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Fur Fighters, a Cult Classic of a videogame developed for the Dreamcast in 2000 and then later ported to the PlayStation 2 in 2001. We say cult classic because only a very small number of people bought the game despite it receiving very good reviews and being very funny. Think Conker's Bad Fur Day, and you'll understand the general vibe of the game, but with less "adult" humor.

The game saw the player take control over 6 characters, five of whom have retired from a special military squad and one who is the child of a member, as they attempt to save the kidnapped babies from the Big Bad General Viggo. As if kidnapping the hundreds of babies wasn't bad enough, Viggo also kidnapped their spouses and have transformed them into mutant monstrosities and is using them to conquer the world in true super-villain fashion.

The game is a third-person-shooter but it is also a massive platformer, each character having their own abilities which enables the player to explore the massive worlds and save their lost babies in.

Not to be confused with Foo Fighters.

Tropes used in Fur Fighters include: