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Men's General Etiquette: To strike another man's groin is to be lower than a snake.


"But the ball! His groin! It works on so many levels!"


Whether the object doing the striking is an errant piece of sports equipment or a deliberately placed foot, the end result is going to be grown man doubled over and trembling with pain. Bonus points if he then hobbles away and says something in a high-pitched voice. Not only will everyone find this hilarious, but tape it and play it back for the guy and even he will probably laugh. At least, once the swelling goes down.

A subversion of this is Balls of Steel, where a character - for whatever reason - does not take damage from a Groin Attack.

Of course, this usually only applies to men, as women seem to be immune to the trope. Any female martial artist (or anyone with a working knowledge of what nerve endings are) can tell you that a properly applied Groin Attack on a woman is definitely not painless, but the humor doesn't come from the pain, just from the specific reaction. In comedy the female recipient of such a blow is likely to shrug it off as though nothing even happened. There are exceptions, though.

Also see Standard Female Grab Area (which is not the same area), Eye Scream, Fingore, and The Tooth Hurts are other Primal Fear reactions. The Distaff Counterpart to this trope is Breast Attack. Often utilized by a Combat Pragmatist.

WARNING, Reading these may cause extreme paranoia about injury to the pubic area and wincing in sympathy pains. Yes, even if you're female. Don't Try This at Home.

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  • In an Airheads commercial, during a schoolplay where the lead star is singing "The life of a sailor! that's the life for me", the other students were bored with the play, and one of the students eats an Airhead, causing his head to turn into a balloon, deflate across the room, knocking down sets, and hitting the lead character in the groin, with predictable results:

 Lead character: (oblivious to the deflating head going across the room) The life of a sail... (balloon head hits him in the balls, causing a zoom up on his face, as his voice grows high pitched) ...oooooorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! That's the life for me...!

  • In a Progressive auto commercial, where a Woman Scorned ex-girlfriend (named Kate Martin according to the bio as it cuts to Progressive's deals) uses a Voodoo website to ensure her cheating boyfriend (Kevin) undergoes a Humiliation Conga as revenge via various methods (pricking his arm to accidentally throw his drink at his date, pricking his knee to cause him to stumble during a dance at a nightclub, forcing him to slap himself, burning his feet, and causing his head to comically shrink in front of his date), it ends with wire cutters moving toward his doll as he's about to make out with his date across his thigh. While we don't see where it is going, his agonized face and weakly expressing pain makes it very obvious that it was headed toward, and most likely clamped onto, his groin.
  • Played for laughs; here's the link
  • One of the ads for Army Men: Sarge's Heroes actually makes a pun out of this. Let's just say that Sarge and his men give a whole new meaning to "The Nutcracker".

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