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 An online digital internet webcomic


A webcomic by Josh Lesnick.

Can be found right here.

Explaining the plot is like explaining a train wreck. Not a bad kind of train wreck. Y'know, the kind of train that has lots of elephants, and puffy kitties, and weird superheroes...

A half-Dada, half-Adventure, entirely comical webcomic about Otra and Winter, two girls with more than their share of quirks who live together in the city of CuteTown. They go on adventures (for the sake of adventuring). There is a very eclectic supporting/main cast, including, but not in any way limited to: El Chubacabre (or Chuy)- a carefree, then troubled (oh handy Character Development) young man with unique women issues, Collette- a half-cutpaste videogame nerd, Policeguy- a responsible, pragmatic officer of the law and occasional Butt Monkey, Lucy- a self-declared genius veterinarian/animal fitness trainer, Chuy's two brothers- who are attempting to get revenge for their brother (despite the fact Chuy is fine), Captain Fist - whose head is a fist - and the rest of the CuteTown PD.

An overall lighthearted comedy, it revels in its own quirky humor. There's more to it than one might expect.

The series also plays with tropes left and right, and in some very interesting ways that must be seen to be believed. It is definitely worthy of your time, and is recommended reading for tropers.

What many people probably don't know is that Girly is actually a sequel to his previous comic Cute-Wendy which in turn was an alternate take on Lesnick's original webcomic and personal Old Shame, Wendy, which can be found here.

And now, 764 strips later, the comic has reached its Grand Finale. Josh Lesnick's main project for a little while was the delightfully smutty Doctor Voluptua, and he's also a contributing artist and founder of Slipshine, a paysite, but now he's dedicating all of his time to working on Princess Panic, a 2-D video games project with Paper Mario-styled gameplay in the (very) early planning stages.

Now has a character sheet.

This series contains examples of:

  • A Winner Is You: Referenced in Cutewendy.
  • Action Girl: Several. Winter and Otra to be sure, but also Officer Hipbone. Collete has even had a few, though mostly video game related.
  • Alt Text: Since #151.
  • Art Evolution: And how. The most recent strips are the most glaringly evolved.
    • Josh Lesnick made a conscious decision at one point to stop imitating manga artists and remove many of the Japanese elements in his art. His style is much more influenced by western-cartoons now.
      • As recent as comic #754, Lesnick has acknowledged that his art had slowly become anime influenced again over time.

 "My art became so anime again, I don't even know how it happened this time."

"You can never escape anime."


  Now tear her dress a bit!


  Alt Text: I apologize to those who had to go look this up and learn something they could have spent their whole lives without knowing.


Good night!