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Imagine a world where at any moment and any time, your physical form is changed and you gain fantastic abilities, based off what you were fighting and how you were fighting it. This is Flexible Survival, where mutations are the king of survival. The Human race as a whole is being wiped out by Nanites which turns nearly everyone into a strange hybrid of multiple beings. (Other offscreen areas are rumored to have nanites that make human pudding instead.) The game is simple enough; you make your character and choose their perks. Which can range from anything from Hyper Fertile to being completely immune to the various mutations in the world. This game is updated extremely regularly, sometimes multiple times nightly and has a very active and devoted playerbase.

Please bear in mind that this IS an adult game, and roleplaying is common and encouraged. Consider it completely NSFW.

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Has its own Wiki here as well.

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Provides Examples Of:

  • After the End: The general premise of the game. The world has ended and mutations run rampant.
  • Atomic Superpowers: How mutations generally work.
  • Author Appeal: Basically why the game exists.
  • Babies Make Everything Better: Used in an odd way. You can give birth and have the children as your loyal party members.
  • Body Horror: Your Mileage May Vary, but some of the more powerful mutations are this. Though, Averted in the case of the mutations being painful.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Possible, with the mako system. Though, it's more about helping the game develop than giving cash.
  • Badass Abnormal: What most of the players are.
  • Badass Normal: Possible if you took the immune to mutation perk at the beginning, but not encouraged as this makes surviving MUCH more difficult. Makes sense, considering how much the world has changed. You have to be willing to adapt to anything to survive.
  • Black Comedy Rape: In a way, though getting raped is how you gain new powers for the most part.
  • Brain Bleach: Sometimes you'll want a bit if you see some of the more extreme mutations.
  • Chainsaw Good: When first released to the public, the Chain Sword was the only available melee weapon. A bat has been added since then, but it's not sold in the starting area.
  • Character Level: Currently with a cap of 40.
  • Critical Existence Failure: You fight perfectly well until that last hit point goes away. Although it's not always physical trauma, given the mice that can cute you unconscious.
  • Death Is a Slap on The Wrist: Or a slap on the rump, when the monsters are randy. You respawn at your home point with a small energy regeneration debuff and 0 health, although the latter can be changed to respawining at 50% by subscribing.
  • Fetish Fuel: Pretty much the reason why the game exists, too.
  • Furry Fandom: Very rampant, given what most of the mutations turn you into.
  • Gag Boobs: Very easy to obtain, since most female/hermaphrodite mutants start at C and go from there. There's even a merit/perk that allows a PC to gain breasts well in excess of H. (T is the maximum, though only with one pair.)
  • Gender Bender: Happens a LOT.
  • Global Currency: Averted. There are two currencies, Resources and Freecreds. The former represents your cashflow of useful supplies, and covers upkeep of your equipment as well as things you buy from Zephyr, Inc. Freecreds are spent for things from the Mall Rats. There is also Mako, bought with real money (or improving the game), which lets you change bits of how the game works for you.
  • In Universe Game Clock: Running at 2.5 times realtime. Some events are tied to your time spent logged-in (such as pregnancy progression) while others are governed by real time passing (such as the seven days infertile after giving birth). The MUD time started in May 2008, but is catching up!
  • Nice Hat: Promethean versions of Ferals are wearing a hat of glowing lights.
  • Hermaphrodite: Very possible. And you can turn into one against your will.
  • Rule of Cool: While the game doesn't run on it, you can use "hero points" to do any suitably cool action.
  • Special Snowflake Syndrome : Basically the PC, as they can choose from various Professions and additional roles so that they can end up as a Geneticist, crossclass Mechanic Nurse who fulfills a role as an Berserking Assassin sniper.
  • Squick: With some of the odder mutations, entirely possible.
  • Survival Horror: Not much is present on-screen, but the background is a constant battle against starvation, collapse of society, loss of rational thought and invisible clouds that kill you at the first breath. The players' city full of rampaging monsters is close to a best-case scenario.
  • Improvised Index: If it's on that list, it is probably a game element.
  • Improbable Weapon User: Almost every PC. There's even an item that allows renaming, so pretty much anything goes.