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Foreign fanservice.jpg

So, this next character is a foreigner (from a Japanese POV), and her design should reflect that. Okay, blonde hair...Blue Eyes...175cm tall... huge cans...

Hmm. Is there some Fan Service potential here?

This is when the answer to that question is "yes." In short, this is the stereotypical height and bust of Western (though not necessarily American) women used for Fan Service purposes.

The male equivalent shows up in Shoujo, Josei and the Boys Love, where if there's an American guy around, he will be hot, blond, and have a great bod to go with his freakish height and lack of social norms (like kissing people goodbye and being shirtless in public).

Related to Phenotype Stereotype. See also Chinese Girl, Everyone Looks Sexier If French, and Europeans Are Kinky. Compare and contrast Mukokuseki.

Examples of Foreign Fanservice include:

Anime & Manga

  • Any foreign chick in Hentai. The page pic is one such example, from the manga Viva Freedom.
  • The definitive example has got to be Hevn from GetBackers.
    • When the artist felt that Hevn alone wasn't busty enough to combat the dark nature of the Divine Design storyline, he created Maria Noches, whose breasts are both bigger and more visible.
  • Mireille Bouquet from Noir, though she isn't all that stacked, really... especially not when compared to Hevn (warning: NSFW).
  • Jennifer Portman from This Ugly Yet Beautiful World.
  • To a small degree, Wedy from Death Note.
  • Kaere Kimura from Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei. This was subverted in the Onsen Episode: she may be Ms. Fanservice reliably, but she wears a full bodysuit in the Onsen Episode because whatever-she-is really aren't that keen on public nudity.
  • A scene in Azumanga Daioh had Osaka label Sakaki an American based on her figure, in reference to this trope.
    • Going even further, Osaka labels the various characters' bust sizes by location. Well-endowed Sakaki is "American", several small-chested secondary characters are "Japanese", while somewhat-busty Yomi is tagged as "Hawaiian" (halfway between "Japanese" and "American"). When less-endowed-but-quite-vain Genki Girl Tomo demands to know what "American" location she is, Cloudcuckoolander Osaka replies with "American Yokohama".
  • Lucy from Midori no Hibi. Main character Seiji figures out her nationality from her American flag-pattern panties. You can't make this stuff up, folks.
  • Suzy and Angela in Genshiken are Americans, but only Angela fits this trope. And how... Japanese Ohno claims to have a larger bust than her, however.
  • Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion is a German version — predictably for that show, things go very bad very fast.
    • Possibly Mari from Rebuild 2.0. Pure Fetish Fuel behavior (climbing onto and sniffing Shinji, then commenting on how he smells of LCL which she has a fetish on; donning her pink plugsuit and immediately cupping her rack, praising the looser chest section) and she's not above shaming Asuka in the chest department either. Too bad she's borderline Ax Crazy.
  • Monica from Yakitate!! Japan, who wears an American flag bikini.
    • It should be noted that she invoked this deliberately, so as to distract her opponent in the baking duel. Her opponent responded to this by stripping down to his loincloth.
  • Jodie Starling and Sharon Vineyard from Detective Conan.
  • Apparently, Patricia Martin of Lucky Star, a foreign exchange student with the second largest bust of the main characters. Interestingly never mentioned in a show otherwise full of tropes and lampshade hanging, making it either intentionally subverted or simply overshadowed by her official role of "normal fangirl" (versus her two friends, Otaku Surrogate for standard fanboys and Yuri Fangirls).
  • Everyone in Grenadier assumes that Rushuna is foreigner based on her three most noticeable assets: her golden hair, and her massive pair of boobs. The hair actually winds up getting her into trouble on one occasion.
  • Tina Foster of Ai Yori Aoshi exemplifies this, although Taeko is bigger. Helped by being an interesting character.
  • Cathy McMahon in RahXephon: Tall, blonde, busty, freckled face, wears a cowboy hat with her uniform, boisterous personality. Wears a very skimpy bikini in the Beach Episode, but sadly does not suffer a wardrobe failure even though she enters into a wrestling match with Elvy.
  • Played with in Love Hina. Unlucky Everydude Keitaro returns from an academic trip abroad; Naru (after spending much of his trip worried about all the trope-fitting girls that he was bound to encounter) finds a blond hair on his clothes and takes him to task for philandering. Turns out, it was a hair from a mysteriously blonde gorilla.
  • Based on this trope, it's not a surprise that Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's resident American, Alisa, officially got the second largest bust size amongst Nanoha, Fate, Hayate, Suzuka, and her after the Time Skip. The largest went to Suzuka. It's always the quiet ones.
  • Charlotte Yeager from Strike Witches, from Liberion.
  • Chamoni, the French exchange student in the AIKI manga.
    • Metara probably also applies, given how many allusions to her being a foreigner are made and her whole 'Western' look as a gunslinger.
  • Rare male example: Wallace/Willis from the Digimon Adventure 02 movie, being American, naturally is blonde with blue eyes (though they change to green during the course of the movie). Lampshaded in the dubbed version where Daisuke/Davis comments, "Yeah, yeah, back off there, blondie", after Wallace/Willis complements Miyako/Yolei.
  • Another male example shows up in the Di Gi Charat specials, where the cast travels to the US and meets up with a full-blown 10-year-old Dejiko-fanboy, complete with blonde hair, Japanese with a weird accent ("De'jeeko'-chan!") and stars & stripes-colored Dejiko-cosplay...
  • Keroro Gunsou gives us the American "celebrity" (and one-time personal trainer) Melody Honey, a character from the author's previous work, Arcade Gamer Fubuki.
  • Lizlet L. Chelsie from Omamori Himari.
  • Rachel "Castor" Stanley from Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple. On top of being scantily clad and mightily endowed, she's also proven to be a gigantic Attention Whore who would do practically anything (especially strip) for a glance in her direction.
  • Male version: November 11 in Darker Than Black. Tall, blond, blue-eyed, and British, and was rather memorably seen lounging around naked in one episode, and again in a manga Omake.
    • Brita counts as a female example from the series, having the same Phenotype Stereotype and probably being American, and like November 11, lacks a concern for nudity, although in both cases, it's not culture that causes this behavior, it's sociopathy.
    • Another female example, the presumably American (she works for the CIA) Madame Oreille in the second season. She seems to spend an inordinate amount of time in swimsuits that show off her cleavage or getting a massage while covered in oil. Again, blond and blue-eyed.
  • Lucy Mk II from the Ecchi manga Yuria 100 Shiki. She's a blonde blue-eyed American Sex Bot, modeled after generations of playmates, who behaves like a nymphomaniac porn actress. She is extremely disturbing even for Ecchi standards.
  • Recently introduced Montana of Super Dreadnought Girl 4946 fits this. Her breasts, from the right angle, are particularly huge, and she's rather hyperactive. Even Mana, a 50 meter tall girl with just as large body parts, is jealous of her body.
  • Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service has the character Reina Gorn show up in one chapter. She's an American entomologist who is blond and busty and wears a cowboy hat.
  • Axis Powers Hetalia parodies this with their Anthropomorphic Personification of America. His Phenotype Stereotype looks would have you think that this was how his character was meant to be, but he's actually a much better candidate for Adorkable than this trope.
    • Arguably played straight with the anthropomorphic personification of Greece, however. The artist has drawn him twice in a traditional Ancient Greek chiton that shows off his very nice physique and thighs, and he has been established in canon as being the nation who has the highest frequency of sex in the world and having little qualms about walking around buttnaked or suggesting naked check-ups to his best friend/love interest. Granted, he's still more a Sleepyhead Kindhearted Cat Lover than Mr. Fanservice, but considering that the Fan Service involving him is almost always directly linked to his (mother's) culture...
    • The nyotalia version of America probably plays this straight, though.
  • Japan Inc has a stripper in a cowgirl costume.
  • Jackie Tristan from Bleach is a Tall, Dark and Bishoujo, Ambiguously Brown woman with Absolute Cleavage, probably either American or British going by her name.


  • The German guy's wife in Super Troopers.
  • Nadia, the European exchange student from American Pie.
  • Didier, the French Exchange student from Son of Rambow. Heck, Even the Guys Want Him!!
  • When it was announced that there would be a Hollywood version of The Ring, the Japanese made a few joke comics about "American Sadako". One of which, yes, she would be blonde and have big boobs. It eventually spawned a full-blown meme where Sadako, the black-haired child-Samara, and the blonde and large-breasted American Samara were all separate characters.
  • Both parodied and instantiated by Areola in Not Another Teen Movie.
  • Esmeralda Villa Lobos in Pulp Fiction.

Video Games

  • Tiffany Lords from Rival Schools is the epitome of this trope — a bouncy, large-breasted blonde American cheerleader/boxer with Jiggle Physics in full effect.
  • English females represent this well, especially in fighting games, and include Cammy from Street Fighter, Ivy from the Soul Series, Christie from Dead or Alive and of course, there's Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. All are arguably the most Fanservicey in their respective games.
    • Although since the original Tomb Raider games were made by a British developer in doesn't count until the rights were sold to Crystal Dynamics (American) which was then bought up by Square-Enix (Japanese).
      • That does kind of explain why Lara's bust size has been steadily increasing. That and the graphical advancements which afforded better jiggle physics.
  • It's worth noting that despite her role as Ms. Fanservice, Mai Shiranui is actually far from having the largest bust measurement in The King of Fighters (at least if you go by official 3-sizes); Shermie (French, 92 cm), Elizabeth (French, 90 cm), King (French and blonde, 86 cm), Angel (Mexican, 92 cm), and Blue Mary (American and blonde, 86 then 88 cm) all are (or were at one point) among those bigger than Mai (85 cm at first, 87 by KOF 2003). In KOF Maximum Impact 1, Lien Neville (British, blonde) is actually given a larger in-game chest than Mai's, but no official measurements are provided.
    • When first introduced, Blue Mary filled this role in Fatal Fury 3]] and Real Bout 1 when her bust was more emphasized than Mai's. In Mark of the Wolves, without any of them present, B. Jennet (British and blonde) is both Foreign Fanservice and Ms. Fanservice.
    • King (French) was also the original Foreign Fanservice in the first 2 Art of Fighting games. Sure, she was always fully dressed, but if you defeated her by KO...
  • Tina Armstrong from the Dead or Alive game series.
    • To a lesser extent, Hitomi qualifies as well. Any girl that has a belt for a bra...
  • Sarah Bryant from the Virtua Fighter games and anime.
  • Rose (Italian) from the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero games probably fits as well. Rainbow Mika (Japanese) seems like a subversion, but she's actually just chubbier than Rose.
    • And now we have Crimson Viper (American).
  • Carrie from Bamboo Blade.
  • Anna Lindhurst from Osu Tatakae Ouendan, the American, is the tallest of all six cheergirls, has blonde hair, and the largest breasts.
  • Rumble Roses, oh God, Rumble Roses. Just check out the non-Asian characters in the game. Dixie (American) and Ms. Spencer (Canadian) especially scream the trope (and don't let us get to their Heel personas).


  • The ninjas from No Need for Bushido, for some reason.
  • Leona from Ronin Galaxy is a good example of this trope. Interestingly enough, she fills the role from a Japanese viewpoint, though the comic is western.

Western Animation