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  • Ghost in the Shell has both a number of very subtle examples, and a few very explicit ones.
    • The most explicit offender here is right in the beginning of the Manga, when the Major is shown sharing a virtual reality simulation with two female friends, in which they... well, have a lesbian threesome. The author is known to have on different things in the past.
    • They also appear in Stand Alone Complex, though in a much less explicit way. In one episode the Major has to use a computer but doesn't want it to be monitored by the government, and visits one of her friends for that purpose. While she's working, he friend lies on the bed lightly clad and with a martini, obviously having hoped for something else. Later the third woman enters the apartment, excited that Motoko is visiting, but soon gets visibly disappointed as well.
    • And of course the scene in the hospital, where the Major is supposed to get a replacement body for the one that got heavily damage in the last episode. The female technician seems to be shamelessly trying to get in her pants even as she prepares to murder her victim at the only time she can't defend herself.
      • In the same scene, Motoko is accompanied by one of the women from the scene above, theoretically as an official observer (she's a nurse in her day job), but in practice as giving support to a friend. She comments that she can't wait to see what Motoko can do with her new body, while at the same time checking out her bare buttocks through her hospital gown.