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  • While making fun of bad Christmas Cards, Cap'n Wacky has a Fridge Horror moment.
  • This picture made by Jessica "Neondragon" Peffer. When you see it......
    • I don't get it...
      • The tear in the dragon's eye, the stab wound in the female mermaid, the blood on the sword that the male is holding, and the title. The merman is NOT saving the mermaid from the dragon. He's the monster, and the dragon was too late to save her.
  • There's a dating sim for girls on Deviant ART that, depending on which character you end up with, is a cross between Fridge Horror and Body Horror. The dating sim in question is called "Wonderland Days Sim Date" and it's based on Alice in Wonderland. Three characters (the White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and the Caterpillar[who in this is a butterfly]) are turned into Bishies who would make the Furry Fandom drool, and are datable characters. While only one Time Skip out of the three shows the playable character and the datable one (the White Rabbit) having children, it's mildly disturbing to realize that yes, you can have little hybrid children. The prospect of having children with the Caterpillar seems especially scary.
  • Every dating site ever becomes Fridge Horror when you consider that, of all the couples that hook up and have a fulfilling relationship, thanks to the site, a certain percentage of them are going to become living hell for at least one partner involved. Some people (and their children!) will suffer years of emotional and physical trauma, and may possible end up murdered. Of course, this happens without dating sites, but in this troper's mind, dating sites have a certain aspect of Nightmare Fuel: because of the way that the users "Advertise" themselves, a potential abuser can shop for exactly what he wants in a victim, and since they're corresponding digitally at first, may be able to present themself more convincingly than if they and their partner were making first impression in real life.
    • Abusers don't necessarily "shop". They just find patterns that "work" for them, and consciously or unconsciously seek out those patterns in potential partners. Sometimes not even that. People are still much more likely to end up in an abuse relationship that started IRL, since it's still the preferred form of dating. Pleasant dreams!
  • This entire Cracked article.