felt like my dad!"


Going with the "Meg will beat everyone up in the Last Episode" Theory, the Last Episode (Arc?) will involve the cast trying to stop Meg from bringing about the Endofthe World As We Know It

I haven't really watched the latter half of the show, but I still saw enough to see Meg becoming the Butt Monkey of the show, so here goes: Sometime during the time corresponding to the 5th-8th seasons of Family Guy, an Eldritch Abomination somehow took interest in Quahog (and the poor treatment of Meg in particular). Although this Eldritch Abomination cannot go into the world of the Mortals, it can still influence the actions of people. Thus, it began to corrupt the Griffins until it became a living Hell for Meg To drive here to the point of Unstoppable Rage.

In the near future of the show, something (what it is I cannot know) finally pushes Meg over the edge and the frustration, hatred and anger in her would finally allow her to be possessed by it. Being possessed would give her incredible strength and she would start an unstoppable rampage, destroying everything in her path. If all goes well, she would finally be stopped (possibly by being killed?). At the very worst, the negative emotions would feed the abomination to the point that Meg would be even more powerful, the end result possibly ranging from in a Type 0 Catastrophe (the destruction of the East Coast) to a class 5 Catastrophe (the annihilation of life on Earth).

The episode (arc?) would involve the cast trying to stop Meg from being possessed, or if they're too late, trying to find a way to destroy the Eldritch Abomination. The episode would end with the only surviving(?) character (Who? I don't know) about to face off with the Eldritch Abomination who possessed Meg in the first place, before the show cuts to the credits. The DVD would contain an Easter Egg which consists of the two Alternate Endings:One where the Eldritch Abomination is defeated, but at a great cost to at least Quahog. In the other one, The Eldritch Abomination wins, and possessed Meg brings about the End of Days.

Brian's son is a Half-Human Hybrid

And that's why he aged so fast. Brian has a son that's 13 years old, while he is only 7. "The're dog years."

Which means that even though Brian's son looks fully human, he still has some of Brian's canine DNA. So he looks like a human, but ages at the rate of a dog. In human years, Brian's son is only a year old, or less.

  • Wow, that's actually a nonsensically brilliant theory.
  • If he's 13 in dog years, that'd be less than 2 in human.
  • This does not work as stated in the episode where the son is introduced, Brian had sex with the mother when she was a high schooler and she is portrayed as being in her late 20s meaning Brian's son would appear to be older then his mother.
    • What if he ages faster than a human, but slower than a dog? His mother could be younger than she appears; maybe early twenties. He may be four or five.

Family Guy is the single most brilliant post-modernist reflection of societies obsession with and worship of pop culture.

Making it a show so intelligent it can't be summed up without five or more long words.

  • That would be hilarious if it were true; too bad it's not.

Quagmire and Meg will end up sleeping together as soon as she turns eighteen (if Mayor West doesn't come of her first, of course).

He's shown an interest more than once, she's treated so horribly that she'll happily latch onto anyone who shows her kindness and had no problem sleeping with older men; the only reason it hasn't already happened is that he suddenly starts caring about her being a legal adult when it comes to his best friend's daughter.

  • Judging from the trailer shown at Comic-Con, Meg will be celebrating her 18th birthday this upcoming season and from the looks of things Quagmire has every intention of getting her into bed with him.

Da Boom is canon

All following episodes are schizophrenic delusions (they seemed pretty unhinged by the "Left Foot, Right Foot!" sing song) due to trauma. The period when the show was canceled was a brief period of time when the family had come to terms with their grief, however they eventually slipped back into their dream world. The Flanderization and Seasonal Rot is due to their memories of life before the blast fading away, i.e Meg's Butt Monkey status in the later seasons is the result of her exaggerated, patchy recollections of the mild Middle Child Syndrome (an alternative possibility is that she's subconsciously punishing herself some acts of brutality she committed to survive) she suffered in the early years. The constant pop culture references are their attempts to hold on to things once precious to them, and The Cleveland Show is their minds attempt to atone for their indirect responsibility for his death by giving him the ideal life. The reason they don't age is because they are trying to recapture their former lives.

Everyone will get hit with the mother of all karmic retributions in the last episode

Except Meg, who has taken enough shit from them. In the series finale all the bad karma they've built up throughout the years is going to be unleashed. We thought they were just going to get away with all that shit, they won't.

  • That would be both awesome and unexpected. I can even imagine how they will karmically die. Quagmire will suffer from AIDS, Peter and Lois will be called out and sent to jail, but most epic will be Stewie's murder at the hands of EVERY family member of the extras he's killed throughout the years
  • To follow up, I think the last episode will feature the Ultimate deconstruction of the entire show. The family will finally go WAY too far in their Meg-bashing, and Meg takes it to the police (or, If the crime is committed out of Quahog, local police bring the family to court), ala Seinfeld. The four (Peter, Lois, Chris, Brian) go to trial, and a clip show ensues showing not only the Meg bashing, but all of the crimes, Jerkass behavior, and abuse that have occurred under the four. Also, all of those that were mistreated under the four will testify against them. The jury will consist of one character each from 12 Science Fiction and other competing shows. The four will get an EPIC Reason You Suck Speech by the Judge, and Karma or Retribution will hit the cast. Peter will be sent to an Insane Asylum, a group home, or a maximum security prison for life, Lois winds up in a jail sentence that she will never get out from, Chris winds up in Juvie, Quagmire goes to jail and becomes a registered sex offender (or dies from a sex-related incident or AIDS), Herbert is locked up, Mayor West is removed from office for corruption, and Brian is ostracized from town and finally goes off the deep end into a state of clinical depression. Meg goes out on her own, and the last shot will be her actually being happy without her Jerkass family holding her down.

Lois is actually British and hasn't told anyone

When children begin to speak they usually tend to take on their mother's language/dialect over anyone else's since they feel a stronger bond to her (one episode proves that even Stewie feels something for Lois other than an insane urge to kill). So why is it that Stewie has a British accent when everyone else has an "American accent"? It's because Lois actually has a British accent, but stopped using it many years ago in an attempt to fit in better. Somewhere along the line Stewie picked this up (possibly while still in the womb, where he could've heard her talking in her real voice while alone, which IS actually possible by the way) and ended up with her accent.

All 3 kids are adopted and all evidence contrary is fake

Something that doesn't fit the above WMG is that Meg and Chris don't sound like either of Lois' accents. This leads to an alternate theory that Lois and Peter aren't really their parents and they aquired them through unknown means. They then told them about past incidents (complete with cut-aways) that didn't actually happen so the kids would believe that they're really Griffins.

    • In support of the "Lois is British" theory, maybe when Meg was born Lois had a good American accent. Then, worried she might lose her original accent, practiced British and left Peter to take care of Chris (which could be a reason Chris acts retarded) and, by the time she was pregnant with Stewie, mastered both accents.
    • Another little bit of support for the theory is that children tend to stop speaking like their parents when they enter school and will adopt the accent of their peers. This is why children born in America with foreign parents have American accents, despite spending their early life with parents with accents. Meg and Chris probably just stopped speaking like Lois once they started school. Stewie isn't old enough to have had this kind of peer interaction, and therefore still speaks with the British accent.

Stewie is actually Older Than They Look: with special bonus Guess

Stewie has that disease that makes you look younger than you really are (do not bother pointing out that that was practically a word for word quote from The Simpsons, This Troper is well aware of that, she doesn't know the name of the exact disease and couldn't successfully find out on Google. She thinks it's called Chrones or something with a bunch of Gs and Ls in it.) and his parents (and anybody else who should logically be able to determine that he is older than One Year Old) don't pay enough attention to know that he is older than one. Something that should be a different Guess but plays along well into this one is that Bonnie's pregnancy was a Hysterical Pregnancy and she was using a pillow to pretend she was actually pregnant. At some point she actually became pregnant either while cheating on Joe or even during the episode where he regained use of his penis. And again, nobody noticed that it took her since the late 90s to give birth to a baby fathered by someone who had already been crippled for several years because everybody is an idiot.

    • Peter noticed in one episode. But even still it was another several years before the baby was born.

Meg will play the Sarlacc in It's A Trap!

Seems like natural progression. As she put it in Something Something, she never gets any lines. And she plays crap roles.

  • Also, Jabba would be played by someone that hates Peter, which leaves out Carter, since he's already the Emperor. Making the best guess Angela, Peter's boss. Besides, the irony of having Carrie Fisher (aka Princess Leia) in the last Star Wars special playing Jabba is too great to pass up.
    • Wasn't Carter already Lars? My guess is that someone like Roger would play Palpatine. Seth did say that the special would feature appearances by characters from his other two series anyway.
      • Shit. I forgot not everyone saw Something Something Dark Side yet. Palpatine's revealed to be played by Carter when he contacts Stewie Vader.
        • Confirmed by MacFarlane.
        • But wrong about Angela being Jabba: the artwork parodying the poster seems to show Joe as Jabba.

Lois is on to Stewie, but has ulterior motives for letting it slide.

In the future, she was pretty on the ball with the emergency money to send baby Stewie back to the past (present). She is also prone to feeling the rush whenever she gets a bit of power. Let's face it: whatever her plans are (perks for being the mother of the world dictator? wresting the title from his hands for herself?), she may have had a Batman Gambit set up this whole time that hinges on Stewie conquering the world and her escaping every single matricide attempt!

The final episode will be a dark Deconstruction of the entire series.

It will be revealed among other things that everyone in Quahog is completely insane (and not in the humorous way that the rest of the series portrays it) and that all those cutaways and cameos are all just hallucinations of town gone mad.

The souls of Brian and Peter somehow got confused with each other before their birth.

Originally, Peter's soul was supposed to be born into the body of a dog, while Brian's soul was supposed to be born into the body of a middle-class white catholic American, but by some cosmic mistake, they changed places. It would explain a lot, really.

Meg is actually Seth's favorite character.

Seth loves Meg. He made Her the Butt Monkey because for every horrible thing that happens to Her]] She gains more and more fans.

  • Also why she is the only moral character left on the show.

Chris is Obfuscating Stupidity.

Despite usually acting like an idiot, he has had some moments of intelligence such as at the end of 'Deep Throats'. -Sighting the lies of prohibition as fact is pretty far from "intelligence." At best he parroted a biased dare class from school.

Peter is Obfuscating Stupidity.

The truth is that Peter is faking his stupidity so he can get away with the worst of his misdeeds,along with other sordid acts.And he will be called out on it.

Stewie is Obfuscating Stupidity and his Character Derailment is a Batman Gambit by Seth/the writers.

Well at least from season 4 onwards, Stewie thinks that if he acts gay, his plans to Take Over the World would not be taken seriously and then he can attack. Think about who would the naive baby who sings showtunes as a serious threat. He'd mainly want to convince Brian because he's the only one who actually notices him since Peter and Lois are buzy being assholes and Meg and Chris hardly interact with Stewie anymore. The episode "Halloween on Spooner Street" was a final confirmation if Brian takes him seriously, because he might've thought that if Brian found out that he shot Diane in "And then there were fewer" he'd would've seen it coming, and everything in the Halloween episode went according to plan and Brian did believe that Stewie was a helpless baby. Maybe in a couple of seasons down the road Stewie will retun to his old self. Do you honestly believe that the writers made Stewie an helpless baby on purpose. Seth might make excuses about the taking over the world thing was "getting played out" but he, along with some of the writers planned everything about Stewie.

Lois is a Complete Monster

Even though what Peter did to Stewie crossed the line,it could be justified by being mentally undeveloped.Lois went along with this,and she has no justification.

    • I don't know about Complete Monster, but the recent episode about Lois' porno showed that she was a full-fledged Alpha Bitch during high school and pulled an almost Carrie-level prank on a fat girl who later became Diane Simmons' attractive replacement.
      • So she's 80% evil, 15% horny and 5% good?

At some point in the future, Stewie will kill his family. Then, he will rename himself into Arthur Mitchell.

  • You, good sir, have just scared the everloving crap out of me.

Is Quahog based on Omelas?

I was thinking of a short story I read in my Intro to Literature Class "The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas" in the story Omelas is basically Utopia, there are no laws, people can do anything they want and everyone is happy, however their happiness is only possible if one forsaken children remains miserable. I wonder if Seth based Quahog on this town and Meg is the forsaken children whose misery allows everyone else to be happy and Peter to get away with all of the crap he pulls off.

  • Well, that's not exactly the point to the story. Not only is everybody happy in Omelas, everybody is exceedingly kind, generous, productive, and intelligent, not the jerkasses that the people of Quahog are. Also, there's a different being a buttmonkey (Meg) and being a small child locked in a room with no social contact, malnourishment, illness, and poor hygiene.

Family Guy is subject to Executive Meddling.

This has been blatantly spelt out to us three times:

  • In Mother Tucker, Brian is forced to turn his intellectual radio show into a horrible, puerile comedy show with fart jokes.
  • In Brian Griffin's House of Payne, Brian's deep, emotional movie script is turned by meddling executives into a horrible, puerile comedy show with fart jokes.
  • In FOX-y Lady, Meg's sensible suggestions for the cartoon she is making with Peter and Chris are ignored by Peter in favor of a horrible, puerile comedy show with fart jokes.

Nobody has picked up on these at all yet, and in the case of the third one it's obvious. Someone on the writing staff, hell, maybe Seth himself, is trying to tell us that they aren't happy with what the show has become, but it's beyond their control by this point.

    • However, it could be that Seth is in the role of the meddler while the rest of the writers are voicing their pleas.
  • It's even more obvious in the intro to It's a trap, where Seth basically admits he only did the episode because the network suites saw dollar signs in their eyes and even allowed the Fed Ex guy who barely watches the show to fit some jokes in. Even if it was a joke it's still pretty obvious, and it's not surprising at a studio like Fox.
  • That explains so much. There's no way Seth, an active promoter of gay rights, would allow Family Gay to exist.

Quagmire and Brian are going to end up in a big fight.

As we've seen in the episodes "The New Black Guy" and "Quagmire's Dad" there is definitely tension building up between them. Its a one-sided fight, because Quagmire is the one who doesn't like Brian.

    • This needs to happen, baby.

Next season, Brian is going to turn the tables on Quagmire and give him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.

Considering that Quagmire's speech seemed to be taken from complaints made on this very wiki about Brian, it seems that the staff are aware of this what we have to say (including us who felt that Quagmire was the absolute worst person they could have chosen to rant at Brian). So Brian's speech will be full of our grievances about Quagmire, which means Quagmire will finally be called out for being a rapist. And it will be awesome.

  • This follows the one this troper said above. After Brian's speech, Quagmire will, very sudden, punch Brian in the face and the two will start fighting like how Brian and Peter fought over Brian trying to have sex with Lois.
  • That or Quagmire will realise his depravity, cry, and try to commit suicide.
  • In the Cleveland Show Quagmire asks Peter if he could get his own show then Peter DOES call him out on it.
    • Oh. Well good for the writers for finally acknowledging that. Although since Peter might as well be a Complete Monster in his own right at this point, I'm not exactly thrilled (then again, I don't think any of the characters can claim the moral high ground at this point. Not even Meg.)
  • This could actually happen, considering that Quagmire is pretty much the show's Self-Deprecation avatar right now and the show has bashed it's fans at times before ("If you don't like it, go complain about it on the internet") it wouldn't surprise me if someone finally used Quagmire for a cryptic Take That, Critics! rant. Likely the whole point of making Quagmire of all people an avatar for the fans peeves with the show (not to mention taking offensive implication from everything Brian does) was to suggest they acknowledged the show's problems, but that the fans are to an extent being hypocritical and petty about it in places.
    • Even better(or worse, YMMV), he will call the writers out. They've flanderized everyone and used Brian as an Author Avatar, why not have a massive Take That that transcends the fourth wall itself!
    • A light variant of this has happened, while not to the same extent as Quagmire's "The Reason You Suck" Speech, Brian was perfectly willing to point out his own flaws in "Tiegs For Two". While he still seems to latch onto the hope of him and Quagmire finally making peace, there seems to be an increasing resentment to Quagmire's lashings at him (a lighter example also occurs in the earlier "Quagmire's Dad"), suggesting it may only be a matter of time before he snaps back.
    • This war will end with the ultimate Take That to the show's flanderization, the writers and the guys responsible for a lot of the mess.

