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When a character, either feigning genuine laughter or being obviously sarcastic, pretends to laugh along with other characters, or encourages/threatens them to do so, then abruptly tells them to shut up, in one way or another. Sometimes, this is in concert with a Laugh with Me moment.

Not to be confused with Ha Ha Only Serious.

Examples of Ha Ha Ha No include:

Anime & Manga

  • Durarara: Shinra, after Izaya trolls him by handing his cellphone number to the police.

 Izaya: How was it? Gave you quite the adrenaline shot, didn't it? Did you and Celty just grow to love each other even more due to the misattribution of arousal?

Shinra: Ah hah hah. Go die chest-first in a clay ice shaver, Izaya.


Comic Books

  • In The Sandman there's a scene where Lucifer is asked if he would ever return to Hell. He stares for a moment and then says exactly this.


  • Jareth from Labyrinth pulls this on his goblin Mooks after telling them the "You remind me of the babe" joke.
  • In Toy Story, Woody does a form of this after Bruce the toy shark's lame impression of him after finding his hat.
  • Used at least once in each Austin Powers movie between Dr. Evil and his son Scott, as an Overly Long Gag.
  • Maleficent in Sleeping Beauty, when she realizes that her goons have been searching sixteen years and are still looking for a baby.
  • In The Princess Diaries movie:

 Joe: You may call me Joe.

Mia: Joey?

Joe: Hehehe. No. Joe.

  • In The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Riff does this to Magenta during the dinner scene.
  • There's a very sinister example in The Lives of Others, which is set in communist East Germany. A young Stasi agent in training is telling a (quite funny) joke to some of his friends that could be interpreted as being anti-government. A Stasi captain overhears it, and when the joke is finished, he laughs heartily... and then asks for the joke teller's name and rank, presumably so that he can be fired or imprisoned. And then he says he was just kidding, tells an even more anti-government joke, and leaves the stunned jokester be.
  • In The Clones of Bruce Lee (which is about, you guessed it, Bruce Lee clones), the villain Dr. Ni gives a hearty laugh, then immediately yells "Silence!" at all his henchmen laughing with him.
  • The first Night at the Museum has the boss do this, after Larry tells him that the mess with the fire hydrant was caused by the (now-inanimate) cavemen. Gervais' character simply ask if he should laugh, laughs silently with exaggerated expressions, then returns to telling him off.
  • Ferris Buellers Day Off: Cameron does this in response to Ferris' suggestion that they take the miles off his dad's Ferrari by driving home backwards.
  • In Scream, when Randy asks Stu if he thinks Sidney would go out with him, Stu laughes and points at him in the most flamboyant way possible before putting on a deadly serious face and saying "No. I don't. At all. No."

Live Action TV

  • Shown here (1:00) in Monty Python's Flying Circus.
  • Used many, many times by Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. The laugh rises up into a high pitched, somewhat creepy register, but he loses the exclamation on "No", and goes straight into thunderous shouting.
    • For example in one episode, Will and Carlton lose Vivian's bracelet which they pawned for a stock investment that quickly tanked. Phil finds out about this and starts laughing which the boys join in. When asked by Phil what he should do, Will jokingly reply he should "reward them for their honesty... it worked for The Beav" causing Phil to laugh louder.


  • Jeopardy!: This YouTube clip says it all.
  • Firefly: Jayne makes a suggestive comment about Zoe, who laughs and replies cheerfully "I can hurt you."
    • He does the same thing regarding Inara, who has a similar response.
  • A slightly more articulate variation: on an episode of M*A*S*H, Col. Potter is trying to bring the meeting to order and Hawkeye makes a lame joke. Potter, laughing, says "Pierce, sometimes you can be very amusing," and then abruptly stops laughing and says "And then there's now."
  • Mad Men has a hilariously cryptic example when Bert Cooper asks Duck Phillips, who's up for a job with the company, whom he's voting for. Duck good-naturedly answers that if he says Nixon, Cooper will think he's sucking up, and if he says Kennedy, he'll want to reform him, so he'll say... Nixon. "That's nice to say," Cooper responds with a smile — which abruptly disappears... and then abruptly reappears — and then abruptly disappears again. Duck just stands there looking bewildered until he's led away.
  • Raven did this to Chelsea some times.
    • Another Disney Channel example occurs in Hannah Montana when Jackson, for the second time, has horrible luck with his sister's birthday cake and the seagulls come to eat it. His friend makes a joke and starts laughing with Jackson joining in; a minute later he then tells his friend to go home.
  • On Whose Line Is It Anyway?, Ryan got a great one in during a game of Secret based on William Tell and his son.

 Say, you're not gonna, like, shoot me through the head so I won't tell your horrible secret..."

"Ha ha ha! ...put that on your head and go over there."

"What's with the grape?!"

  • MST3K examples:
    • In the episode Pod People

 Recording Artist: <gives thumbs up> "It stinks!"

    • In the episode Fugitive Alien

 "Ha ha ha, you're stuck here!"



Professional Wrestling


  • Cyrano De Bergerac:
    • Cyrano invokes this trope at Act I Scene V when he considers the possibility that an ugly man could love.

 Le Bret (stupefied): How now? What? Can it be...?

Cyrano (laughing bitterly): That I should love?...

(Changing his tone, gravely): I love.

    • De Guiche plays it straight at Act II Scene VII when he reveals to the multitude that celebrates Cyrano combat against a one hundred men that he was the man who hired them against a poet for a satiric poem:

 All (laughing): Ah! ah! ah!

