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  "Would you like a room?"


Gregory Horror Show is a CGI Anime series produced by Naomi Iwata of Milky Cartoon. What can be agreed on is that it takes place in some sort of purgatory world which includes a Hell Hotel. The creator of this world is an old anthropomorphic mouse, Gregory, who also owns and runs the hotel, "Gregory House." (No, not that one.) There are three seasons, a fourth half-season on the DVDs as a side series, a Play Station 2 game, and a manga.

The first two seasons take place in Gregory House, and take place from the perspective of the season's protagonist, known as the "Guest." The season then shows what happens to him/her after finding themselves lost and finding the hotel, checking in, and eventually trying to escape back into reality and away from the Ax Crazy locals. The Play Station 2 game makes use of these seasons as a base, as it has the player control a Guest trying to escape.

The third season features no Guest character, but instead follows Gregory as he takes a ride on a sentient train to who-knows-where and comes across many familiar faces along the way. This season is a little lighter with a noticeable increase in comedic tone.

The sub-season focuses on one of the more recurring characters, Catherine, as she works as a nurse in a hospital and engages in self-deliberation about what she wants in life.

The manga, Gregory Horror Show: Another World, was created by another author and many details of the setting are so different from the anime aside from the Art Shift to the point where it seems like a Gaiden Manga (although given the nature of Gregory's world, it seems appropriate). Our guest has a name this time, Tooru Takenozuka, a 22-year-old freeter (a.k.a. NEET) who takes a room at the only apartment complex that would take him, Gregory House.

The series has a minor cult following.

Tropes used in Gregory Horror Show include:


 "NO SMOKING! NO SMOKING!! Cigarettes are the enemies of CUISINE!"

  • BFS: Hell's Chef's knife. It easily cleaves through elephant bone.
  • Bittersweet / Downer Ending: Both for the first two series and the game.
    • First series: The Guest manages to, with Death's help, escape Gregory House and return to reality. However, then he sees the world as gray and returns, becoming Haniwa Salaryman, who would appear at least once in every season thereafter.
    • The Second Guest: Neko Zombie goes fire-kamikaze to destroy Gregory's world, and tells the Second Guest to throw herself into the flames to complete the process. She doesn't, and the hotel quickly resurrects itself, with the Second Guest becoming a member of Gregory's family.
    • In the game, Neko Zombie burns the hotel down like before. The Player Character escapes back to reality, but then returns for good immediately after.
    • Whether any of the endings is a Downer or a Bittersweet one really depends on your perspective of the guest's adventure and fate.
  • Black Comedy
  • Blatant Lies: "Those stairs get me every time."
  • Boss Subtitles: In the Play Station 2 game, each resident gets one during their introduction video. Same with the manga.
  • Bratty Half-Pint: James
  • Call a Hit Point a Smeerp: The Play Station 2 game's health bar is a measure of mental health. When it runs out, you go insane.
  • Career Versus Man: Catherine has a few struggles with this in The Bloody Karte. It comes to a peak in episode 11. Also, the root of all the Second Guest's problems.
  • Catch Phrase: The Judgment Boys have one after their Judgment Game. "It was your choice, (and) now you have to live with it."
  • Con Man: Public Phone.

 "This phone does not accept small change."


 "Ugh, damn it!"


 Greogry: You say you don't want to lead the passengers into the depths of dispair? Well I say don't do it! Why should you let someone else decide your destination? There's only one direction: the future! Don't hesitate! Proceed straight ahead!

  • Sadistic Choice: Thankfully, all of Judgment Boy's are hypothetical. Maybe.
  • Salaryman: Haniwa Salaryman.
  • Sanity Slippage: The hotel can only be found by people who have started to slip already. Prolonged exposure to the hotel results in even more of this. By the end of the first two series, both Guests have officially gone off the deep end.
  • Schrodinger's Butterfly: Referenced in episode 21 of Last Train. When Gregory finds himself in a landscape that's apparently frozen in time, he finds out the scene is an illusion when he touches a frozen bird and it dissolves into dust.
  • Single-Stroke Battle: Between Hell's Chef and Musha Dokuro in Last Train.
  • Super-Powered Evil Side: Last Train seems to suggest that this applies to Lost Doll.

 "Katie": I'm inside your body, inside your mind! I am your darkness, little girl!


See ya on the next trip!