Everyone is on LSD

It would explain the random, non-sequitur flashbacks, the bright colors ("sparkling"), the Negative Continuity (rewriting personal history), the dramatic personality shifts, Stewie's sudden homosexuality (change of life perspective), Peter's stupidity (brain damage); everyone in all Quahog is so ridiculously high it warps reality itself to their trips.

Rupret Murdoch keeps Family Guy on the air as a form Reverse Psychology

Basically the idea is to have left of center politics and Atheism presented in such a boorishly self righteous and juvenile matter (as well as mixed in with enough lame gags and Dude, Not Funny moments) that is causes people to become Christian Conservatives out of spite. With Seth being too full of himself to even notice this or care.

  • That, or he's in on it.

Herbert really has a basement full of Popsicles and wants to be an Ice cream Man

It has been noted more than a few times Herbert "has popsicles" in his basement for kids, and he was once seen trying to buy an Ice cream Truck. Sure, these statements are supposed to be taken in another direction, but just picture Chris went into Herbert's basement just given a popsicle

The last episode.

Everything is destroyed by attacking clouds, and Peter says, "I told you so," just before the credits roll.

  • This would be...just...oh god. This NEEDS to happen.

The first three seasons take place in another universe than those since

Road to the Multiverse established that there are various parallel universe in existence. Everything we've seen since the show came back from cancellation is a much crueler alternate reality, with a dumber Peter, meaner Lois, a self-righteous Brian, Camp Gay Stewie and Butt Monkey Meg. The original universe presumably still has Cleveland and Loretta living next door, Kevin Thompson alive, and Pawtucket Pat in ownership of the brewery.

Brian is a hypocritical idiot, not an Author Avatar.

That big rant against him by Quagmire? That was Seth/somebody else on the team pointing out to the Fan Dumb that he is meant to be a hypocritical anti-religious douche who constantly talks himself up.

In the Simpsons parody segment, Maggie shot Quagmire, not the other way around.

Maggie packs heat, and probably has ever since she "accidentally" shot Mr. Burns.

    • Well, she does keep a gun under her pillow, as seen in season 13.

Meg really is a transman

That would explain a lot of her behavior.

    • Future!Meg did become a man, although whether or not that comes true now that Stewie changed the past remains to be seen.

Kevin Swanson is a robot.

His Suspiciously Specific Denial in "A Hero Sits Next Door" could have been more than just a one-off gag. Joe's explanation for his absence has been noted as an Ass Pull, but maybe he was just covering up a much darker truth...

  • I think he just meant he was not a conformist.

Someone on the writing staff(possibly Seth) is a closeted homosexual.

The show has a really weird habit of calling some of the most beautiful women on the planet "ugly". The list of women whose appearance has been mocked includes(but is by no means limited to) Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Kirsten Dunst. The only possible explanation is that one of their writers is gay, and is so deeply in the closet, he's finding Christmas presents. As for Seth, I'm not ruling him out entirely, although he did bang Eliza Dushku, which definitely makes his identity as Mr. Closet-Case questionable.

Connie doesn't really hate Meg

She just fears for her own popularity. But deep down, she actually has some respect for her.

Brian is actively suicidal, and him offering both of his kidneys to Peter was a euthanasia ploy.

We've known about his alcoholism and self-doubt for years. Then the novel he was working on for years bombed and he's largely given up on writing. Then Quagmire's Reason You Suck Speech reminded him of his many flaws and destroyed much of what was left of his self-esteem. We found out about his suicide plans in Stewie and Brian, and when Peter lost the use of his kidneys, he saw a chance to end it all and save his best friend's life at the same time.

Seth, or one/more of the writers, is attracted to big girls.

Just a thought, but at minimum half of the 'big girl' appearances in the show (and American Dad) aren't jokey/stereotypical, most notably, over on American Dad, Bullock's attraction and Steve's ex.

At the end of ...And Then There Were Fewer, Stewie lied.

At the end of the episode Lois is about to be killed by Dianne, by Dianne is shot and killed by someone else. The camera pans up and we see it was Stewie, claiming that "If anyone's gonna take that bitch out, it's me". I think he was lying, he took out Dianne simply because he loves his mummy!

The Simpsons and Family Guy universes are merging.

At some point in their history(probably during Season 3), one of Stewie's attempts at world domination went horribly wrong, resulting in the two universes beginning to combine. The Flanderization of The Simpsons is the result of this, and the show's own Flanderization is a violent reaction to the merging. The reason why Stewie isn't as evil as he once was is due to the softer, more positive traits of The Simpsons leaking in. Ultimately, they will fully merge, creating the South Park universe.

Peter's mother and step-father were related.

That's why he can still claim ancestry to all his former Griffin family members, his mom and Francis were somewhat closely related.

Death really is cheap.

Peter seems to survive everything, even an utterly broken neck, despite being Too Dumb to Live. This is because, as a friend of sorts to The Grim Reaper, Death decides not to act when Peter does something stupid: either because he doesn't want to lose him due to Peter's stupidity, or finds his injuries by stupidity funny.

Brian and Jasper are from a/the dog universe.

There are no other anthropomorphic dogs in the main universe. However, in Road To Multiverse, they're seen everywhere in that universe where dogs and humans are role reversed. Somehow, Brian and Jasper crossed from that universe. It could've been when Brian was too young to remember, giving him no knowledge of alternate universes. As to why that universe still has a Brian, well, Brian isn't exactly an uncommon name, so it's just coincidence. Either that or Brian and Jasper are from a very similar universe. We saw plenty of universes where humans are in charge, but Human!Brian acted like the main universe was something special for having humans in charge, despite hopping universes with Poodle!Stewie. There are probably just as many dog-run universes as there are human-run universes, and Brian and Jasper are simply from there.

  • What about the episode "The Man with Two Brians"? There was another anthropomorphic dog who doesn't look related to Brian and Jasper.
    • There could be natural wormholes connecting the two universes

Brian is suicidal because he's being too human.

Brian had spent a lot of time with people, paying bills, having human jobs, the stress of being human for a dog, even an intelligent dog like Brian, must be hard. He kept on suppressing his canine instincts and it came out as unhealthy human habits like smoking and drinking. If he wants to get better, he has to embrace his canine instincts at least once a while to give them a break.

Micky McFinnagan is related to Francis Griffon

Quite possibly a cousin. It would also explain explains Peter looks so much like his Step-fathers family.

Stewie is not Peter's son, instead, his father is...

The Ultronian Superhero, Thermoman, from My Hero (TV) (I bet half of you don't know what i'm talking about :L). It's common fact that various elements from TV, film and other media exists in the Family Guy Universe, so what about Thermoman. As seen in My Hero, Thermoman, also known by his Human of alias of George Sunday the Irish Shopkeeper, has two children who, being Ultronian, are able to talk, and have Superpowers.

Six days (that's the length of Ultronian pregnancy) before Stewie was born, Thermoman met Lois and they had a one-night stand, concieving Stewie. Thermoman left right after and Lois kept Peter in the dark about it, so he thinks that he is Stewie's father. As Lois said when she dreamt of finding out Stewie was evil, she smoked pot when she was pregnant with him. This stunted his development, so he doesn't have advanced Superhero powers (e.g. flying, thermobreath), but he could still talk, walk, have super-intelligence and even the ability to slap around Human adults.

Quagmire's going to have a bad time of it in Season 10, and it will directly stem from his feud with Brian

Think about it. While others on the show admit that Brian is often a Jerkass, he still has plenty of people who love him. And Quagmire can't hold on to his visceral, violent, searing hatred of Brian for as long as he has or be as open about it as he has been without the people that care for Brian starting to resent it...especially coming from someone like Glenn Quagmire. "Tiegs For Two" has already given some hints that Peter may not appreciate Quagmire's Brian-hatred(after all..Peter said that Quagmire didn't want Brian told about the class...and Peter told him anyway )). That said, there's someone else who may not appreciate Quagmire's Brian-beatings..someone a lot more dangerous..

    • At the very least Brian himself seems to be lashing back as of recently, making it more an Escalating War.

Lois is the reason that Meg is such a Butt Monkey.

As seen in the episodes 'Stewie Kills Lois' and 'Trading Places' Meg can do quite well when it comes to domestic stuff. Lois realized this and while at first, she was only sabotaging Meg subconsciously, as the show went on and Character Derailment starting setting in she started to be more open about it.

When Lois said that Meg was the one that gave birth to Stewie, she wasn't joking.

During one of the rare time that Meg had a boyfriend they had sex and as a result Meg fell pregnant with Stewie. With the help of Brian, Lois covered the whole thing up by pretending that she was the one that was pregnant and when Stewie was born, she passed him off as her son and not Meg's. The only people that know the truth are Lois, Brian and Meg. Peter is too dumb to figure it out and they could have easily convinced Chris it was something else and he would have readily believed them.

The current writing team of Family Guy are former Fox network executives who have a vendetta against Seth Macfarlane

Think about it. They take Brian, admittedly Macfarlane's own mouthpiece character, turn him into a Jerkass and then kick him repeatedly into the gutter at long extended periods for humiliation's sake. They attack Macfarlane's political views solely (anyone remember the last time they made fun of the other side?) And then they repeatedly tear down the remaining characters, writing less and less well-written storylines as time goes on. Suddenly it all makes sense!

Quagmire's hatred of Brian is actually some proper continuity at work

In season 7's "The Man With Two Brians", Quagmire lets Brian stay with him after he moved out because of NB, and absolutely no hostility existed between them. Quagmire tells him he's having a beautiful Puerto Rican chick coming over who happens to have a almost instantly visible disfigurement (her upper right thigh was mangled in a childhood accident). Anyway, he instructs Brian to be discrete about it. Stewie arrives to try and convince Brian to come home, and the girl shows up, looking for Glenn. Stewie shouts "Oh my god, what happened to your leg!?" and she runs off crying. Quagmire chases after her saying "Dammit, Brian!"

Jump to the first interaction Brian and Quagmire have since this episode, in season 8's "Jerome Is The New Black", and Glenn's hate for Brian is full blown, likely due to the prior incident. Looks like the mantees can focus after all.

    • Add to that it seems to be slowly evolving two ways as well. In "Quagmire's Dad" and "And Then There Were Fewer" Brian starts to give light verbal retaliation to Quagmire's vindictiveness towards him. By "Teig's For Two" he equally lashes at him and outright starts an Escalating War with him for giving him (at least in his view) bad dating advise. The show seems to be slowly evolving the two into Sitcom Arch Nemesises.

Brian suddenly being an Atheist in post-cancellation seasons isn't a continuity error, it's a plot point.

The last time we see a direct reference to Brian believing in God is in the Season 3 premier, "The Thin White Line". At the end of the episode, he says the one thing he's learned from the whole ordeal is that everyone is responsible for their own actions (or something to that effect); that's when he stops believing in God.

    • Makes sense. Though this troper always thought it was dealing with Francis Griffin that slowly soured Brian on religion.
    • If there's anything to finally push himself into the athiest category, Stewie accidentally causing the Big Bang will do it.

A throwaway gag on the show was a reference to a Chinese Revolutionary

In one episode (the Poltergeist parody episode, I think), Stewie mentions to Brian how he met Jesus, who said that his name is really Jesus Hong. In Real Life, the leader of the Taiping Rebellion, a man named Hong Xiuquan, began his attempt to take over China after visions brought on by a nervous breakdown convinced him that he was the younger brother of Jesus. Granted, Hong is a very common name in China, and this could be a coincidence, but I have to wonder if the writers were at least subconsciously thinking of this guy when they wrote that.

If they ever get around to the Prequel Trilogy, Meg will play Jar-Jar

The Griffins really do love Meg

Peter's alcoholism is what causes him to abuse her Lois is afraid of what would happen if she sided with Meg Chris is just following his parents' example

Can't think of why Stewie and Brian would give her crap, though

  • Brian seems to give more of a fuck about her than the others, at least. And Stewie just hates everyone but Brian.

The Quagmires are immortal elves.

They have an allure and can whomever they want of their desired sex. Glen can attract any woman he desires. Glen's father can glamour people into not noticing the fact that she's transgendered when trying to get a mate (that's why Brian didn't notice it). There's also the fact that Quagmire is supposedly 61 and that would mean his dad would have to be his late seventies at the youngest, yet neither of them look very old at all. They could both be Really Seven Hundred Years Old, or Glen is simply young by immortals' standards. Glen's constant string of meaningless sexcapades are a result of his immortality - since he'll outlive any woman he falls in love with, he doesn't want to commit. As an airline pilot, Glen has every excuse to keep moving around after people notice that he doesn't age, but he's grown attatched to his friends at Spooner Street and can't bring himself to let go of them.

Glen's elderly appearance in the future of the Stewie Griffin movie is either another glamour so that his friends don't get overly suspiscious. In that future, after Peter, Joe, and Cleveland die, Glen will drop his glamor, sneak out of the nursing home, and live a whole new life. Alternatively, because of aforementioned fondness of these friends, Glen gave up his immortality and will actually die with them. Or he got it stripped away involuntarily by unknown means.

  • It would also explain how Quagmire is immune to all diseases. When Joe & Peter poke him with the infected needles, he laughs and says that he's already a carrier of everything. In truth, diseases don't affect him because he's immortal.

Peter's actualy a genius and uses retardim as an excuse to get away with doing whatever the hell he wants.

Peter always knows the mentaly ill thing to do, and never misses a beat on a chance to show how trully helpless he is. Coincidence, or extremly genius planning. He managed to score just below the bar on an aptitude test, and lost a thinking game to a nonliving object, There Is No Kill Like Overkill.

  • More like Peter will use any excuse to do whatever he likes, especially something stupid.

Stewie Griffin is homosexual or at least not fully heterosexual because....

Peter griffin possesses some gayness himself. We find this out in that episode "Perfect Castaway" when Peter gets stranded on that island and has that sex oragy with his friends, and that episode where Lois slept with Bill Clinton and Peter got revenge by sleeping with the same person so that proves Peter is at least bisexual. Now you people can say gayness is a choice if you want to but gay people have different levels of testosterone and estrogen than a straight person, so a baby with a imbalance of those sexual hormones is way more likely to turn out gay than a person with the right amount of those hormones for thoses gender actually proving gayness is in genetics.Even if that's not true which it really is anyway this theory is true in the "Family Guy" universe as shown in that episode "Peter Gay". Besides Peter did those gay things before he got that gay injection anyway.What does this have to do with stewie being gay you might ask? Well the answer is simply Stewie inherited his father's gayness. Even in real life gayness if passed down in the organic gene pool.

  • Stewie did seem straight in the first season, then gradualy get more open about his gayness{ when he told brian they should just kiss the next person they see, as he turned on the lights}, Now he is so open about his gayness, people around town know his alter egos as females{ the episode where stewie put on a dress to help make Brians Ex jealous, and some guy said hey there's[] the name I don't remember at the moment, but it was a lot of guys}{also the episode where chris was on a blind date, and stewie shows up in drag then immediatly leaves upon seeing his blind date}
  • Some gay people don't just up and say "hey everyone I'm gay".Even if there not ashamed, it takes some people longer to figure out there gay or at least accept their homosexuality faster than other homosexuals,some people get gayer to the point of being gay because they thought they were straight.I think what you meant to say was "Stewie got gayer as he got older". Remember Stewie thinks he's straight,and when he traveled back in time and said he was half homosexual or possibly homosexual/bisexual he was only trying to in that miitary. OK then explain in that Stewie Griffin movie why did he got pissed off because his future self never had sex with a WOMAN hmmm? Oh and one more thing he said in the end of the third part of the movie, not to brag but I have it,"I'm still finding my self.

Meg Griffin isn't that ugly.

I'm not trying to be racist but look at the average white girl, do they look like Connie D'mico or Jillian Russell NOOOO,that's how all white women on that show look like: Connie and Jilliian, similar to them if you noticed. Most white females look very average with no of those flamboyant stereotypical girl features. We've seen what ugly people look like in "Family Guy" and Meg doesn't look like them, she looks like a typical white female except for her slight chubbiness, I'm not trying to say white females are fat. The creaters of that show wish there race of females were so beautiful that a average looking female like Meg would be considered ugly.

Peter despising Meg is a giant plot hole.

You'll notice when the show first came out and before it became popular that Meg wasn't the butt monkey of every joke, but one day one of the creators decided to play a mean joke on Meg and the show must got super high ratings or something, so the creaters decided to choose Meg as the butt monkey. I don't think Stewie was gay or even bisexual until later on that show. Think of it as adding some super good seasoning to the new super hit franchise. A similar situation is when Quagmire all of a sudden hated brian's guts, yet later on he is willing to joke with him and let him stay back at his house, then he goes back to hating him.

Lois faked her homosexuality.

Even in real life we see stuff like this, girls pretend to be gay just turn a boy on, because they know boys think two girls doing it is hot. In the family guy movie "Stewie Griffin the Untold story" she said she went back to men to get attention that's it, usually girls who act zero percent manly and claim that their gay and are just trying to get attention in the real world, unlike Peter, Stewie or that gay couple that had Bertrum, Lois has never exhibited any natrual gay tendencies. That time she kissed Meg's false lesbian girlfriend doesn't count, let's remember that she sees Meg as competition as seen in that episode "Go Stewie Go, and she was trying to prove that she is a better kisser as Meg.

Neil Goldman will be killed off

He's spent entire seasons without as much as a mention.

Peter is mentaly regressing, back into adolescence

He is getting stupider, in this troper's opinion, and he will eventualy become so mentaly disabled that the things he can do, he will do with less ease. Kind of like huntingtons.

In Stewie Griffin the untold story the "sexy house party" wasn't real.

It was a drunken hallucination produced by Stewies intoxicated infant possibly partially hetereosexual psyche.

Bertram likes to fool people into thinking he's a genius.

He has failed on every account to eradicate Stewie and at one point had all the time in the world and still mucked it up. This troper also motions that he's faking his accent to annoy people. You know a little Gilbert Gottfried like.

Stewie is a former dictator

Stewie Griffin is a former dictator, or was almost a dictator. Until a wizard came along and de-aged him. That's why Stewie was so aggressive in the beginning, his old personality was still there. But as he grows, he begins to forget that former life and moves on. This explains why his mental age is so far ahead of his actual age. Also explains why he has a British accent despite nobody else in the Griffin family having one. Now, before you call Jossed where Stewie remembers his womb and his time as a sperm, remember that logically at one point Stewie was a normal baby and was born, even if it was longer ago than we're lead to believe.

Stan from American Dad and Quagmire from Family Guy share the same father, or at least grandfather.

Stan got his chin and build from their father, and Quagmire got his promiscuity, cheating, and chin from their father. Both also share the same hair color.

Another reason Quagmire hates Brian is because Quagmire was once like him.

Brian's personality just keeps reminding Quagmire of his former lifestyle. Quagmire was willing to turn his life around, which he knows Brian wouldn't do, and becomes the person we all know.

Seth MacFarlane has a thing for blondes.

Which is why many female characters are blondes. These include:

  • Jillian
  • The Bachelorette
  • Connie D'Amico
  • Candy in "Quagmire's Baby".
  • The hot girl with the really bad laugh
  • The Family Feud contestant when host Peter Griffin touches her boobs.
  • Pinhead's date in a cutaway segment in "Meet the Quagmires".
  • Anna, the vet intern in "Long John Peter"
  • In the same episode, Stewie dressed as a woman with a blonde wig.
  • Barbara, a girl Chris use to have a crush on.
  • Sam from "To Love and Die in Dixie".
  • Alyssa from "You May Now Kiss the... Uh... Guy Who Receives".
  • Lois was blonde in the unaired pilot.
  • The Bond Girl in "Family Gay".
  • Nicole from "Brian's Got a Brand New Bag".
  • Tina, one of Brian's dates, in "Brian Wallows and Peter Swallows".
  • Meg was blonde in "Meg Gets A Makeover".
  • Replacement Meg in "Fifteen Minutes of Shame".

The Cleveland Show:

  • Kendra

American Dad:

  • Francine (even though she's really a brunette)
  • Phyllis, Stan's avatar in "Virtual In-Stanity".

The "Stewie Griffin the untold story" movie is very impotent.

Am I the only one who's aware of this. First of all Stewie killed Vanessa before he went to his original time and since he's evil again him killing Vanessa is obsolete unless he kills her for some other reason, and Dianne Simmons being alive is another one, or is it. In the original timeline Stewie turned good but I don't think he would make any difference in that Family Guy special "And there were fewer", so was Dianne going to let Lois live, you know what that's getting so confused it I'm just going to stop talking about that one. The most important one is Cleveland. In future Stewie's timeline Cleveland is in Quahog retirement home. Did he ever come back in the now current timeline, can someone please answer my question. Evil Stewie (current stewie) didn't have much of an impact on Cleveland's life so why would the lame Good Stewie will. Did Stewie morality make that much of a difference in everybody's lives?

  • Even just only witnessing these events may affect the outcome.
  • That doesn't help a single bit.

The Family Guy universe and the American Dad universe exist as one.

The part when Stan Smith meeting Stewie Griffin might be non-canon since it took place in a simulator but what about that episode when Stan was talking about his favorite dogs and Brian Griffin made a short appearance.

  • True, as there is in fact a crossover between all 3 shows that ended up getting pushed back because of the tornado outbreak in the southern US, as well as the fact that the episode revolves around a hurricane.

Meg Griffin canonically has no middle name.

Wouldn't be out of place for the issue to be brought up in-universe, which leads to Peter or Lois saying that they just didn't bother giving Meg a middle name.

Meg was stolen from the hospital by Peter and Lois back when they used to do drugs

In the episode where Brian was going to go to jail, he stated who Meg's real father was, and the whole family is difrent than her asides from hair color.

Lois is a chubby chaser

Every one in the family, except for the ones who can think for themselves, is heavy set.
Stewie will not let him self become fat, and when he did Lois had virtually no problem with it.
Brian is as athletic as any unathletic dog, therefore he has no chance with lois ever.

  • Very plausible, because she's full of fetishes/found "fat sex" to be very appealing.
  • At the end of "go, Stewie, go," Peter asks Lois why she loves him, and she replies, "Maybe I like fat guys. Maybe I like having sex with fat guys. Maybe I want to have sex with a fat guy right now."

An explanation for Stewie becoming an anti-hero.

Stewie Griffin, evil baby extroadinare, was trying to figure out how he would sucsessfully take over the world and kill Lois. To learn this, he attempted to find a way of understanding his enemies. Creating a mind-altering machine, he altered his brain chemistry so he can better understand and think like the adults. This sucseeded beyond his wishes, giving us the Camp Gay type IV antihero.

"Stewie Kills Lois" wasn't a simulation.

Stewie did indeed take over the world. Every episode after this is part of Stewie's simulation, used by Lois to see what would happen if the two-parter never happened. The ending of "Lois Kills Stewie" is Stewie's Dying Dream, which is why it cuts to black.

  • Alternatively is wasn't suppossed to be a simulation. Seth Mcfarlane wanted to either end the series right there or give the series and better yet his own creative mind a break and just end it right there at least for then, but EVERYONE else demanded more episodes. He couldn't just discard such a plot so he does a little bit of modifying to such an episode and turns it into a giant "what if" answers.

Seth MacFarlane is a closet homosexual

Think about it. MacFarlane claims to be a proponent of gay rights, yet he uses every gay stereotype in the book. My theory is that Seth is doing this because he's having trouble accepting his own homosexuality, and so in an attempt to distance himself from it, he told the writers that all gay people on the show should be Camp Gay and promiscuous, because, despite being gay, he is, of course, nothing like this whatsoever. Also note how, post-cancellation, the main female cast consists of a Butt Monkey of extreme proportions, and a sociopathic Bitch in Sheep's Clothing who's prepared to commit rape.

If Meg ever lashes out like she did in "Dial Meg for Murder" again, the family will immediately strike back and brush it off before an episode would develop such a plot.

