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Arwin: Ooh group hug! I love group hugs! Especially with other people! [old lady walks by]

Maddie: Hey lady! Come on, I could really use the heat. [lady walks away] After her! [whole hugging group walks together following the lady]

Arwin: Wow! She's fast!

The main characters stand in a tight circle and stretch their arms around their two nearest neighbours. Tends to happen fairly often and for lots of reasons such as supporting one character who just went through something difficult or emotional, the final group action before splitting up or carrying out a big plan, or as part of the denouement.

Often times there will be one character who is reluctant to participate in a group hug whenever they occur. That character usually warms up to the idea by the end of the series.

Examples of Group Hug include:

Anime and Manga


  • If you were cynical you might comment that a group hug is a Succubus's most frequent action in The Return.
  • In the Harry Potter fic Unforgivable Mistakes, Harry, Neville and three original characters gave Draco Malfoy a group hug after he admitted to having been abused by his father.
  • In the Harry Potter/Sailor Moon/Ranma ½ crossover Violence Inherent in the System, the other Sailor Scouts gave Sailor Moon a group hug when she came back to life after spending roughly a year as a ghost.
  • Happens in several My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfics.



 Punky: [after the convicts won the game] We win! Group hug in the shower tonight!...or not. Or not.


Live Action TV

Professional Wrestling

Video Games

Western Animation


 Homer: Hey everyone, let's all hug Apu.

(Everyone hugs and sighes happily then everyone stops)

Homer: (Checks Watch) We still have some time. Let's all hug Apu again.

(They hug again and THEN the episode ends)

  • A Tear Jerker moment between the members of Sector V, in the Kids Next Door finale.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Everything in the description (though Sokka once had to be told to shut up and join in).
    • Earns extra cuteness points when Appa just closes his eyes and shoves his huge face into the huddle, or when Zuko is first included in the group hug.
  • Teen Titans

 Starfire: Let us initiate a group hug!

Raven: Pass...

  • Grouchy gets hug-mugged by a group of Smurfs at the end of The Smurfs episode "A Hug For Grouchy" and really hates it!


Web Original

  • The Potter Puppet Pals video "Trouble at Hogwarts" ends with a group hug (or perhaps I should say, a cornucopia of love).

Real Life

  • Sports teams after a big victory.
  • After getting drunk together ... "I love you guys!"