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Exactly What It Says on the Tin: A weird and funny-looking nose. May or may not be detachable — who nose? Almost always symbolic of the character's personality. The most common shape for these noses is to either be extremely long and narrow, (like a stick, mind you), big and round like a clown nose, or the more realistic right-triangle nose. It can also have a different color (Most commonly red and pink) than the face does.

Examples of Gag Nose include:

Anime and Manga

  • Usopp from One Piece.
    • Don't forget Buggy the Clown. Or maybe you should, not that is matters.
    • Kaku even moreso. His nose is just as long as Usopp's, and it's square.
      • Of course people quickly forgot about Kaku's nose and moved on to make fun of his devil fruit once he got it. It's a giraffe, with the same long square nose. At this point, the Gag Nose is turned Up to Eleven when he uses it as a weapon. Instead of the finger pistol move "shigan", he pierces opponents with his nose and calls the move "bigan".
  • Various members of Osamu Tezuka's Reused Character Design have remarkably large noses.
  • Tengu of the Hakushu Dinosaurs in Eyeshield 21. You might recognize him as the wimpy jerk that got beat up by Gaou for making fun of Kurita.
    • And don't forget Clifford, who Hiruma even refers to as "Fucking Nose".
  • Fukumoto Nobuyuki draws some pretty out-there noses (see: Akagi, Kaiji). It never gets played lightheartedly in those series, but when a bunch of people see it, someone?s going to inevitably bring it up....
  • Many people from Shotaro Ishinomori's works.
    • Specially Jet/002 from Cyborg 009. A kid actually bites on his nose in the 2001 adaptation!
  • Racer from Fairy Tail has a somehow cone-shaped nose.
    • Also Plue of this series and the author's previous main work, Rave Master. Nobody can really figure out what it is. Is it a drill? A carrot? Why does it droop over when Plue's feeling down? Erm...
  • Jiraiya in Sage Mode, Onoki, Akatsuchi and Kitsuchi in Naruto
  • Bishop Mozgus from Berserk. It is square and flat, speculated by Serpico to be because he keeps banging his head against the floor repeatedly in ritualistic prayer.
  • Russia from Hetalia. Fanworks either exaggerate it or ignore it.
  • Chihiro/Nicchi from Otaku no Musume San in the present timeline. Not at all in his childhood. Chapter 62 reveals that it's fake and he's had a normal nose all along.


  • In Sin City: Family Values, one of the bartenders has a penis-shaped nose.
  • Most members of the Jones family in Archie Comics, most famously Forsythe "Jughead" Jones. However, Jellybean, the youngest member, is an exception.

Card Games

Film - Animated

Film - Live-Action

Franco Belgian Comics

  • Achille Talon: The title character's ridiculously oversize nose is a frequent source of gags.


  • Cyrano De Bergerac
  • Russian Author Nicolai Gogol's story Nose is about exactly this, a man's nose that escapes. He later finds it praying in a church.
  • In Harry Potter, Snape's large hooked nose is often mentioned, and is possibly the origin of his nickname "Snivellus" (he wasn't crying at the time the Marauders made it up, at least). The Marauders often center their insults around it, along with him supposedly being greasy.
  • The Elenium has Sparhawk with his broken nose that is played with. In book 2 of the Tamuli it is Lampshaded when Berit wears Sparhawks face.
  • At one point in Raymond Briggs' The Snowman the titular character, who has a tangerine for a nose, tries on several less dignified looking fruits before deciding to stick with the tangerine.
  • Eva Luna from the eponymous novel by Isabel Allende worked as a maid for two retired middle-to-upper-class siblings, and the brother had a huge nose.

Live Action TV



  • Older Than Print: Tengu from Japanese mythology are sometimes depicted with huge, bright red, sausage-shaped noses (when they don't have bird heads). Some folk tales also give them magic fans with which to inflict this on others.

