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File:Wt brightslap.jpg

" hit me! N-not even my own father hit me!"

  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Bright Noa, previously pictured on the main page and now here, used this method to straighten out Humongous Mecha pilots, Bridge Bunnies, and just about anyone else. Among mecha fans, it's become known as the Brightslap (or Brighto Surappu). It has been scientifically proven that the Brightslap transforms wimps into MEN OF DESTINY.
    • Note that Bright is not the only one who delivers such slaps and speeches in the UC Gundams. Even Amuro did it once, to pull Fraw Bow from an Heroic BSOD during the destruction of Side 7 and right after she saw her mother and grandfather die in an explosion and help her get the composure needed to run to White Base, saving her life. We also have Sayla slapping Kai (for being a coward), Lt. Sleggar slapping Cameron Bloom (for being a wimp) and later Mirai (for refusing to see that Cameron was less of a wimp than they thought).
    • In the novelization of the original Mobile Suit Gundam, the cadets' core fighters have holographic projectors in the cockpit to allow an officer to virtual-brightslap them when they screw up. It's also mentioned that The Federation military is fond of corporal punishment.
    • The Bright Slap is usually followed by an event that would normally follow in a Heroic BSOD unfortunately, shortly after Amuro wise up from his little sulking incident, he still ran away from WB for a while (and need to be tossed to the brig obviously). It was Ryu's death that solidified Amuro to become a real man rather than Bright slapping him. But who cares?
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00 Tieria Erde slaps pre-Character Development!Saji Crossroad for being self-centered and stupid, after the latter revealed the location of a Katharon's base to the Federation, leading to a massacre.
    • Some time before that, Tieria received a slap from Team Mom Sumeragi Lee Noriega when he unjustly lashes out at Setsuna and blames him for Neil!Lockon's tragic death.
    • Lockon punched Setsuna for opening his cockpit during a mission.
  • Gundam Seed: Kira Yamato delivers one to Cagalli when she starts raging over deaths of her comrades.
    • Gundam Seed Destiny offers an unintentional Deconstruction of the concept; the writers may have intended Athrun to be a Big Brother Mentor, but the fact that he seems incapable of interacting with Shinn without punching or yelling at him does nothing but make Shinn hate him.
  • Mobile Suit Victory Gundam: Captain Gomez uses a correction PAUUUNCH on Uso in, but in the face of the death of everyone he knows or cares about, even this does little.
  • Gundam Wing: Lucrezia Noin does this to a recruit at Victoria Base.
  • Gundam X: The Captain Jamil Neate does this to Kid Hero Garrod, also providing the most excellent quote:

 "When a man strays from the right path, a kind man needs the courage to raise his fist and correct him."

  • Zeta Gundam: Emma slapped Kamille (for acting like a child) and later Fa (twice in the same scene for being reckless during battle), etc.
    • Kamille received what can only be described as a "full body Bright Noa slap" from Mr. Wong. "It's called a correction." Which in itself is ironic, considering how much of a whiney dirtbag Wong is.
    • Zeta is full of this. Here's a video which serves as a montage to it.
      • It should be noted, Bright delivered a lot of those.
      • Ironically, it's subverted AND reversed in the same series (early on no less): Bright himself ends up getting the Falcon Punch version of his own slap courtesy of Bask Ohm, right before the other present Titans descend and proceed to knock the propellant out of him. The reason? He claimed the Titans were overzealous, and Bask found him out of line!
        • And as if to add insult to injury (literally), the next scene shows Bright, now in bandages and an arm cast, being dismissed by Bask only to run into Jamaican on the way out, who promptly slaps him across one of his back bruises.
  • Gundam ZZ: Judau Ashta gets to effortlessly dodge one of Wong's attacks later on and knee him in the gut after Wong acted like a jerk for no real reason. And then there was the time Judau hit Bright at Bright's own request.
  • Gundam AGE took this trope and made it hilarious. Arisa snaps Asemu out of a funk — by slapping him on the ass.