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I'd throw this mocha in your face, but it's not nearly scalding enough.
Santana, Glee

Somebody has said or done something that bothers someone else. In retaliation, that person will toss a drink at them or pour something over their head.

Can be considered the supertrope of Food Fight, although when done by adults a fight usually won't break out, outside of comedies (or westerns).

Compare Edible Ammunition.

Examples of Food Slap include:

Films — Animated

  • In Disney's Aladdin, Jasmine throws a glass of wine in Jafar's face.

Films — Live Action

  • Occurs twice in the classic western Shane, once as mockery, once Played for Drama and indirectly leading into the epic Bar Brawl.
  • In Cocktail, Tom Cruise's character goes to the restaurant Jordan works at, and she responds by offering him the "Daily Special" - right on his lap.
  • In Hitch, after Sara finds out who Hitch really is, they argue and one of them throws a small piece of food at the other. He ends up tossing a salad on her.
  • The title character of Leonard Part Six ends up wearing most of the meal when he dines with his estranged wife - both times.
  • In Freaks, a dwarf gets the remainder of a punchbowl thrown at him after offering it in the famous "One of us" chant.
  • Played for Drama in a 1985 Filipino movie where a jealous actress splashes a glass of wine right in front of the heroine's face, added with the most remarkable line, "You're nothing but a second-rate, trying-hard, copycat!"
  • In Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock implies that Mary is only in a relationship with Watson for his money, she pours a drink on him.
  • In Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Helen eats a salad in front of Charles, knowing he can't get food for himself, and when she is almost done throws the plate at him.


  • Ayu in Deep Love pours hot coffee over Keiko, the girl who organised Reina's rape along with stabbing her in the leg.
  • Pretty Little Liars: Ben spills his drink on Emily after finding out she cheated on him with Maya.

Live Action TV

  • Samantha Jones, in an episode of Sex and the City, dresses in her finest and heads off to meet Richard, who's sitting at a table in very nice restaurant, waiting for her. As Samantha approaches him, he smiles and tells her how great she looks. She gives him a big smile back, tosses a drink in his face, turns on a dime, and triumphantly walks away.
  • On Happy Days, Chachi found himself eating in the kitchen (as there were not enough seats in the dining room). Richie has become mad at Chachi, and when Chachi asks for a roll, Richie throws it at him really hard. Chachi announces that he'll get his own gravy.
  • On Friends, Joey has a Loony Fan who thinks he's his One Life to Live character, Dr. Drake Ramoray. When she gets angry at Ramoray and goes after Joey, the others save him by convincing her that he's actually Drake's Evil Twin, and splash glasses of water at him for various offences, most famously leaving the toilet seat up.
  • Drinks to the face are an occupational hazard for Barney Stinson. "Eventually, you'll be able to anticipate it, and when you do... free drink."
  • On Everybody Loves Raymond, Ray and Debra are eating ice-cream when Ray brags about how he got a higher score than Debra in an IQ test. Debra responds by dumping the ice-cream bowl on his crotch.
  • In The Goodies and the Bean Stalk, Bill has gone to sell the beloved trandem — however, it's rated as worthless by the bike buyers, who jokingly buy it for a tin of beans. When he comes back, Tim and Graeme inspect it, surprisingly calm, before pouring all the beans over Bill's head.
    • Also, in "Punky Business", Graeme has gotten to work as a waiter in a punk restaurant. When Tim orders the sauce, he gets it all over his head.
    • Also also, in "Black And White Beauty", there's a literal food slap. Exposition: Graeme's running a place that takes care of old animals. Bill, after watching some of their behavior (nothing), starts doubting that they're alive. Bill watches a very unmoving cat, then this ensues:

 Bill: Alright, Graeme. (produces a fish) I want to see that cat eat that kipper.

(nothing happens)

Graeme: Er--yes--oh, look! (points) The hamster's doing a handstand!

(Tim and Bill look away for a bit — when they look back, the kipper bone is sticking out of Graeme's mouth. Tim slowly pulls it out)

Graeme: Er...(turns to the cat) I'm sorry, Kenneth, I was just so--(Tim slaps him with the kipper)

  • Abed receives one of these in the Mixology Certification episode of Community after he (kinda) leads on another man who was clearly attracted to him, so he could talk about Farscape.

 Robert: Abed, would you like to have gay sex with me?

Abed: No thank you.

Robert: Wow, OK, so what is wrong with you that you can sit here this whole time and never pick up on the fact that a man is hitting on you?

Abed: Oh I actually did pick up on it after a while.

Robert: [Incredulous] You actually… And?

Abed: I really, really like talking about Farscape. [Robert throws a drink in his face] … It’s a really good show.

Robert: [Walking off] Stargate’s better!

  • In one of their first conversations, Doggett manages to anger Scully into throwing her cup of water in his face.
  • A Kids in The Hall sketch had Dave Foley and Kevin Mac Donald as two ladies' men who fondly reminisce together on all the women who have thrown drinks in their faces.
  • Drinks to the face are an occupational hazard for Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother. "Eventually, you'll be able to anticipate it, and when you do... free drink!"


Newspaper Comics

  • In a FoxTrot arc centered on Roger attending his college reunion, one strip opens with a woman confirming that he's Roger Fox, from the Delta Theta fraternity, at which point she says "After all these years, I can't believe I found you!" ...And then promptly throws her drink in his face, calling him a pig. And as this is happening, another woman walks up, asking "Roger Fox?"

Video Games

  • Ace Attorney: Godot has thrown his coffee at Phoenix Wright three times.

Real Life

  • February 4th (2010) Lindsay Lohan went to see her ex, Samantha Ronson spin at Crown Bar in West Hollywood. It was reported that "Lindsay was trying to get Sam's attention, but Sam was working and apparently ignored her...Lindsay began 'dirty dancing' with a girl in front of Sam, who then became infuriated and called Lindsay 'a disgrace," after which Lindsay picked up a drink and threw it straight in Sam's face."
  • Waiter! Bring Me Water, Shania Twain directly calling on this trope.
  • A live TV interview in 1995 with Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Boris Nemtsov ended in an orange juice fight.
  • Come on now, everyone's probably had this happen to them at one time or another.