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"Because I'm Beautiful"
Yumichika catch phrase

"The Nail That Sticks Up"
"First Chapter of the Series"

An Epic Fanfic series by Tomas The Betrayer, Hammered Down is an alternate view of Soul Society, the war against Hollows, and the kind of situations and people that would need to exist to make Heaven into a militocracy divided into slums.

It's not a nice place to die.

The story begins (at first) as a sort of prequel, detailing Rukia's tribulations adapting to her new life in the Gotei 13 and, more importantly, to the Noble House of Kuchiki after being adopted by Captain of Squad 6 Kuchiki Byakuya. She soon learns that just because she has left the ghetto doesn't mean danger no longer follows behind her, and she may be far beyond her depth. It soon encompasses all the characters of Bleach, from the captains to Ichigo and Co. including their enemies, going from around 50 years before the main plot and taking a complete divergence from canon storyline just after the end of the Soul Society Arc. It's a tale of dark plots thousand of years old, the sense of love, the unfairness of power, sacrifice, the need for peace and what it can cost to maintain it.

And it is awesome.

It's a massive Doorstopper (1022 pages at size 12) that was first constructed in equally massive chapters until it was retooled from 14 to 36 chapters. While at first look it may appear to be a sort of Coming Of Age Story and some romance...thing (the Rukia/Ichimaru is as far from romance as it's possible), it is in fact an action/suspense/guile-packed saga with bits of dry humor, drama and a lot of grayness thrown in. No side is truly evil and irredeemable but abounds with Well Intentioned Extremists who are convinced that their solution is the only one feasible and are ready to go any length to achieve/mantain it.

The story is told in continuous POV, sometimes going to the same scene again and again, with many chapters devoting themselves to flashbacks. It is also noteworthy for bringing most of the secondary characters to the front and making them undeniable badasses (as Yumichika in the quote exemplifies) and retooling many scenes in more dark, complicated plots. Tends to gloss over the actions of the canon universe (just making a handwave to the Soul Society Arc) unless it's to give a different perspective of the situation or explain alternate actions that don't change much of the plot... that is until the end of the Rescue Rukia arc where things just go out of control.

The complete story can be found here

The Sequel, Lifted Up, can be found here


Hammered Down

Lifted Up

  • Animal Motifs: The Divisions have been reorganized, instead of flowers, they now use animals as their symbols.
  • In Medias Res: The story opens with Matsumoto inexplicably a traitor and kind of goes from there.