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An Always Female, or Always Male trope, that is applied to the opposite gender.

While it's not possible to pull off with every trope, as some of them require certain biological features, and others are automatically seen in a different light when gender-inverted, (like the Mama Bear and the Papa Wolf, or the Action Girl and the Action Hero), making them an entirely different trope, others are only based on certain generic concepts associated with the gender, and nothing stops the writers from playing with them.

It might be Played for Drama, with people who doubt their own sexuality due to their opposite gender traits, Played for Laughs as a character's unique quirk, or even not intended at all: For example, maybe a writer simply thought that gypsy men are hot, and didn't even realize that Hot Gypsy Woman is a lot more common trope.

Conversely, it can be our own fault, due to cultural dissonance, as our trope definitions are largely based on western and Japanese works, so it is possible that for example an Indian or Latin American show's characters can be only described with our vocabulary as "Like this trope, but male", even though it could be considered a different trope over there, but none of us knows enough about the culture to make a page for it.

In trope lists, it is often referred to as Rare Male Example and Rare Female Example. See also Distaff Counterpart, Spear Counterpart.


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  • It has been suggested that the Mr. Fanservice appeal of many male soccer player uniforms, which involves a small piece of bare thigh between the socks and the shorts, might be based on the same principle as the female Zettai Ryouiki trope.