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  • How old was Sue originally supposed to be? In FF V1 #81, Crystal says "I'm no younger than Sue herself was - when your team was first formed!" and in issue #82, Reed calls Crystal a minor. Does that mean Sue was jailbait when Reed first dated her?
    • She was 17 when they met, and they didn't start dating until she was in college. Johnny's her younger brother, and he's at least 16 when the series starts.
      • No she was 12 and he was 19 when they first met.
  • In Rise of the Silver Surfer, the Silver Surfer technobabbles Johnny's powers, and he swaps powers with his teammates. At the climax of the film, Johnny combines all of the Fantastic Four's powers to take on Doctor Doom. Doctor Doom, who, in the films, got powers in the same accident that created the Fantastic Four. Why doesn't Johnny trade his full set for Doom's Shock and Awe powers?
    • Maybe Doom's metal skin and armor protect him from the effects. Johnny's seen swapping the powers when he touches either the skin of one of the other members of the Four, or their Unstable Molecules outfits.
  • Yeah... Why has nobody revoked Dr. Doom's diplomatic immunity? Or made an attempt to invade Latveria and remove him from power? I know there's the excuse, Depending on the Writer, that Doom is a great leader and takes care of his own people, but the man is constantly attempting to kill certain private American citizens and openly conspires to conquor the world. There's no arguing it- the man makes long, hammy speeches about these things. The UN isn't the least bit bothered about granting this man diplomatic immunity even after he's used it to commit crimes while avoiding arrest on foreign soil multiple times? SHIELD never sits down and decides to invade Latveria to arrest Doom? Reed Richards can't just go to both groups and ask them to just do this as a favor for all those times he and his family fought off Galactus?
    • Not at the same scale, but... war criminal, drug trafficker, twice dictator Desi Bouterse was elected president of Surinam. The Netherlands, which previously convicted him of these crimes in absentia, is obligated to give him a visa if he goes to an international organization for a state matter.
    • The same reason other nations with nuclear weapons aren't invaded: deterrence. Only in Doom's case, the potential threat level includes things next to which the contemporary nuclear arsenal of the United States looks like popguns. Reed Richards & SHIELD both ran simulations/projections once of the maximum amount of firepower Doom could unleash if he stopped fighting like a supervillain and instead devoted his resources to an actual full-on war: it began with light-speed anti-matter city-killers fired from orbit and went up from there. It's entirely comprehensible why the US government takes no official objection to Doom's ongoing vendetta vs. the Fantastic Four; that is, quite literally, one of the least dangerous things Doom could be doing with his time.
    • The above post sums it up quite nicely, but there are additional reasons as well: many countries in the world are highly reliant on Latveria economically and technologically. It's like the USSR, only functional.
    • When Doom was recently sent to Hell the FF swooped in to take over the country. IIRC, it didn't end well for them.
    • The FF did aid the Latverian resistance once, and they overthrew Doom (I think that was FF #200.) Unfortunately, his replacement was a nutcase and the FF eventually let Doom take over again during John Byrne's run on the series. The message was rather clear: Latveria is better off under Doom. Byrne's interpretation seemed to be "Doom is megalomaniacal supervillain to the outside world, but he really does love Latveria.
  • Crime fighting. Sure, if Terrax is smashing buildings, the Fantastic Four would step in and stop things. But how many crimes could Johnny Storm stop just by flying high and keeping his eyes open? Sue needs to tell him to get off his ass and start melting mugger's knives.
    • Who says he hasn't?
    • It should be noted in fairness that, in the Comics!Verse, at least, New York City isn't exactly lacking in super-powered do-gooders in costumes fighting crimes.
  • In the film, Victor Von Doom's space station has artificial gravity. Not from spinning the station, but outright artificial gravity. No mention of this is ever made, by any character at all. Why is Doom in such financial trouble that his company is in danger, when he has access to literal miracle technology that could revolutionize the entire world?
    • Maybe that's why his business was a muli-billion doller company, becuase he invented artificial gravity. As for the financial problem, that was brought on by the fact he invested tons of money in the project so he could take advantage of Reed to triple his money, and when it failed lost almost all of his money. It doesn't matter if someone invnts something to completely revolutionize the world and make billions, if they then waist that money, its gone, forever. He could sell it to another company, but that would lead to losing the project as well.
  • Why didn't Movie!Doom just, you know, file a lawsuit against Reed like a normal, sane, rich person instead of trying to trick his friend into losing his power, kidnap and torture him, and then fire a rocket at Johnny? Instead of effectively Crossing the Moral Event Horizon, he could of just taken away the Baxter Building and anything Reed had, sell all his projects, use the money to refinance his company and back to the Smug Snake he was, plus cool Shock and Awe powers. Unless the power of lightning caused him to drop a few IQ digits and become comepletely insane.
    • Because the movie gradually shows us that he IS going insane (because he kills people that know about him getting powers instead of spindoctoring the hell out of it to save face). Power Corrupts and all that.
      • There are a few points where the movie seems to imply Doom's internal organs are converting to metal as well, and that the metal process is painful. That plus his ego plus his perfectly reasonable stress probably didn't do wonders for his psyche.
  • The page image over on Took a Level In Badass ...Great, yea, we know Sue Storm isn't useless and is indeed the most dangerous member of the FF. But when did that happen? I don't recall the last time she fought Magneto, and the only time I know of her fighting Red Hulk was as part of a team that still nearly got squashed(back in his Villain Sue days). Her taking Loki is laughable at best(same goes for anyone else in the FF), and I don't remember hearing about that, either. Can't recognize anyone else in the pile up at first glance. Was that just a promotional image, fan art, or did that actually happen?
    • Tin Eye says this image is the cover of Marvel Adventures - Super-Heroes #19.
      • I have that issue. She never actually does that in comic. In fact, it basically had no fights in Marvel Adventures- Super-Heroes whatsoever after the reboot from the Avengers. Thankfully it started reprinting old stories from the first run.
    • It's on the page for the same reason it's on the cover: it is awesome.
  • In Rise Of The Silver Surfer, the Fantastic Four swap powers, and hilarity often ensues as a result, such as the scene where Sue Storm got Johnny's power of fire, and Johnny got Sue's power of invisibility. However, in the scene where that happened, Sue's supersuit - which was designed to turn invisible when she turned invisible - was burnt by her fire, while Johnny's suit turned invisible when he turned invisible, when it was actually designed to be fireproof and light up when he lights up. Sure you could make an argument that the Fantastic Four's suits were all designed the same way and all of them could somehow accommodate for each member's powers. But why the hell did Johnny's fireproof suit turn invisible while Sue's suit burnt up
  • Has the Fantastic four ever met the Punisher?
  • Does Dr. Doom have the technology around to repair his face, or does he just choose not to? I mean he's done plenty of others stuff that make it seem like he could do that easily.
    • IIRC, there's a few handwaves doing the rounds. A general one is that it's part of his whole insane "I hate Reed Richards SO VERY MUCH" complex; the scars act as a constant reminder of what Reed 'did' to him, and he keeps them around to fuel his hatred and thus inspire his vendetta. Presumably according to this explanation, once he finally bests Reed once and for all, he'll cure them; insane, perhaps, but then this is a guy who's built a career as a supervillain dictator out of what pretty much amounts to little more than spite -- he's a fucking insane guy. Alternatively, some later explanations suggest that Doom's scars are magical or supernatural in nature and that these various techniques won't work to cure them, in a sort of 'science can't fix what magic has wrought' kind of thing.
  • If Dr. Doom still has his time machine laying around, why doesn't he just use to kill Reed Richards before he got his powers?
    • He probably sees that as too 'lowly' for someone like himself. Odds are he wants to kill him in a grand fight, or execute him in Latveria.