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Hamish Blake and Andy Lee are an Australian Comedy Duo who, while most famous for their radio shows, have also dabbled in television; the two are something of an ubiquitous force in Australian media, regularly making guest spots on panel shows and the like. Their most famous effort is The Hamish & Andy Show, a weekly (daily until 2011) afternoon radio program on the Today Network. After several years of doing television specials on Network Ten, the Nine Network signed a two-year television deal with the duo from 2011 onward; the first related production was Hamish & Andy's Gap Year, telling of their experiences in New York (during which they somehow managed to interview Hillary Clinton).

The duo have a joint Twitter account.

Hamish and Andy provides examples of the following tropes:
  • Ascended Extra: Cackling Jack, who allegedly started out on work experience, is now pretty much the third member of the comedy duo. Though there are several behind-the-scenes guys who are more important then him, he appears on mic more then any one else other then Hamish and Andy.
  • But Not Too Evil: During a sketch about the idea about making a new version of Google Maps called Google Treasure Maps that would be tailored specifically for pirates. One of the pirates mentioned his intention of using the map to find a port were he could pillage and “inappropriately touch” women.
  • "El Niño" Is Spanish for "The Nino": "El Paso is Spanish for the Paso."
  • Golden Snitch: A game called Random John, in which a random phone number is dialed. If the person who answers the phone is called “John Johnson”, the caller gets 50 "john points", making it something of a golden snitch. However, since they have been playing this game for over three months and still have not gotten a single john point, even getting a “John” could qualify as at least a silver snitch.
  • Name and Name, in conjunction with The Eponymous Show.
  • Self-Deprecation: When Hamish put on some weight, many jokes were made about it; Hamish made more jokes about it then Andy did.
  • Straight Man: Andy; though he can still be quite silly, he's usually less so than Hamish.
  • Memetic Badass: Not Steven Seagal, but his drink, LIGHTNING BOLT!!!!
  • Uncanny Valley: The Ultimate Baby Wingman.