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  • When designing The Haunted Mansion, Walt Disney originally wanted to place it on Main Street USA. Which is based on his hometown.
    • This one isn't too bad- Walt just thought that most small American towns would have a ramshackle mansion that the local kids would refer to as haunted. It's a joking act of nostalgia.
    • Maybe this is more obvious than it was for me, but in the Stretching Room, the Ghost Host says that there are no windows and no doors, which means there's no way out... "Of course, there's always my way." Just then, the room goes dark and a body is seen hanging above the ceiling. I didn't realize this until later, but that's HIS BODY. HE HUNG HIMSELF. THAT WAS HIS WAY OUT.
      • This troper thought "his way" was the secret exit that opens a minute later until thier last trip to Disneyland
    • Pleasure Island, a nightlife section of Walt Disney World, is named for the island in Pinnocchio where naughty boys are turned into donkeys and then supposedly worked to death.
  • When things start to become a little chaotic on Universal Studios' Jurassic Park ride, you pass a boat just like the one you're riding in. It's empty, except for a carnivorous Dilophosaurus with a shred of clothing in its mouth. So, the implication here seems to be that the men, women, and children in that tour boat were VICIOUSLY DEVOURED. See also, Nightmare Fuel.
  • In the Disney ride "Star Tours", Topless Robot raises some important questions here.