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  • Critical Research Failure / You Fail Geography Forever: According to Fox News, Oslo is in Germany, and Egypt is in between Syria and Iran.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Even liberals have enjoyed Andy Levy's tongue-in-cheek apology to Chris Brown.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Al Qaeda's media guy once wanted to send a media package to every American news outlet EXCEPT for Fox News, saying that the channel "lacks objectivity." It's funny whether you like or hate the channel, and FNC themselves took it in stride, running it on their website with the headline Fox News, Al Qaeda's Least Favorite TV News Network.
  • Don't Shoot the Message: Many news networks have a liberal slant, and many conservatives wish they had a network that didn't take it too far in the other direction and denounce The Muppets and Mister Rogers as communist propaganda.
  • Internet Backdraft: Discussion of Fox News on the Internet, especially the topic of whether it's biased or not, is a very, very bad idea.
    • Except on expressly partisan forums (Free Republic, Democratic Underground).
    • One that's guaranteed to start backdraft - Fox & Friends cite a University study regarding Mister Rogers and, essentially, say he ruined the children watching by giving them a sense of entitlement. All you need do is read the comments on the video for just how much hatred viewers had for the hosts by the end of it.
      • They literally referred to the man as evil. A man who was an ordained Presbyterian minister. Let that sink in for a minute.
    • And then, there was one time they called the goddamned Muppets of all things "Communists" because the main villain was a "successful businessman"(never mind the fact that he's a fairly blatant caricature that's not meant to be taken seriously).
    • They do not like Bronies. This goes above and beyond the simple "huh, that's odd" reaction though. In true Fox News fashion, One reporter went into a Brony convention specifically to demonize them as creepy manchildren, saying they're about as depressing as an episode of The Wire.
    • No, that was a local Fox station.
    • Lou Dobbs (Who isn't well liked even within the channel's audience) ragging on The Secret Worldof Arrietty and the film The Lorax because they're Hollywood propaganda teaching children the horrible dangers of borrowing and environmentalism. Yes, adaptations of beloved children's books (one of which wasn't even made within the Hollywood system) are corrupting children with such horrible morals.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A fair number of liberals admit to watching Fox News because they have an interest in what the other side is saying or to laugh at the more conservative pundits--In many countries, it's marketed as an entertainment channel.
  • Malicious Slander: At least according to some people like Jon Stewart. He also notes that MSNBC isn't any less biased, but is more incompetent than Fox at spinning their "political narrative"
    • Some others think the network's been on the receiving end of this.
  • Mis Blamed: Any time a Fox affiliate's local news team runs a stupid story that gets attention on the Internet, at least half the commentators will mistake it for a story on Fox News, in part because most FOX affiliates that run news (unlike most network affiliates) prominently display "FOX [channel number] NEWS" on the screen during these broadcasts (it doesn't help that both the network makes it compulsory that a station brand with "FOX [channel number]" in most cases, and that the logo is intentionally modeled on FNC's).
    • ...seemingly regardless of whether they're a News Corp O&O station or a semi-independent affiliate. In many cases another station in the market produces the newscast so a station doesn't have to put anything into a costly news department.
    • Particularly notable is the Chicago O&O which brands its station as "FOX Chicago" and its news "FOX Chicago News" (because their channel number is so high they feel embarrassed to mention they're Channel 32). Its graphics used to brand it as "FOX News Chicago".
  • So Bad It's Good: To some more liberal viewers.