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File:RHPS-FrankSmockGloveL 9162.jpg

I see you shiver with antici... *SAY IT!* -pation.

When the Mad Doctor is ready to "operate", this almost always includes shoving his hands into big latex gloves with a (usually upward) thrusting motion while tugging on the back of the glove with the other hand; then there's a loud snap at the end when the back of the glove is released. Pretty much a Mad Doctor and Medic staple, and also pretty common in cartoons. Usually meant to inspire fear or to startle; usually part of the Creepy Physical.

Compare Gloved Fist of Doom. Also see Ass Shove, which frequently uses this as a family-friendly suggestion. Not to be confused with the Glove Slap.

Examples of Glove Snap include:


  • Dilbert has a comic where Dilbert opens a package, and by doing so agrees to a full cavity search at any time. Enter woman with the glove snap.



 Master Tang: As you know, I am a man of special needs. One of you will now receive... the Fist of Fury!

(cut to students looking anxious)

Master Tang: Prepare... the long rubber glove. (sound of latex snapping) Eeny... meeny... miney... moe... I wonder where... my glove will go...

  • Undercover Brother. One of Mr. Feather's minions does this repeatedly, greatly to Mr. Feather's annoyance.
  • Fletch. A proctologist does this before giving Fletch an examination, as shown here.
  • Jim Carrey's Count Olaf does this in his herpetologist disguise in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events
  • Rush Hour 3 - The two protagonists have been detained by security in a French airport.

 Chris Tucker: Can we go now?

Detective: *Glove Snap* this will just take a moment.

"This" turns out to be a cavity search...

Jackie Chan: Oh shit!


Live Action TV

  • In The X Files, Mulder accuses Scully of enjoying doing this.
  • Tony of NCIS; though it's more comedic than sinister.
  • NCIS: Los Angeles has used it for comedic affect, even more so in that it was the Geek that did the snapping.

Video Games


 "Anuhza successful procedure!"

"Woops! Zat was not medicine."

"Did zat sting? Sorry!"

"Zat, vas doctor-assisted homicide!"

    • He also does it in the Meet the Medic video, before he and the Heavy return to the battlefield.

Web Comics

Western Animation

  • Cyborg does this once in Teen Titans, on Beast Boy's suggestion that they "check" Robin to see if he's a robotic duplicate. Naturally, Robin's terrified and screams out that he's real.
  • Dr. Drakken definitely did this in Kim Possible.
  • The Peter Griffin's doctor in Family Guy does this just before giving him a prostate exam.
  • The town doctor does this at one point in Rango.
  • Happens a couple times in American Dad One early episode has Stan being overly paranoid about some new neighbors of Iranian (but born American) decent, and holds a block party in order to please Francine as well. When Bob Memari bends down to look into the soda cooler, Stan puts on the glove, and Bob notices.

 Stan: What? It's a quirk, indulge me.

    • It become a Running Gag in another episode when Roger constantly puts one on in order to offer someone else a hand job.

Real Life

  • During the 2008 American presidential campaign, Mitt Romney had the spectacularly bad luck/judgment to have this picture taken of him.