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"Well, your story is VERY compelling, Mr. Jackass, I mean, Simpson..."
Police Chief Wiggum, from The Simpsons, in response to Homer's claim of seeing a space alien.

On the one hand there's the Freudian Slip, where a character means to say thing A but says thing B by accident, likely because B reflects on what is really on their mind.

But in this case, a character says thing B on purpose, and "pretends" (whether as a matter of deceptive intentions or just sarcastically) that it was an accident. Basically, this is for when a character wants to openly express the kind of thing that a character who makes a Freudian Slip is trying to keep to himself/herself.

Compare Cough Trope Cough, which is often used for similar purposes.

Examples of Fauxdian Slip include:

Live Action TV

  • Rachel (and then later, Ross) trying to flirt their way out of a ticket, in one episode of Friends.

 Rachel: Here you go, Officer Handsome.

Officer: It's Hanson.

Rachel: Whoops, my mistake.


Ross: Here you go, Officer, uh, Pretty.

Officer: It's Petty.

Ross: Whoops. (nervous giggle)

  • Babylon 5 has Bester use this to reveal that Talia Winters was dissected by the Corps. Whether this was true or not is never made known.
  • In The Nanny episode "Maggie the Model", Fran attempts to let Maggie down easy after Maggie bombs as a potential model:

 Maggie Sheffield: But Chloe said...

Fran Fine: I know what Chloe said, but we'll cross that bitch when we get to it.



  • Bruce Almighty: "Evan Backstabber...Bastard...Baxter!"
  • Moulin Rouge; Nini outing Satine and Christian to the Duke ("Why would the courtesan go for the penniless writer? Whoops! I mean sitar player!").

Web Comics

Web Original


 General betray us - sorry, REALLY big frog in my throat there - General "Petraeus..."


Western Animation

Real Life

  • Cicero used this in his speech in defense of Caelius, who had been accused of several crimes by his ex-lover Clodia. Clodia was the sister of one of Cicero's bitterest political enemies, and it was rumoured there was a Brother-Sister Incest relationship among the siblings. In his speech, Cicero said at one moment: "And, indeed, I would do so still more vigorously, if I had not a quarrel with that woman's husband - brother, I meant to say; I am always making this mistake."