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File:Ribbon idol singer 02 9444.jpg

Sashaying with a sash.

A ribbon, sash, or obi[1] worn on the waist, tied like a bow, and is large enough to see from any angle.

Ribbons like this aren't unheard of in Real Life, but rarely as large as in the trope (except for the the obi), and smaller ones are used on dresses as a pretty alternative to a belt, especially if it matches bows already on the dress. They just aren't any likely to be that big.

This trope is applying Bigger Is Better to that, likely because the artist or costumer feels it adds a recognizable point for the outfit, or a character wearing it has a Limited Wardrobe.

Also, the rest of the outfit doesn't really matter. It can vary from a Pimped-Out Dress to even a Chainmail Bikini.

Compare Showgirl Skirt (which this can even substitute for), Peacock Girl, Giant Poofy Sleeves.

Examples of Giant Waist Ribbon include:

Anime and Manga

  • Hideyoshi and Ieyasu from Sengoku Otome
  • In Naruto, several ninjas run around with enormous rope bows tied around their waists; Sasuke gains one post-timeskip and gets mocked relentlessly for it.
    • Orochimaru has one. His entire uniform is actually the basis for Sasuke's post-timeskip-slash-Face Heel Turn uniform. Needless to say, he also gets mocked mercilessly as well, for being the trend setter
  • Misao and eventually Aoshi of Rurouni Kenshin; the latter is affectionately given the Fan Nickname "Butt Bow" as a result.
  • Sailor Moon's starts out too small to count, but gets bigger and fancier with every power upgrade.
    • Her final uniform is the worst offender. Those wings? They're attached at her waist where her previous uniforms had bows and are shaped like one.
  • Mito of Space Pirate Mito has a bow so large that its tails have their own little bows.
  • A lot of outfits in Kamichama Karin have this.
  • Vita of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has this as part of her Barrier Jacket.
  • Post-henshin Juna from Earth Maiden Arjuna has prehensile waist-ribbons. They're see-through, they expand and contract as needed, and she can grab things with them. But most importantly: they float around dramatically behind her.
  • Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier (pictured above).
  • Jubei-chan the Ninja Girl is a good example

Film — Animated

Video Games

Web Comics

Web Original

Real Life

  • Over the top Fairytale Wedding Dresses can sport these.
  • Some Victorian dresses had these, often in conjunction with a bustle.
  1. If combined with yukata or Kimono, this is a common blunder, although informal kimono and yukata can be worn with fluffy bows, and some "proper" obi knot styles are in fact just elaborated bows.