Newspaper Comics

  • There was a Bloom County strip where Opus is sitting at a bar, and a woman with an enormous nose (that keeps whacking Opus off his bar stool when she turns to talk to him) is babbling about finally getting cosmetic surgery. Opus inquires when she's getting her nose job and she says "Nose job? I'm getting eyeliner permanently tattooed on my eyelids!"
  • The Far Side depicted two guys in a bar about to get in a fight, one of them has a nose so big it almost reaches the floor, and the other guy is saying "Hey watch it buddy, unless you want a fat lip as well!"
    • "Egad! It's the severed nose of Dr. Verlucci--returned from the grave on the anniversary of the night we all betrayed him!"
  • Sir Rodney from The Wizard of Id.

Tabletop Games


  • Traditional Commedia Dell'Arte characters tend to come with their own masks, often sporting an oversized nose. As a general rule, the bigger a character's nose, the smaller their intelligence.
  • Melvin the Superhero from the Jeff Dunham stable. He turns his face to profile when asked his "most distinguishing feature"...

 Melvin: My costume.


Video Games

  • Super Mario Bros.: One of Wario's defining features is his large, pink nose. Waluigi has a long pink nose. Also Jimmy T. from Wario Ware and his entire family have red noses for some reason.
  • The joke pet Nostradamus from Insaniquarium Deluxe. Is a nose, with fins.
  • Billy Burston, in Mitsumete Knight. The nose gets broken in his defeated sprite after your fights against him.
  • Igor from the Persona series.
  • Eggman in Sonic the Hedgehog series has a large pink nose.
  • So does King of All Cosmos in Katamari series.
  • Spelunker in Spelunky has a red nose.
  • Luke Atmey and Quercus Alba have noses long and pointy enough to serve as a hazard to unsuspecting eyes everywhere. It's a wonder the former was able to fit into that Mask☆Demasque mask at all!
    • Victor Kudo has a bright red round nose. So does Moe, but his nose is part of his clown makeup.
  • Dan Hibiki's father Go Hibiki's enormous schnoze has been featured in Puzzle Fighter and will make an appearence as an alternate costume of Dan's in Street Fighter IV.
  • The Mad Hatter of both American McGee's Alice and its sequel Alice: Madness Returns sports a large and long nose.
  • The Mr. Saturn species of Earthbound and Mother 3; their noses are quite literally a good third of their overall body.
  • Alfendi Layton in Layton Bros. Mystery Room has a very dramatic nose that's almost half the size of his face. Considering that his father's nose is almost nonexistent, it certainly raises questions concerning his parentage.
  • The NPC Villagers in Minecraft are known for their Squidward-like hanging noses, enough so that many players simply refer to them as "Squidwards" and even Notch, the creator of the game, acknowledges that they look like "cavemen Squidwards".
  • Slate from Jet Set Radio is known for having such a nose as it was made him stand out from the other characters.
  • Every human character in Snowboard Kids 1, Plus, and 2.

Web Animation

Web Comics

Western Animation

Real Life

  • Richard Nixon. This feature is often played up on Nixon Masks.
  • Jimmy Durante and his Schnozzola.
  • Michael Jackson.
  • W.C Field's nose (already notably big and reddish) gets exaggerated in Cartoon Caricatures of him. Other Celebrities during the Looney Tunes golden age with a notable nose gets this treatment, just Field's is the shining example.
  • Crispin Glover. Really, he's god's gift to caricature artists.
  • Images of a Jewish stereotype often make the nose almost crooked or like an eagle's beak.
  • Douglas Adams often made (mostly exaggerated) jokes about his big nose himself, lampshading this trope with saying that it would be "good for nothing but making bad jokes about it".
  • J. P. Morgan, who was so self-conscious about his large, bulbous nose he insisted it be airbrushed in official photographs.
  • Deceased ex-Chilean president Eduardo Frei Montalva had a HUGE nose, which mad him the target of many jokes and caricatures. Not helped by how several of his kids inherited it... including his son Eduardo, who also became President and also was the butt of jokes due to said nose.
  • Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard has a mild case of this, but political cartoons depicting her almost always exaggerate it to the point of being as large as the rest of her head.
  • Chilean stage and TV actor José Soza is known for his magnificent acting skills, his very unique bass voice, and his gigantic nose.