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File:Fat Princess - Logo 8296.jpg

Awwww, look at da fat liddle princess pwincess! Isn't she adowwable? (*pinches cheeks*)

A hybrid Real Time Strategy-Action Game for the PlayStation 3.

Fat Princess does away with the omniscient commander usually found in the RTS genre. Instead each of up to 32 players play as individual soldiers in the Red or Blue armies. Players choose classes by putting on hats that spawn in the teams' castles or drop from dead enemies.

The six classes:

  • Villager - The starting class. Has a bare-handed attack which does little damage and has a minor stun effect, and can knock items (or the princess) out of enemy hands. Has no hat and the fastest running speed.
  • Warrior - The basic melee attacker. Attacks with a sword and can use a shield to block enemy attacks. Wears a big horned helmet and has the slowest running speed.
    • Gains a spear with a flying charge attack and an even bigger helmet when upgraded.
  • Ranger - The basic ranged attacker. Attacks with a bow. Wears the classic Robin Hood/William Tell cap.
    • Gains a blunderbuss and a feather for his hat when upgraded.
    • When upgraded, torches around the base will be lit, giving a fire upgrade to any class who touches it for a short time.
  • Worker - The worker unit. Carries an axe that can be used for melee attacks, or to harvest resources for castle upgrades. Wears a bandanna.
    • Gains a factory worker's cap and the ability to throw bombs when upgraded.
      • When upgraded, the worker's hat machine will also produce larger, more devastating bombs that can be picked up by anyone.
  • Mage - Casts fire magic that causes damage over time. Can cast single bolts at a distance, or charge up for a multi-target burst centered on the caster. Wears a Wizard Hat, of course.
    • When upgraded, the Mage can also cast Ice magic, which does less damage and freezes enemies in their place.
      • The Mage's upgraded hat machine will also produce magic potions, which when thrown will turn anyone in the blast radius into a chicken. Potions can also be used by any class.
  • Priest - Can cast healing magic in the same manner as the wizards spells, or make a weak melee attack with his staff. Wears a priest's miter.
    • Upgrades to the Dark Priest, who can drain enemy health.

And in the new Downloadable Content, 3 more classes were added. These include:

  • Ninja - Attacks with a sword and can throw shurikens. Can also turn invisible, enabling the Ninja to walk through castle doors and kill opponents in one hit if the Ninja is behind the enemy..
  • Giant - The Mighty Glacier of the game. Can cause a huge amount of destruction but cannot heal itself by standing still and cannot pick up the princess. The only way for the Giant to heal itself is to eat an enemy!
  • Pirate - Carries a cutlass and a gun into battle. The Pirate can also fire a cannonball from...somewhere in front of him, causing great amount of damage to enemies and castle doors alike.

The main game mode "Rescue the Princess" plays like a classic Capture the Flag match. Each team starts with the enemy princess captive in their castle. To win the match, the Princess must be rescued and returned to her castle's throne room, while keeping the enemy princess safely imprisoned. You can hamper the enemy's rescue efforts by picking up cakes that spawn around them map and feeding them to the captive Princess. This turns her into a well... Fat Princess that takes more players to move.

On April 26, 2012, the titular princess was announced as a playable character in Play Station All-Stars Battle Royale, aided by the classes.

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