Just going by a screenshot of a TBA episode for this one. She's moreso trying to tell them down instead of beat the crap out of them, but as one can see, they are looking, but Peter, Lois, and Chris are far from interested. If she does get to that level, though... well, results will be predictably bad...

Meg will kill her family and become Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way.

Thus explaining Ebony's knowledge of American goth pop culture. And after all the shit Meg's been through, no wonder she gets depressed. Perhaps one day she developed magic powers and reversed the flow of the universe, making everyone love her. Then she used Avada Kedavra (or one of the many mispellings), changed her name, robbed a Hot Topic, flew to England and went to Hogwarts as a 7th year, where she met Draco, made friends with Willow, B'loody Mary, Vampire, Diabolo, Dracola, Darkness, Crabbe and Goyle, and Professor Sinister/Trevolry. She hates the preps, aka Britney, because they bring back dark memories of her high school. She hates Snap and Loopin because they remind her of Hebert. She hates the Mystery of Magic, aka Cornelia Fuck and Doris Rumbridge, because they remind her of her ex-boyfriend Mayor Adam West. And now I wonder what I've been smoking.

    • Actually, this makes sense. But rather, Meg became Goth because she associated it with magic and witches. We know Meg is absolutely stunning after a bit of a make-over. My Immortal is, in fact, part of the Family Guy canon. The goth kids are all parodies of teenagers who want to be unique but wish to fit in by conforming. The scenes that don't make sense are actually cut-away gags.

Quahog's hatred of atheists in "Not All Dogs Go to Heaven" was Brian's exaggeration. He is just an Unreliable Narrator.

Quahog doesn't really hate atheists, it just so happens that most of the people in town believe in some religion. The way the episode presents the issue, it seems Brian is the only atheist in Quahog. However, in "Love, Blactually" he met an atheist in Quahog with similar ideals. Also in "Excellence in Broadcasting", Lois points out Brian tends to change his opinion on matters just so he can look like the underdog. He thought by making Quahog look like religious bigots he could be the underdog, and show everybody how wrong they are (in Brian's eyes).

In "Boys Do Cry", the family escapes to Texas, and in the Family Guy universe Texas is a place filled with bigots, regardless of its status in real life. Since then, Brian took these living stereotypes and applied it to Quahog so he could look like a hero, especially because the negative descriptions of Quahog only started beginning the next season.

Brian's son Dylan is a werewolf.

I mean, his mother is a human, his father is a dog. Think about it. The reason he left so suddenly was not to care for his mom, but because it was approaching the middle of the month and he had to get to his safehouse where he could transform without hurting anyone.

Joe's accident humbled him.

The story where the Grinch crippled him was not true. Joe used to be an arrogant cop until some people beat him up which humbled him. The reason why he has anger issues is that his former personality creeps in sometimes.

In Connie D'Amico's next appearance, she's gonna get back at Meg for what happened in "Dial Meg for Murder".

At this point, Connie's friends have gotten tired of picking on Meg, but Connie will have none of that. Connie's payback will end up getting herself killed.

Stewie is an evil twin.

When Stewie was born, it wasn't him. They took the good twin and left Lois with the evil one. The reason why Stewie became docile is that the good twin found his way into the Griffin's house and killed the evil twin.

Quagmire has so many diseases that he's immune to all of them.

This actually exist in the real world, organisms such as monkeys and people who live in third world countries possess this ability. In The Simpsons Mr. Burns has so many diseases that he's immune because they are all trying to attack his vitallity at once but can't because "they are like a whole bunch of people trying to squeeze into a little hole at once". Quagmire's body is like Mr. Burns's body or he'd probably built up a super high resistance to his illness just like monkeys did to aids, but the only differnce is Quagmire's built a super high resistance or an immunity to ALL the numerous diseases he has. Talk about a super human feat. Just because he is insusceptible to all the diseases he has doesn't mean he can't pass them on just like a monkey can give a human aids. Quagmires ailments don't negatively affect him one whit but he can give them to someone else, and they will take their full toll on whoever catches it from Quagmire. What can really support this theory is that halloween episode when Peter, Joe and Cleveland injected Quagmire with every disease known to man and he didn't get affected by it, as if he was immune to it or he built an immunity to all those diseases known to man.

The human farmer who owned biscuit is Bryan Griffin's real father.

Super country farmers do like to get a little freaky, I'm not saying that they all do but most ill southerners don't always have interfamily relationships, some are known to screw their own animals(pigs, chickens even horses etc.) behind closed doors of course, that's why you never hear about stuff like that. Biscuit's owner is pretty old meaning that his wife is pretty old too and most likely starting to peak out. Despite the farmer being old of age he wasn't losing his sexual stride, so he goes and sleeps with other women. No, because his old dried up menopause wife would catch him. Farmers are renoun for their rescourcefulness in any situation. So what does biscuit's owner do? have sex with her. If two animals mate with the same female it's possible for the female to have both of their babies. I know that they have to have the same kind of DNA and in reality a human can't make a baby with a dog, but this is family guy we're talking about here. Brian knocked up a dirty old whore so it's possible for a human to get a dog pregnant. When Brian states "he gets it from his father or grandfather" he is actually referring to someone in that farmers ancestor's. Brian inherited his attraction to human females from his father, his human father. It's possible that he also inherited his heavy drinking from his father just like Peter inherited his drunkeness from his father.

  • Expanding on that last bit, we learn in "Don't make me over" that Brian is slightly racist towards black people and he says that that part of him is "his father, not him." This would make sense if his father was a white southern male human, as white southerners (as previously pointed out) on FG are extremely cliche, being racist, inbred, stupid and gay-bashers, among other things.

Stewie's crush on Brian caused his Heel Face Turn.

Think about it, Stewie's loss of evil occured around the same time his attraction to Brian started so it's possible that between seasons 4&5 Stewie after falling in love with Brian but he realised that Brian would never fall for somone as evil as himself so he decided to act nice in order to improve his chances with Brian and eventually became the mask. At somepoint in time Brian also mentioned off screen that he hates british accents causing Stewie to lose the accent

  • Well that does explain why Stewie got less eviler but in return started to become homosexual, estrogen can soften someone especially a man up.

Peter can only create retarded children or super genius's with his sperm.

When it comes to sense Meg is normal,but Meg is canoncially not Peter's child so she doesn't count. Chris is a complete retard who can't see what's infront of him while on the other hand Stewie & Bertrum are the two smartest organisms on Earth.

    • The only evidence for Meg not canonically being Peter's daughter is a throwaway joke from Season 1. Given the way this show goes, it may be best to wait until something is mentioned on more than one episode before considering it canon.

Meg isn't Peter's biological daughter

In a few episodes they make reference to her not being his, and in the episode where Stewie Kills Lois, Peter is jealous of the Captain's story and begins to tell the tale of how they almost didn't have Meg due to abortion. We all know Lois gets around and Peter must have suspected that she wasn't his and decide on the abortion, but after seeing the abortionist was one handed they decided on keep her.

In "There were fewer" Stewie was aware of everything the whole time.

Hence why both he and Dianne Simmons didn't get surprised when the murders occured. Stewie had a birds eye view of everything including what Dianne was doing. When there was a murderer in the house Stewie didn't get scared, unlike everyone else who didn't know about the murder. Off screen Stewie snuck around and saw everything, but when Dianne was about to kill Lois she crossed the line.

  • ALT. She had enlisted Stewie's help, at the promise of not killing his family. Apparently she didn't hold up her end of the deal.
  • Dianne's original plan was to kill James Woods and frame Tom Tucker, Stewie didn't assist her in that in any way. Killing Muriel Goldman, Jillian's boyfriend and her former intern wasn't part of the original plan either and Stewie didn't really seem to have anything against them so how's that possible?
  • He was testing his ability to kill, and enact a plan.
  • So what was Stewie trying to test his ability to kill when he saved his mother.
    • Obviously he was saving Lois for himself, for when the time was right to kill her.
  • He didn't plan on Diane's plans going awry. The reason the time wasn't right was because he wanted to look her in the eyes and maybe even embarass her as he took her life. As he said in the episode where brian killed a dog. He has killed seven children, so far. So I think he gets a sexual thrill out of it. Simply put, taking a life to him is like taking someones virginity, to other perverts.

