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"Scuse me while I do my happy dance!"

This trope is, well... a dance that a character does when they're happy! Maybe it's time to celebrate. Maybe it's time to make themselves feel better. Maybe they just want to pat themselves on the back. Whatever the reason may be, they quickly bust a couple of moves. The Happy Dance! Also known as a victory dance.

May even be a signature moment for the character (for example, this picture may seem awfully familiar). See also Victory Pose.

Contrast Angry Dance.

Examples of Happy Dance include:

Anime and Manga

  • In Dragonball Z, Captain Ginyu performs a Dance of Joy for Frieza.
  • "What's goin' on!? It's the Daddy Dance!" Performed when Koiwai finished a big work project (see chapter 11).
  • One Piece's Chopper has a trademark happy dance which he burst into every time someone gives him a compliment. He tries to act like he doesn't want their praise, and calls them assholes while wiggling his hips and grinning ear-to-ear.
  • Ryuk + apple = this, in the second intro.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!! Capsule Monsters, Joey and Tristan do a silly victory dance a couple of times.
  • In GetBackers, Ginji occasionally does a happy-happy dance by going chibi and waving victory fans.
  • Pokémon: Ash's Totodile always seemed to be in a Happy Dance sort of mood.
    • Not to mention Misty's Togepi.




  • Koskov's Narm-inducing dance in The Living Daylights.
  • Walter Huston's dance from Treasure of the Sierra Madre, echoed and parodied repeatedly in City Slickers 2: The Legend of Curly's Gold.
  • The Party has an entire group of people do this when the Russian ballet troupe arrives, though Peter Sellers' character (who has just saved a girl from her creepy Hollywood agent) exhibits the most excellent example.
  • Done to very disturbing effect by Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs.
  • Do the Dance in Evan Almighty.
  • The "Tequila" dance in Pee-Wee Herman's Big Adventure.
  • The 2010 Alice in Wonderland: " I shall futterwacken... vigorously.
  • The Mamushka from the Addams Family movie. As crazy as you would expect any tradition of that family to be and utterly awesome.
  • Possible Trope Namer from Baseketball. Coop is forced to do the happy dance when depressed.
  • Les Grossman has one at the end of Tropic Thunder after the documentary of of the making of Tropic Thunder becomes a successful film in its own right.


  • It's mentioned at the end of Isard's Revenge that Wedge was so happy to find that Wes Janson hadn't died at around the book's midpoint that he performed an "Ewok dance of joy".
  • Nikki does a "Happy Snoopy Dance" in The Dork Diaries.
  • Referenced in Jeeves and Wooster a couple times; Bertie tends to be rather demonstrative when sudden joy hits him.

Live Action TV


 Kari: Not what you expected, huh?


Newspaper Comics

  • The current page image is Snoopy's iconic Happy Dance.
  • Dilbert and Wally have done "victory dances" at work, incorporating such moves as Russian-dancing kicks and "turbo mooning."
  • Garfield does this occasionally, like when he hears the automatic can opener.


  • These are very much employed by NFL players (often called Endzone Dances), despite the heavy fines that are handed down from the No Fun...err...National Football League.

Video Games

  • In Sonic Adventure, the Chao combine a Happy Dance with some G-Rated Sex.
  • Kirby does one of these at least once per game (and often temporarily spawns duplicates during the dance).
  • Many characters do this when they make a touchdown in Backyard Football.
  • Crash Bandicoot in some games when he gets a gem or relic.
  • A Hollow Man in Fable 2 yearned to have one of these but got instead the "Hollow Dance of Ur'Cyrandorandorander". Even he can't pronounce it right.
  • Some Final Fantasy games had this upon winning a battle, especially the older ones.
  • Whenever your captain in Spore: Galactic Adventures completes an adventure succesfully, this is what he'll do. He sometimes even moonwalks. As anyone can create an adventure, this has been lampshaded more than once in adventures that have been made.
  • Moses Happy Dance! YEEEHAW!
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker: Link will dance with joy when he beats a boss.
  • Luigi is known far more than Mario for his Happy Dance, especially in the Mario & Luigi series where it reaches hilarious levels of Narm Charm.
  • One of Oghren's random battle quotes at the end of a successful battle. (He doesn't actually dance though)
  • Raz of Psychonauts has one in which he "walks like an Egyptian" while bobbing his head all the while singing a little tune. He got it off a bully, with the first time he does the dance being when he knocks said bully off grind rails.
  • Multiple exist in the Jak and Daxter series:
    • In Jak and Daxter The Precursor Legacy the titular heroes do an elaborate victory dance after they've defeated the Big Bad. Daxter will do various dances (including the robot, pirouettes and a butt-waggle) after they've collected a powercell.
    • In Jak II Renegade Daxter starts to do one after they've completed their first mission, but is interrupted when the place crumbles.
    • And at the end of Jak 3 Daxter does another one when he finds out that he's a Precursor.



 Elan: Yeah, I'm doin' the Gainful Employment Dance! Yeah I am! Look at me! Look at me!

Roy: Why do I get the feeling that when future historians look back on my life, they'll pinpoint this exact moment as when everything began to really go downhill for me?


Web Original

  • Both John and Hank Green of the Vlog Brothers have their own happy dances. They are generally performed when good things happen.
  • Doctor Steel jauntily dances at the end of Episode 1 of The Dr. Steel Show. There is also a section on his website where you can make him do several dance moves to some old-timey music. In Caleb Allen's Fan Vid of "Lament for a Toy Factory", the actor playing Dr. Steel breaks into these dance moves as the helicopter spotlight hits him - and the music from the website begins to play.
  • On a Donation Drive video, The Nostalgia Critic gleefully victory dances after he got Christopher Lloyd to say "I was frozen today". It's ridiculously adorable.
  • The Nostalgia Chick does this too after she decides she enjoys doing movies other than girly ones, and hers is the "frolicking in a field" variety.
  • Dragon Ball Abridged's Captain Ginyu not only has the Dance of Joy, under orders from King Kold to perform every successful mission, but also the Daddy's Little Princess Dance, under Kooler's orders, the Dance of Cheering You Up for when Frieza's attempt to use the Dragon Balls fails, and finally, the Dance of Solitude!

Western Animation

  • In the episode of Family Guy where Peter finds out his father has died, Lois and Brian calmly walk outside and break into a quick Happy Dance before coming back inside to console him.
    • Lois's (insanely rich) aunt died in an earlier episode, and when he finds out they were left something in her will, Peter pulls her corpse out of the casket and ballrooms with it.
  • Teen Titans:

  "Go Beast Boy, go Beast Boy, you're probeless, no probes now, go Beast Boy, go Beast Boy, get funkyyy..."


 Huey: Granddad, Riley's doing the celebratory booty dance.

  • In the Phineas and Ferb episode, "The Mom Attractor", Candace does a victory dance while declaring that she's awesome. Phineas and Ferb join in on the dance as well.

Real Life

  • A non-example from WW 2 propaganda- footage of Hitler stamping his foot in joy was edited together to make it look like he was dancing.
  • The online community Nerdfighters has a signature happy dance, actually called, "the happy dance." See it here.
  • Rabbits do a happy dance called a binky. They jump into the air, and kick out their legs while in the air, with or without a butt waggle.
    • And it looks extremely adorable.
    • Ferrets likewise do an adorable dance when excited. Fans have dubbed this the "Weasel War Dance", after a line from a Dilbert comic.
    • Most owners of Pembroke Welsh corgis (the tail-less kind) could probably tell you all about the happy corgi butt wiggle dance.