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Much better.

"Okay, since when did this show become AMAZING?! "
Yugi, Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series, Episode 52

The opposite of Jumping the Shark, Growing The Beard is the definitive moment when a television series begins to become noticeably better in quality. This often involves a new writer or other creative person coming on board, the happy discovery of a popular character, or the exit of a meddling executive. In general, this is where the franchise starts to find its voice. Getting someone new into a series with an abysmal beginning can be difficult, as they only have one's word that "it gets a lot better, really." Can occasionally accompany a downplay or removal of less popular characters.

If it is a comedic series then this is usually when it deviates from an overall lighthearted tone and reaches an impressive emotional depth. If it is a drama (or something in between), this would be when the character dynamic is spelled out clearly and starts to resonate with the storyline.

The key to this trope is seeing a dramatic "before and after" difference along the life of a series. The element can sometimes be attributed to a single, outstanding episode that defines the show. Other times it is just a general improvement, like the Trope Namer: Star Trek: The Next Generation (see below).

It's almost worthwhile to call this Finding the Beard, because nearly every serial media that persists has some degree of change from its initial variation. Continuity Creep, Win the Crowd, Story Arc and Myth Arc are all strong reasons why this can happen, helping the audience grow more interested in this new show. See also Surprisingly Improved Sequel.

Take note that this is not a requirement with every series. They may have just fallen away unnoticed. Maybe it started at a high quality and there is no dramatic difference in quality as mentioned, unless it only went downhill from there.

In general, this happens only once during a series run. But there are times where long after Growing the Beard a show starts to hit a low point like a Dork Age or Strictly Formula. A second Growing the Beard can occur with a refreshing of ideas and hitting a new high. We might well call this trope "Greying the Beard".

Also note that just because a series eventually grows a beard doesn't mean it was actually bad to start with. Being So Okay It's Average is sometimes the worst offense a show can have before it evolves, or it takes a season or two of being just "good" before it develops the Myth Arc it became famous for. Calvin and Hobbes may have needed some time to develop into a truly great piece of work, but it was still an excellent and clever strip from the very beginning.

Does not refer to spontaneous generation from one's own body, or the acquisition of an opposite-sex partner to keep up appearances. Or feeling melancholic with facial hair.

Also note that fans can be starkly divided as to whether a change is Growing a Beard or Jumping the Shark.

No Real Life Examples, Please

Examples of Growing the Beard include: