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  • In Girl Genius, the unnamed circus chef is fond of using his "calming pie" to calm down people by applying it to their faces. In a subversion, it doesn't usually work too well, as seen here.
    • Of course when it does work....
    • In a similar manner, Krosp later chomps Gilgamesh's hand in order to quickly yank him out of The Madness Place.
    • Dimo punches Lars to snap him out of his hysterics about the revenants.
  • In Drowtales, Shinae not just slaps, but punches Kiel'ndia out of a hysterical fit over the demon-transformation of Naal'suul.
  • Parodied beautifully in Bigger Than Cheeses.
  • In Juathuur, father figure Arvval slaps Faevv when he learns she strayed from the way. This allows him to influence her for... about ten minutes.
  • In El Goonish Shive, Melissa did this to herself when her delusions about Justin were getting out of control and even references Myth Busters involvement with this trope.
  • Happens here in Homestuck. Karkat goes into a Heroic BSOD and gets this treatment from Spades Slick. The whole scene actually Crosses the Line Twice and turn a rather serious Tear Jerker into a Crowning Moment of Funny.

 "There, there, you blubbering goddamn pansy."

  • Laura in Collar 6 administers a much-needed love tap to her Mistress when Sixx indulges in a bit of Wangsting, followed by an equally well-deserved verbal slap. It ultimately comes across as heartwarming.
  • Yuki gets one in Ménage à 3 to stop her from tearing up every magazine with naked men in a store. This exact same line is even said. Well, y'know, except for the "man" part.
    • Performed by DiDi on Zii when she considers sex (then a threesome) as a way of apologizing for breaking Gary's rare Transformer toy.
      • Just as well; It wasn't really broken, it was designed to pop back together. Though they had no way of knowing that at the time.
  • When Greg of Real Life Comics got into the 'zone' and lost his connection to reality, Dave tried to slap him out of it. It worked for a couple of seconds.
  • In Mokepon, Atticus is just recovering from nearly being shot when he and Dragonthing run into a giant swarm of angry Bug Pokémon. Dragonthing has to bite Atty to knock him out of his Heroic BSOD before they high-tail it.
  • Magellan: This line is used to get Charisma out of future shock.