Cuigy: He who laid that ambush, 'faith!

Must curse and swear!

Brisaille: Who was it?

De Guiche: I myself.

(The laughter stops):

I charged them�work too dirty for my sword,

To punish and chastise a rhymster sot.

(Constrained silence.)


Video Games


 Kota: We have to take this thing out of commission.

Starkiller: Hahaha... HOW?!


 Cao Shuang:I was right to do what I did! Know your place! Our men were becoming as one under me...his highness knew that!

Sima Yi:Ha ha ha ha! You Imbecile!


Web Comics

Web Original

  • Red vs. Blue: Washington delivers the Trope title (in full snarking mode) when Doc suggests the Reds are behind a well thought through trap. Made quite creepy by the fact that Washington never laughs otherwise. Its probably for the best.
    • There's also a very early example with Caboose, of all people.

 Tucker: I'm sorry, what? It's kind of hard to hear you over the sound of your constant team-killing.

Caboose: Ah ha ha ha ha ah ha yeah ah hah--Don't make me mad.


 Snob: Wow, ha, ha, ha-THIS WAS A MESS.

    • Likewise, for Dracula: The Dirty Old Man:

 Snob: Ha ha ha ha — he murdered two people!


 Hitler: I've been a very very bad Hitler! [slaps his wrist]

Snob: Ha ha ha ha...because he killed millions of people!

  • Phelous once did a unique variation on this, when reviewing the "funny" version of House of the Dead. There was a scene where it suddenly started playing in reverse for no reason. Phelous laughed out loud, heartily; then the video reversed to before he started laughing and he said "Actually that's not very funny at all."
  • Linkara did this in his reviews of "Doom's IV #2" and "NB Comics #1", laughing in response to the sexist jokes in both comics before yelling "This comic sucks!"
  • In the first episode of My Little Pony Camaraderie Is Supernatural, the narrator uses it during his retelling of the original show's Storybook Opening.

 So she's all like "Screw this, I'm making it night all the time!" And her sister was like "Ha ha ha, no," and used a bunch of magic Maguffins to put her in time-out for a thousand years.


 Snake: "Whats that rumbling in the back, are you in a helicopter?"

Miller: "That's my stomach, I'm hungry."

Snake: "Hungry for worms?"

Miller: "No, hungry for wooooooords!"

*Both laughing*

Snake: "HahahahaSHUT UP!" >:(

  • A sort-of example in Nin10doh!

 Chicken:Hi, I'm a cock.

Cat:And I'm a pussy!



Western Animation


 Ranier: Bart, your little tie makes me smile.

Bart: Excuse me, but you don't sound as tough as you do in the movies.

Ranier: [threatening] If you don't shut your big yap, I will rip off your face and use it as a napkin.

[pause, and then everyone laughs]

Ranier: [serious again] Laughing time is over.

    • Also from "Lisa on Ice":

 Homer: OK son, just remember to have fun out there today. And if you lose, I'll kill you!

[everyone laughs]

Bart: [good-humored] Oh, Dad.

Homer: [looks menacingly at Bart]

Bart: [cringes]

    • Also from the episode where Homer becomes trash commissioner, and has to deal with (actually, ignore) the garbage crisis: Homer is about to leave Moe's. When Moe asks him to pay for his drinks, Homer says his campaign catchphrase: "Let someone else do it." Moe laughs, amused. Homer starts to walk out. Moe cocks his shotgun: "Seriously, give me the money."
  • Futurama: Hermes wants Leela to sign an indemnity waiver in case she is killed on a mission.

 Leela: I don't know about your last crew, but I plan on doing as little dying as possible.

Hermes: Ha ha ha ha... Just sign the paper.


  Lemongrab: Prank...? For laughs...? Yes, of course... Just a prank... For laughs... Hahahaha. HAHAHAHAHAHA. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA twelve years dungeon.

  • In Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated, when Fred is complimented by his father and asks him if he finally accepts what Fred wants to do with his life (solve mysteries using ridiculous traps), he gets this trope in reply.
  • In Rocko's Modern Life episode Dear John, Rocko hires a hyena contractor to fix his kitchen but the wreckage is so huge and costly that the hyena contractor guy bursts into hysterical laughter over it.
  • Is the final line of subtitled dialogue in the silent short "Teddy Bear's Picnic," featured in Spike & Mike's Sick & Twisted Film Festival.

Real Life

  • A staple of Frank Conniff's repertoire from his days on Mystery Science Theater 3000 as TV's Frank through to Cinematic Titanic.
  • Done hilariously, when Jimmy Fallon asks to keep a prototype of the Nintendo 3DS after being shown by Reggie Fils-Aime.
  • Henry Rollins relates this effect in his monologue on working with William Shatner : "He works in the music industry, Henry! He can get your songs on the radio!" "AHHAHAHAHAHAHnohecan't."
  • There is a possibly made-up Urban Legend about a Disney animator in the 1930's or 40's who produced some Rule 34 of Mickey Mouse, and as a joke, showed it off at a company get-together with Walt Disney present. Walt's response was essentially this; he laughed along with everyone else, and then fired the animator.
    • According to Harlan Ellison, it was an impromptu riff about a Disney porn film in the company cafeteria at lunch, and the pink slip was waiting on his desk when he went back to his office. (It was his first day on the job.)

AHAHAHAHAHAHA...get out of this trope page.