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A Gender Reveal occurs when a character's true gender is revealed, either to the audience or in-universe to other characters. The gender could be hidden completely or appear to be the opposite to their true gender, revealed to the audience, or known by the audience and revealed in-universe to characters. Reasons for the confusion range from intentional on the character's part to just having a naturally misleading appearance. Situations with Crossdressing and GenderBending are particularly prone to including gender reveals for obvious reasons.

This index covers all instances of one gender mistaken for another gender. Examples belong on the appropriate trope. Note that not all of these tropes necessarily involve a Gender Reveal, just that they are places one is likely to occur.

Applies to both genders

  • Ambiguous Gender applies to characters whose true gender is kept deliberately ambiguous; sometimes they get a Gender Reveal later, sometimes they don't.
  • Sweet on Polly Oliver is when what appeared to be distressing, incompatible attraction, is revealed to be compatible upon a Gender Reveal, usually garnering a positive reaction.
  • Unsettling Gender Reveal is what appeared to be compatible attraction, is reveal to be incompatible upon a Gender Reveal, usually garnering a negative reaction.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion is the result of a character with an ambiguous or misleading appearance confusing the casual audience as to the character's true gender, but the narrative isn't trying to hide anything. Anything that makes their true gender obvious may act as a Gender Reveal for the confused viewer.
  • Your Tomcat Is Pregnant is when the gender of a pet is mistaken, frequently when a supposed male pet is found to be pregnant or has babies.

Appears male, reveals female

Appears female, reveals male

  • Disguised in Drag is when a male is disguised as a female. May or may not involve a Gender Reveal.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady is when a male looks like a female. May or may not involve a Gender Reveal.