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File:Foxkids 4471.png

Fox Kids Rocks Kids!

Fox Kids was a Saturday morning and weekday afternoon programming block that aired from 1990 to 2002. It has aired shows produced by Fox's children's division, as well as those made by Saban Entertainment, Warner Bros, and Marvel Productions. It often aired on Fox owned-and-operated stations, though it also aired on those owned by UPN, The WB, and independent stations.

They also aired a mini-block called The Fox Clubhouse, which was aimed at preschoolers. This would last from 1994 to 1996.

Fox Kids even had cable channels in Latin America, Europe, and Australia (all of which later became Jetix, and most later became Disney XD, though a few Eastern European countries got their own version of Disney Channel instead).

The death of Fox Kids has its roots in 1996, when Saban Entertainment bought a stake in the network. This meant that the company was now a joint-venture. Later, they bought a network called The Family Channel. They renamed the network Fox Family, and it became a hub for Fox Kids' programming. Unfortunately the network struggled in ratings, and they needed to sell it to avoid further money drainage. Believe it or not, the block and its shows were included in this clause. Long story short, Disney won the bid for Fox Family (now known as ABC Family) in late 2001, and Fox put the time space up for bidding. The winner? 4Kids! Entertainment.

4Kids took over in fall 2002 and named their block Fox Box, and later 4Kids TV. The block came to an end at the end of 2009 due to issues with Fox (they'd already gotten their hands on Kids WB's time space on The CW by that time), and now the space airs nothing but Infomercials.

Meanwhile, the block would also be succeeded by the Jetix block on Toon Disney (later Disney XD) while Disney moved the "Kids" moniker over to ABC.

Perhaps due to its wide variety of programs, Fox Kids is often held in high regard by people raised in The Nineties wearing Nostalgia Goggles. A side effect of this includes substantial misblame directed towards both Disney and 4Kids for supposedly destroying the block, even though the reality (explained above) was more complex than that.

See also Kids WB and One Saturday Morning, two more 90s kid-centered blocks.

Shows featured on Fox Kids, in the order they appeared: