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Gibo is an H-game and an anime with the title Stepmother's Sin, that has some dark themes, and puts the player in the shoes of a Villain Protagonist.

The game and the anime are kicked off by a flashback where your protagonist (Yusuke Yagami) remembers a heartbreaking memory of his mother's adultery. During his childhood, Yusuke witnessed his mother having extremely passionate sex with her lover in their home during his father's absence, and to his heartbreaking despair, the lady is immensely enjoying the sex and shown to have absolutely no remorse about cheating on her husband.  Traumatized forever since then, Yusuke assumes all mothers are secretly cheating sluts who deserve whatever suffering they might get.

That said, his father remarries to a woman named Misako, and one actually gets to see what would happen if Yusuke fufilled his dark desires in this regard. Throw a naive new stepsister (Shiina) into the mix, and this is a really dark game.

Tropes used in Gibo include:


  • Asshole Victim: Yusuke's default view of Misako, albeit minus any potential sympathy though the "good" endings can have him ease off on his more obvious Jerkass tendencies.
    • Shiina also gets hit with this, albeit the lion's share of his hatred is directed at Misako.
  • Beauty Mark: As seen above, Misako has one.
  • Big Damn Villains: Yusuke can technically get a moment or two of this in some scenarios, though it's really hard to cheer for him.
  • Downer Ending: Technically all of them are this. Either you die, or Yusuke, who is a total Jerkass at best, gets away with sexual torture and extortion scot free, and gets to keep getting laid with one [or more] of the other protagonists to boot.
  • Expy: Yusuke Yagami looks like Light Yagami somewhat. It doesn't help he has a cynical, nihilistic frame of mind, and that he has already decided the targets of his hatred [cheating mothers] will be punished by any means necessary.
  • Freudian Excuse: A somewhat petty yet plausible one for your protagonist.
  • Hanging Judge: Yusuke already declared Misako guilty of being a cheating slut before that was even proven, and was already planning to punish her.
  • Hot Mom: Misako... though that is not a fact to her advantage. Yusuke's actual mother, seen in flashback during her adultery, was also a very beautiful mother with an extremely attractive body
  • H-Game POV Character: Yusuke is a Type VI A.
  • Kissing Cousins: More like have had sex repeatedly and shamelessly cousins.
  • Incest Is Relative: Your protagonist's occasional lover is his cousin (Mio), who is basically his female counterpart. In fact, EVERY possible coupling in the game falls under this.
    • If you wind up with your cousin, it also overlaps with Unholy Matrimony.
        • Ironically, in the best of the Multiple Endings (which is actually one hell of a wallbanger as it is incompatible with the rest of the story, considering the ages of the characters, but what the hell) you learn that Misako is in fact, really Yusuke's mother (Parental Incest), the very same woman who caused his Start of Darkness (pay careful attention to her appearance in the flashback), and that Shiina is in fact, really his half-sister (Brother-Sister Incest) who was conceived from that adulterous union she had. In this ending, it is also revealed that Misako has become pregnant with Yusuke's baby, making Yusuke both brother and father to Misako's 3rd child. Cue the obvious Fridge Horror, as well as Fridge Brilliance, because Misako had revealed earlier in the game that she had originally married young in a loveless arranged marriage which later ended in divorce, and her current re-marriage to Yusuke's father is once again just the same, merely the result only of a debt she owed someone, as well as the need to provide for Shiina. If you get this ending and connect it with her earlier revelation, it implies that her said first marriage was the one involving Yusuke's father — thus possibly explaining her infidelity — and it can be used to explain why Yusuke's father even bothered to marry her again: as a gift to Yusuke, so his son can be finally reunited with his mother at last, since it appears that Yusuke's father is not really interested in cohabiting again with Misako anymore, as it is mentioned that he moved to and now lives at a new separate address from Yusuke, who remains at their original home, where Misako and Shiina now reside too. The only question is, why didn't Yusuke recognize her in the first place, considering that she looks virtually identical in flashback? Of course, he was just a young boy then but not that young so as to forget his own mother's face, unless he consciously blocked it from his memory.
  • Love Redeems: In the literally-named "Redemption" ending, Misako and Shiina run away, but Misako returns and reveals everything to Yusuke. They manage to forgive each other, and then live together as a couple (despite now knowing they actually are parent-and-child), as they are to become parents together of their own child.
  • Manipulative Bastard: Yusuke. Mio has her moments too.
  • Magnificent Bastard: In some endings, you just have to admire how well things have worked out for him, even if he is the world's most loathsome prick.
  • NaïveNewcomer - Misako and Shiina.
  • Pet the Dog: Despite being a total bastard, you are given the option to have your Villain Protagonist do something somewhat noble on occasion.
  • Sick and Wrong: Yusuke is willing to do some very depraved things in his quest to make "cheating whore wives" suffer.
  • Son of a Whore: Why Yusuke hates his mother.
  • Stepford Smiler: The protagonist, played totally straight.
  • Too Dumb to Live: Yusuke sees the targets of his rage as this, though in some of the bad endings this comes back to lethally bite him on the ass.
  • Villainous Incest: All possible sex partners for Yusuke are related to him. Taken even further with his relationship with Mio, who's not exactly a nice person either.
  • Villain Protagonist: It's a game mostly about the protagonist raping people.
  • What the Hell, Player?: Some choices, such as being too perverted or outright raping Shiina when Misako has begged you to spare her, prompt a bad ending in which Misako leaves the household and leaves a letter berating Yusuke (and, by proxy, the player) for his actions. Some of them are mildly humorous ("You pervert;") but most are outright WTHP?s.