The reason the Griffin Family hates Meg.

I remember in an early episode there was a throwaway gag of Chris remembering Meg killed their little sister, his parents said it was a dream, and when Chris started to ask more about they stated angrily "It was a dream!" Simply put, I think that Meg DID end up killing their younger sister, how or why I couldn't guess besides some jealousy. Due to the trauma, Meg has forgotten the incident. Peter and Lois were never able to forgive her, and instead of deciding to send her to a mental institution, or see a therapist, they decided to punish her by constantly causing her physical and emotional harm. Chris only hurts Meg like Peter does because he's learned the bad behavior from his father's actions. Why they're being so sadistic? Beats me, but additional theroies would be appreciated.

In the Family Guy universe Stewie was another "God" before that incident with the time machine.

Except the thing is he doesn't know it.This can mostly be supported by the family guy movie "The untold story. Stewies state of being affects everything just like the real God. Such as Cleveland staying in Quahog despite him moving back to his hometown (The Cleveland Show), everything not being affected by the Dianne plot(And Then There Were Fewer). Stewie despite the fact he is completely oblivious to it, is the real controller of the family guy universe. Like any other super natrual entity Stewie possess the ability to accomplish unhuman feats: building a time machine, and traveling to parralel universes. Something that Quahog's most adept scientist can't perform.

Brian's son isn't actually his.

His ex just wanted to rid herself of the unruly brat, and Brian was the first guy dumb enough to not demand a DNA test. This would explain why the kid has no canine features at all, among other things.

In the series finale, some possibilities for plot synopsis' would be...

  • Meg will snap again and kill everyone.
  • The episode will open midway through a family argument (we are never explained how the argument started), causing an epic chase/fight scene extending through the whole episode, and it will end with everyone dead.
  • Stewie really does take over the world, and it's not a simulation this time. But he does a poor job of it and winds up ruining the whole planet, leading to him having an existential crisis, ending in a spoof of The Twilight Zone.
  • Stewie really does take over the world, but discovers how mundane it all is, and gives it back.
  • The family will spoof the first Family Guy episode a la Phineas And Ferb with new twists.
    • The pilot episode was poked fun at in the "Road to the Pilot", so they most likely won't use this as the series finale.
  • It will be a full musical episode.
  • Quagmire and Brian will have another fight.
  • It will be 22 minutes of the main or entire cast just sitting and doing nothing. The episode will only use ONE DRAWING for the whole thing. At the last 5 seconds, Peter will look to the camera, and say "**** you." End of the series.
  • Crossover with The Simpsons.
  • It will reveal that Family Guy is a Show Within a Show, the cast members are all actors, and everything on it is fake. The plot will concern Executive Meddling as the stars try to keep it alive and get the audience back.
    • That is true Fridge Brilliance, given "Back to The Pilot": logically, if Comic Book Time applied, January 31 1999 would have them actually be younger(similar to how The Simpsons have now moved "Homer and Marge conceiving" from the 1980s to 1990s). It didn't because Stewie didn't go back to the in-universe past. Rather, he travelled back to the "real world" past.

Meg really is transgendered

It's not just some one-off joke or has been retconned by the series lack of continuity. Either she's in the closet or just hasn't realized it yet.
--Not acording to this. She's all woman.

Kevin Swanson will come back in a future episode.

In one episode, it is briefly mentioned that he died in Iraq after going years without being seen on the show. The creators of the show said they killed him off because they couldn't think of anything to do with him, that he was a boring character. However, having him come back somehow could make a good plot.

  • Confirmed, the upcoming Thanksgiving episode will have him come back.

James Woods will return as a ghost.

He's back to being a jerkass again, because he found out Diane Simmons tricked him into becoming a newborn Christian and orchestrated his death.

  • Jossed, he was brought back to life after the events of "And Then There Were Fewer" by a machine that gave him the energy and soul from a 17 year old girl.
    • But he's apparently back to being a jerkass again.

Susie Swanson isn't Joe's daughter.

He has to use a prosthetic penis to have sex (or possibly "what Joe calls sex") with Bonnie, and had been paralyzed for fifteen years in one episode while Bonnie had been pregnant for six years (or less than nine months) in another, within a couple of years of each instance. She's also blonde, while Joe has light brown hair and Bonnie has black hair, but it's possible that Joe has dark blond hair of the type that darkens with age or he and Bonnie carried recessive genes for blondness.

James, Quagmire's cat from Family Guy, is Simon, Steve's cat from American Dad.

They look similar, except that Simon has a lot of cuts and bruises and generally looks like he's been run over by a car (which he was). Peter buried him in a place that works like the Pet Sematary (along with his lucky cat's foot), and he Came Back Wrong. They also both have the name of a biblical apostle, but that's probably just a meaningless coincidence (in- or out-of-universe).

  • Not sure I agree to this theory, Simon was okay until he was run over.
  • I'm not one for dumping on peoples' tropes, so that's not why I looked this up. I did because I like the idea that Seth MacFarlane would actually reuse a cat in two seperate shows, but the cats are difrent.
    Sure the overall look is different, but that could be a change in animation styles. it's the tail I paid attention to.

Peter makes up relatives whenever he feels like it

Remember Peter's cousin Peter the Pig, his "broster", his great uncle Peter Hitler, Peter's great grandfather Huck Griffin, and Peter's great-great-uncle Jabba the Griffin? Well apparently they seem very improbable to exist. They mostly appear in cutaway gags and most of the cutaway gags they appear in are Peter's. Stewie seems to do this as well with his cousins Stewie Cruise and Quark Griffin. Why Peter does this is unknown or if he really has a bizarre family tree. But the one thing that grinds this troper's gears is the ambiguous existence of Peter's evil twin brother Thaddeus Griffin. Now despite saying he is Peter's twin brother, in the episode ""Padre de Familia", Peter was born alone, with Thaddeus nowhere to be seen and in "Brothers & Sisters", Peter states that he doesn't have a brother or a sister, but instead a broster, half-brother, half-sister. Now this is something that doesn't add up.

    • It's Confirmed that he did make up his Native American relative "Chief Grand Cherokee" just to fool the casino owners. He probably made up Meg's biological father Stan Thompson as well.

There will be another multiverse episode, and it will include...

  • A universe drawn in anime style.
  • A universe where Stewie has taken over the world.
    • Similar to "Stewie Kills Lois" and "Lois Kills Stewie".
  • A pixelated old-style video game universe.
  • A universe much like the series pre-Flanderization. I know we had the comparison to it in "Back to the Pilot", but it'll be epic Self-Deprecation humor. It'll involve a transporter accident causing the whole of Quahog to be sucked up as the neighbour to this alternate, non-Flanderization universe.
  • A universe where the Griffins are superheroes. Based on the second "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1" segment.
  • A universe based on the unaired pilot where Lois is blonde.
  • A universe where Lois is married to Quagmire instead.

There will be another Family Guy View Mail episode.

  • The episode was called "Family Guy Viewer Mail #1", implying the possibility of future episodes. While it has been a long time, maybe the writers would want to revisit the idea.
  • Confirmed! There will be a "Family Guy Viewer Mail #2" in season 10.

The entire series is actually Peter Griffin's final memories.

  • Get ready for some serious Tear Jerker. Peter has and always had prostate cancer, it's just been a huge Retcon. To keep the series alive he'd sloppily reinterpret actual events with hilarious inaccuracies. All of us had noticed personality slides with main and supporting characters. This is every brain cell choking from a lack of oxygen or high fever, whilst continuing a visualized flashback sequence. A politically coarse moral lesson will be recited: You will die old or ill no matter how loved and important.

Chris and Meg had some form of sexual intercourse at one point.

