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File:Gregory-peck 6529.jpg


Clean-cut, all-American actor with a stirring voice and a sincere squint, Gregory Peck mostly made a career of playing incorruptible pillars of virtue and wisdom. Best known for his Oscar-winning turn as Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird (voted by the American Film Institute as the greatest hero in the history of American film), he played similarly admirable characters in films such as The Yearling, Gentlemans Agreement, Twelve O'Clock High, Other People's Money and The Big Country. The Gregory Peck Law goes like this:

The frequency with which a character threatens Gregory Peck and his family is inversely proportional with their chances of surviving the movie.

He also liked to occasionally play way against type, with roles such as bigoted rapist Lewt in Duel In The Sun, or Josef Mengele in The Boys from Brazil. In real life, he had a reputation as a gentleman and was a classical Nice Guy - which is a key reason he enjoyed playing Atticus Finch so much.

His grandson, Ethan Peck, has a reoccurring role on Gossip Girl.

List of his works with pages on this wiki: