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  • MSF High Forum: Michelle did this to Zero once, followed by a speech about how Zero had the worst elements of boys and girls. Namely being overly prideful and overly emotional.
    • During a Non-canon Halloween RP, Matoi brightslaped someone to introduce who he was dressed as, Bright Noa.
  • In one of the "Lit Chix" stories in the Whateley Universe, Mrs. Savage gave Loophole a firm slap upside the head, all the better to bring her back to reality.
  • After Flaky(who was driving the car)closes her eyes and starts screaming, Flippy does this. They end up crashing anyway.
  • Done to Spoony in Kickassia by Benzaie to try to get Spoony to unleash Dr. Insano upon The Nostalgia Critic.