Not coming from that episode when both of them were in that costume party disguised. In that episode Seahore seashell party it did seem a little suspicious that Chris would make a sexually frustrated comment to Meg(I "faked" my orgasms) probably trying to throw a hint at the viewers rather than give them a quick chuckle, and in the Stewie griffin the untold stewie movie Peter did state that they would have sex with each other when made sex a habit because "there rooms are right next to each other". Meg does have her "hot" moments every now and then as seen in Stewie kills Lois and to add to that Meg is really permiscous even to a comparable extent with her mother and Chris is shown to be an easy target for sexual predators such as Herbert and the camp counselor(In Petergiest. the part where someone gets their groin grabbed and Chris says that that's how his camp counselor "shakes hands"). Meg has her rare dumb moments but other besides that she is depicted as overall quite intelligent when she's not being overwhelmed by the desire of fitting in. Adding her cunning, desperation and her promiscuity together with her Cloud Cuckoolander brother with an exceptionally large penis as shown in the hunting episode what do you get? Meg and Chris Griffin getting it on.

There will be a "Road to Arkham" episode.

...because that would be awesome.

Meg's dorky glasses and stupid hat are surpressing her super hotness for the stability of those around her.

Meg is seen without her hat and especially her dumb glasses few times in the series. The few times she is seen with one of them or luckily both of them she seems a lot less bland and noticably more "hotter" as one might say and the characters on the show seem to feel the same. Just like their is an unknown source that gives Stewie his intelligence their is an anonomous source that conceals all of Meg's hotness(most likely that repulsive hat and glasses of hers). In that episode where Meg got that makeover into a hot blond, what really caused everyone else to like her was the loss of the hat and glasses not the hot pop-star makeover. Whenever Meg goes into her hot mode(having her glasses and Jewish looking hat removed especially at the same time) the balance of the universe as one might say goes out of wack. This ties into the canon lightnening rod theory from "Seahore Seashell Party".

Quagmire doesn't really hate Brian.

He just blames Brian for not getting his own spin-off. He is releasing all his rage about it onto Brian. Kinda makes sense too. Seeing as Brian is Seth McFarlane's Author Avatar.

Since Brian & Stewie (And a little before it), Brian has been trying to be nicer to some people

The big example I can think of? Meg. Peter, Lois and Chris abuse her a bit, but all Brian does usually is verbal, and usually its just slight gags. Remember, he wrote a whole article about her in a magazine that convinced her to go back to her normal self, so something Heartwarming must've been done.

Before the ep, it was because he was actually considering using his gun soon. Afterwards, its him trying to get a new lease on life,

Hey Arnold and Family Guy takes place in the same universe.

One show takes place on the west coast, the other on the east coast. Herbert the pedophile and Arnold's grandpa Phil are blood relatives, they look alike. Fridge Horror means that Arnold and Stewie, both football heads, are related so Herbert is attracted to a blood nephew, Stewie's brother Chris!

    • No. They BOTH take place on the East coast! The Griffins live in Quahog, which, although ficticious, is located in Rhode Island, and Arnold lives in New York!

Carter Pewterschmidt is a Captain Ersatz of Wade Gustafson from Fargo.

Apart from the hair, they are alike in every single way. Think about it.

Meg is a beauty queen in nerd's clothing.

Self explanotory.

  • Some of her friends are nerdy too. Like the black girl and the redhead. They both wear glasses. And they hang with Meg the most.
  • But there just plain ugly, and not just slightly attractive or plain looking with potential. They don't have anything hindering there appearances unlike Meg however.

Family Guy is the Mirror Universe to The Simpsons.

I know it's kind of obvious, but they do have many "mirror" qualities. For example, Quahog is set in a specific state, while Where the Hell Is Springfield?. Both have Comic Book Time, but Family Guy seems to remember things in real time(just check Back to the Pilot and you'll see what I mean), while The Simpsons has Negative Continuity. As for which characters are counterparts of one another?

  • Peter is the evil(and stupider) twin of Homer. He's basically Homer if Homer Simpson was a sociopath with zero intellect.
  • Lois is not just the evil, but the Id to Marge's Superego. While their both milfs, they have opposite ways of dealing with this. Marge prefers to be more subdued about her sexuality, and her kinks can come out more potent (like public sex). Lois, however, prefers to take The Hedonist approach to her sexuality, so it's become mundane
  • Chris is not an evil counterpart, but the yin to Bart's yang. They're total opposites: Chris is basically his father, except nice(normally), and The Generic Guy. To contrast, Bart has a bunch of Hidden Depths and shows a lot of contempt for his father.
  • Meg and Lisa are, at the core, the same, however they became different because of one crucial, childhood difference: how they grew up. Lisa was neglected by her parents, but they still loved her a lot, so she focused her efforts into learning. Meg, on the other hand...
  • Stewie and Maggie are age-flipped(psychologically, mind you) counterparts. They're both genius and examples of the Anti-Hero, however Maggie acts her age. Stewie, however is a hormonally-charged Camp Gay adult trapped in an infant's body.
  • Joe Swanson and Chief Wiggum are total Bizarro counterparts. The latter is an incompetent moron, the former is badass. Even their physical forms are total opposites: Chief Wiggum is fat, while Joe is ripped and muscular.
  • Moe is the closest thing to Quagmire, as their moral compasses are well known for being unpredictable.

Brian and Jasper are an evolutionary step in dogs.

Which is why there are so few of them so far. It's a recent evolutionary step so they still hold several dog instincts and behaviors that aren't necessary for their survival. While there are only a few they are well-known which is why no one is shocked to see talking dogs.

The Next Chicken Fight.

It will be either A. in a Family Guy movie, and the fight will be in 3D. Or B. a fight that lasts an entire 20 minute episode, ending with the Giant Chicken being Killed Off for Real.

    • It's going to be part of the season 10 finale.

Chris Griffin's biological father isn't Peter.

Chris is blonde, yet none of his parents, nor his grandparents, are blond-haired. Plus Lois isn't exactly faithful. I can imagine an episode where Peter puts two and two together({{[[[The Ditz]] 13 years is enough time for him}}), and is enraged. It will end up with Peter turning his attention to Meg, which will get Chris riled up. Chris will search for his biological father. At the end of the episode, it'll be revealed that it's one of the members of KISS. Being a KISS fanboy, Peter will reconcile, and love the fact that his "son" was made by Lois doing KISS.

The series is caused by Meg's delusions

Early on we are shown Meg writing articles and keeping a diary, so we know she can write, and she's probably creative enough to make up stories to entertain herself. She started Family Guy either out of boredom or a writing assignment from school. As time went on, though, she turned herself into the Butt Monkey in her own story out of low self-esteem/self-loathing and the overall tone of her stories became darker, more twisted, and less humorous as she slides into mental instability (alternately, she's growing up, becoming more cynical, and getting bored with Family Guy to account for the shift in tone).

Brian's ex Julian is part dog

Julian has a necklace that looks like Brian's collar and she's of subpar human intelligence. Going by the theory that Brian and Peter are trapped in each other's bodies, this makes perfect sense.

Chris is a Leviathan

Stewie said so, in "The Story on Page One"!

Stewie is going to grow up like his father

and he is going to have similar friends
Quagmire-Anna Lee

  • That's almost in contrast with Peter Griffin's all-male friends. However, it's kinda nice that they'll both have (possible) girlfriends.

Stewie is somewhat related to Numbuh 1

They're both geniuses, have British accents and their head shapes are almost similar. The only reason that Stewie is evil is because--remember that episode in the Kids Next Door when Numbuh 1 found out that Father was actually his uncle? Stewie must have gotten that from him.

Meg's suffering is Karmic Punishment for Lois' sins.

Lois was a shameless Alpha Bitch back in high school (remember how she pranked Joyce Kinney?). Of course, Joyce's revenge was nothing compared to God's. Lois' subsequent life presages Connie D'Amico's (per Brian's threat that Connie will "hit the wall" by age 19) in how she winds up giving up her family fortune for a sociopathic Psychopathic Manchild (with some acting in porn in between). And now her Hollywood Homely daughter is the Cosmic Plaything not just of Connie, or her family, but pretty much the whole universe (and others). And in addition...

Connie D'Amico is related to Joyce Kinney.

King Stewart III(The tyrant stewie was in a past life) was really Compensating for Something.

Confirmed in the very same episode when someone asked "why does he act like that" and Brian replied "because he has a really small penis". So he's compensating for his small penis with something abstract and that would be his huge phallic(dick) like attitude.